Madison Mueller Releases New Music that Hits The Sweet Spot

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Madison Mueller

Madison Mueller Releases New Music that Hits The Sweet Spot

With a rustic intro which remotely resembles a folk-indie-rock shuffle before it unfolds into a very satisfying groove, taking Madison Mueller’s brand new single, ‘Sweet Bitterness’ right into that sweet spot.

‘Sweet Bitterness’, due for release this Wednesday 28th April is one she should be extremely proud of! A clean production, great song and Maddie’s undeniable unique and instantly recognisable vocals hit’s the mark yet again for this talented young lady.

If you’re familiar with Madison Mueller, then you would have followed her journey thus far, observing and enjoying her previous works watching her grow.

This one in particular, pleasantly holds onto the indie feel while incorporating a commercial sound which should be well accepted and snapped up for FM radio.

Produced by 25-time gold and platinum talent, Michael Jack along with Madison Mueller, it is so nice to hear that the sound of Maddie has not been lost, but pleasantly enhanced.

So, to all Maddie’s existing fans, there’s no need to worry, you will be into this one within a minute of playing the song!

Michael Jack brought some well-known musicians on the single which include: Davide Direnzo on Drums, Ed Roman on Bass, ‘High String’ acoustic guitar by Chris Tomchak, while the mastering by Peter Letros all added to this marvellous track.

Along with the obvious vocals, Maddie also plays Acoustic guitar and keyboards.

Make sure you listen to it now! You will love it 🙂


5 out of 5  Stars from Tracey


Sweet Bitterness


Madison Mueller






Madison Mueller Releases New Music that Hits The Sweet Spot

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