Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic


Fused – Never Let Me Go

Fused (aka Mark Kendrick) is well known to supporters of independent, electronic music. Hailing from England, Fused makes a brand of synthpop heavily influenced by fellow UK artists Depeche Mode and Gary Numan and characterized by superb production values.


“Never Let Me Go” is the eighth single from Fused – a mix of a track previously featured on the “V2” compilation album. Backed by two remixes (the Capitol Mix and the Beat Box Mix) and a further track, “Countdown Red”, “Never Let Me Down” sees Fused produce yet another slice of modern synthpop magic. Whilst the sounds harken back to the eighties, the production values place it firmly in the present. The sounds are big, the chorus is anthemic and an underlying darkness adds layers to the track that invite you to listen again.


I may be a little biased here (Mark remixed a track of mine last year), but I am genuinely impressed. This is music for music lovers – a pop song with gravitas. Available now for purchase digitally and on limited edition CD, “Never Let Me Go” is a must listen for all fans of electronic music.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars





Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic

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