Katey Brooks Singing Is Effortless & Production Immaculate

Singer Katey Brooks

Katey Brooks

“All Of Me”

From a long tradition of songwriters drawing their inspiration from blues and soul and ready to pour their heart out in a song, comes Katey Brooks and this new single from upcoming album “Revolute”.
With a stark instrumentation that leaves room to her heartfelt vocals, and breathes around her heart-wrenching plea, the song is a winner. The background vocals lay out a bed of female harmonies that make it sound like a gospel, and it works like a charm over the bluesy guitar, B3 and laid-back rhythm section.
The singing is effortless, and the production immaculate in its simplicity, a great choice to highlight Katey’s powerful voice, which is hard to resist. It’s the kind of song you could sway on with your lover at the end of a party when most have gone, all the drinks have been spilled and there’s only one pair of eyes looking at you, exchanging tender vows. But be warned, says Katey, because if you want “all of me”, you will need more than words to prove it!
In the meantime, you will be rewarded by a great song, delivered with conviction and power and that should be more than a lot of songs will ever do.
Verdict: 5/5 beards – Grab it while it’s hot and watch out for the upcoming album!

5 Beards Rating







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