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Fumar Single by Skaarl



What I love about electronic music is the endless variety – the seemingly infinite combination of sounds and genres that thoughtful producers are able to generate using the tools at their disposal. Unlike some other genres that are limited by the instruments that define their sounds, the very nature of electronic music is to constantly expand and experiment with new sounds and approaches.
Fumar, by UK-based artist Skaarl, is a perfect example of this. Starting with a simple acoustic reggae vibe, the track adds what can only be described as a comedic guitar line, before moving into a spaced out jam reminiscent of Left field at their tripped out best. Without overstaying its welcome, Fumar explores the eccentric side of the genre, whilst treating the listener to a listening experience filled with unexpected delights.
This is electronic music of a high order and represents what is fresh and exciting about the genre. Indeed, Skaarl is open about this eclectic approach, describing his style as “whatever happens in the moment”. In a world of carefully marketed, stage-managed releases, it is great to hear an artist take such an approach.
I enjoyed this track and I am sure you will too. Now available at all the regular places, I recommend searching out this (electronic) gem.
Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

4.5 Star Rating

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