Shimmering Celtic Perfection from Ella Roberts

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Ella Roberts

Shimmering Celtic Perfection from Ella Roberts

When it comes to Celtic music or the likes of, this is exactly what comes to mind, but this example is just so much better.

The voice of Australian singer, Ella Roberts is soothing to say the least. In fact, I am to go so far as to say, it’s super close to perfection.

Gentle, precise and meaningful as Ella’s voice glides with ease with each of her songs making them relaxing to listen to and a need to want to listen to more.

It’s clear Ella knows how to sing; her falsetto clear as a pure diamond sparkling beneath the sun. Her vibrato is faultless and clearly shows she has had classical training along the way.

The music is a real as you’ll get as drums banging alongside guitars, strings and of course bagpipes as the man behind the music, producer, Adrian Hannan, shows great understanding of how the sounds and arrangements shimmer, standing out as a piece of art on its own, while enabling the vocal to remain front and centre.

Ella’s latest single, ‘Errigal’ is now available, and while it is difficult for me to choose a favourite, I do find that her cover of ‘Lift the Wings’ enchanting.


Ella Roberts is purely breathtaking !


5  Stars from Tracey

5 Stars



‘Errigal’ Available Here








Shimmering Celtic Perfection from Ella Roberts

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