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Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1


It’s great to get away for a holiday, but it does mean that you can miss some music releases. My first review of the year is of an album that came out on January 3 whilst I was busy exploring the charms of Scotland.


Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1, is a compilation of tracks by artists from the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), released through the group’s imprint, Electronic Alliance Records. At 20 tracks and just on 99 minutes, this album runs the gamut of electronic music styles – from the computer game soundtrack stylings of the opening track “Shadow on the Path (Synth Mix)” by iconDARK, to the jazz-infused chill of “Empty Playground” by Naked Congress, onto the harder dance end of the spectrum on tracks like “Black Museum” by Electrostatic Nightmare Disco.


With such a wide range of top-end electronic music on offer, it is hard to pick favourites – nonetheless, for me the wonky bass of “Those Days Are Gone” by Pulp Stereo, the slow build of “Shatter” by Eonlake and the sublime trip-hop of “Don’t Tell” by Skyline Tigers were all standouts. Having said that, this is an album full of gems and will most certainly hold up to repeat listenings. Who knows what will stand as my favourites in five listens from now?


The EMA has certainly come a long way in its first year. Founders Bufinjer, DaveyHub and Nicky Havey are to be congratulated on bringing together a pool of such talent and for curating such a fine sampler of what is happening in the present-day electronic music underground. The Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1 is a must listen.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 Star Rating



Pools of Talent In Electronic Music Underground


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