HangMan’s One Mistake is A Massive Slice Of Hardcore

HangMan’s One Mistake is A Massive Slice Of Hardcore

Hangman Album cover


“One Mistake”


Here’s something that not a lot of folk might know – a whole heap of electronic musicians like metal. Not sure why that is the case, but it just is. I count myself among this group, so it was with joy that I saw I would be getting to review One Mistake by New York band Hangman this week.


From their forthcoming album, One By One (out on 20 September through Flatspot Records), One Mistake is a massive slice of hardcore influenced by the sort of groove-orientated metal that kept the flag flying in the 90s. Listening to the brutal riffs and the vocal delivery, I was reminded of acts like Biohazard and Vulgar Display of Power-era Pantera. This is a killer track, full of top-notch playing, rhythmic changes and crisp production that doesn’t scrimp on the heaviness.


I really enjoyed this track – One Mistake is powerful advertisement for the upcoming album and I, for one, know that I will be tracking it down upon its release and I suggest that you give it a try as well.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars


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