Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Band

Scala Mercalli – ‘Never Surrender’

Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

Sprinkle some Italian on your Heavy Metal!

!‘Scala Mercalli’ formed back in 1992 & have since pumped out a bunch of EPs/albums.

The five-piece from Italy’s latest 2019 album ‘Independence’ had a video release for their single ‘Never Surrender’ Feb 9th, 2020 & this was my first time listening to their sound.

A well mixed drum solo starts the track off & it lays a solid sonic road map for what’s to come.

We are treated to Thrash Metal vibes to adrenalise in no time & then a high pitched squeal introduces ‘Christian Bartolacci’!

Channeling Robert Plant with ease, the band (including two new guitarists) stomps on with a galloping wall of rhythm.

There’s no break-down or half-time coming here, Just a ping-filled guitar solo & more energy fuelled metal to fill your cup.

Their personal mention of being inspired by ‘Iron Maiden’ shone through but they are rocking their own on the Speed Metal circuit easily.


Nice mix of old & new school. 

8 Ribollitas out of 10.


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Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

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