Moses Guest Serves Their Music With A Taste Of Bravado

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Moses Guest

“Light” from the “Light” album

For more than 20 years, Moses Guest has been rocking the US scene with their energetic blend of southern rock, jazz-rock and Americana. Here again with this album, they serve their music with a taste and bravado that will satisfy every picky music lover.

Starting strong with this “Light” song which rocks right away with a great swinging rhythm section, harmonizing guitars, B3 and doubled vocals. You can hear multiple influences in here, from the All man Brothers to Grateful Dead, Steve Miller or The Doobie Brothers, but the band manages to show a strong original voice, at times channeling jazz fusion, most notably during an extended middle-eight, starting with a tasty guitar solo, jazzy at first then Santana-esque, and the rhythm section is here extremely successful, accumulating poly-rhythms while still managing to groove!

The production is on point, everything sounds natural and has a “live” quality which serves the band, since their style is really geared towards extended live solo antics, as their newly released live single (Juke / Right Down) can attest.

Verdict: 5/5 beards – A band to discover if you like your music groovy!

5 Beards Rating

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