An Example Of The Best New Indie Pop Music; Valencia James

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Valencia James


Let me get this out of the way up front – New York born, Sydney bred artist Valencia James has a great voice and it is on full display on her latest single, Dreamers. Moving from the restrained delivery of the verses through to the powerfully delivered chorus (where she proclaims “We are the dreamers – tomorrow can’t contain us”), James’ is a strong voice perfectly suited to the intelligent lyricism of the track.


The production here is also first-class – this is synth-pop that mirrors the vocal changes, moving from quiet, almost haunting electronics in the verses to bold, eighties-flavored synths in the chorus. And at just over three and a half minutes, it never overstays its welcome.


Listening to this track reminded me yet again of just how exciting the world of independent music really is. This is a song of the highest caliber – a song that is not only a match for what graces commercial radio airwaves, but one that surpasses it. As I tell my friends so often, if you want to hear the best new music, look further afield – it is there that you will find the real gems. Dreamers by Valencia James, is the most recent example of this truism. So take my advice and take some time to check it out.

Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating

Dreamers Available
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