A Healthy dose Of Classic Rock from The Sour Bruthers


Indie Rock Band

The Sour Bruthers

“Better Days”

Take a healthy dose of classic rock, Chicago grit, southern rock and country rock, blend it all together and you get Soür Bruthers.

This song from their debut EP gets you from the start with an infectious riff from the band’s favorite Telecaster sound, almost immediately joined by a great B3, and the wall of guitars that propels it into Eagles meet Lynyrd Skynyrd category.


The song structure is a simple twist on the 12-bar blues, but it gets to a cool pre-chorus and chorus that sing along anthem quality. The guy in the story might have seen better days, but we haven’t heard better blues rock for a while.

Everything is on point, the arrangement builds and grows, and the guitars sound warm and engaging, with that blend of gritty distorted guitars and country twang, the rhythm section keeps it steady, great group harmonies, not much surprises short of a tasty guitar solo and a nice drop of instrumentation for the final verse before the final chorus hits to make it sound more impactful.


Pretty much a lesson in simplicity but that’s what makes this song so compelling in the end.

Get to hear this song and the others from this debug EP, you won’t regret it!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




You can buy this song along with the EP on Bandcamp:  https://sourbruthers.bandcamp.com/releases

A Healthy dose Of Classic Rock from The Sour Bruthers

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