Ska Punk Band Spawn Energetic Remix by Nick Havey

Reggae Band

Spawn – Skallegro (Nicky Havey DnB Remix)

Just a week ago I was sitting at my friend’s house listening to some great tunes from the eighties. After a while we came to the same conclusion – one of the ingredients of some of that decades’ finest music that is just not heard enough anymore is the saxophone solo. So it was with delight that I heard the saxophone solo drop in the latter half of  the Nicky Havey DnB Remix of Skallegro by Spawn.


Hailing from the Netherlands, Spawn is a Ska Punk band that I first heard back in 2016 when they released their album, “Dance of the Lunatics”.  I fell in love with “Skarantino” from that album, which, as the name suggests, was a meeting of Tarantino/Dick Dale-style guitars and the frantic energy of ska. On this remix, that energy is taken to the next level by English Drum and bass producer, Nicky Havey. The coupling of Havey’s liquid drum and bass with Spawn’s reggae style rhythms and brass section makes for a superb mix. I found myself listening to this on repeat for a long while before I finally sat down to write this.


I hope that we hear more from this group and remixer. Whilst this is certainly a wonderful stand-alone track, it left me wanting to hear a whole album of more. Do yourself a favor and check out this track.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars






Ska Punk Band Spawn Energetic Remix by Nick Havey

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