Sydney Singer, Peta Mai Releases Smashing New Music

Sydney Singer, Peta Mia Releases Smashing New Music

Singer songwriter

Peta Mai

“Hell or High Water”

Listening to Hell or High Water, it is hard to believe that Sydney-based artist Peta Mai once worked in a country outfit that shared the stage with the likes of Keith Urban. Rather, listening to this track, I would have thought she had cut her teeth fronting jazz groups in quiet piano bars, such is the quality of her vocal style and the sounds and harmonies on offer here.


Hell or High Water starts with a restraint that it only occasionally strays from. Over minimal piano chords, Mai delivers a mature vocal performance that explores the depths of devotion and how it feels to give your all to someone. This soulful track slowly builds, adding drums and harmonic interjections and jazz-infused transitions that speak to the quality of the production and songwriting on offer here. Never overstating its case, Hell or High Water reaches its climax with a subtle musical interlude and a closing chorus that is best described as modern gospel.


This is music of the highest order. Peta Mai has crafted a song in Hell or High Water that is timeless yet informed by the soul, jazz and R&B that has come before it. Listening to this track, it is hard to believe that this is an artist still closer to the start of her musical journey rather than the end.


With this track, I have become a fan of Peta Mai and look forward to (hopefully) seeing her play live in the not too distant future.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars


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