Franz Kirmann and Roberto Grosso Beautifully Crafted Music

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Franz Kirmann and Roberto Grosso – Songe (from the In Waves EP)


Some music just needs to be heard. Some music is just so beautifully crafted that it would seem wrong for it not to reach the listeners that it so richly deserves. “Songe”, from the “In Waves” EP by French producer Franz Kirmann and Italian artist Roberto Grosso, is one such piece of music.


The track begins with a lush, ambient synth pad before adding a drum pulse and a simple melodic loop. Over the top of this is added a guitar figure that helps propel and develop the track. The addition of a bass and percussion towards the end of the track only serves to add additional layers of beauty to what is a carefully crafted song. The overall sound is grainy yet clear – cinematic yet personal. The overall impression is haunting yet peaceful.


I think I was wise to listen to this through headphones, as this is music that is made for repeated close listens. I highly recommend this track to anyone interested in music that gives more to its listeners than does the standard fare on radios around the world. “Songe” is the closing track of the “In Waves” EP and is out now through Days of Being Wild. Take some time to immerse yourself in its sounds – this is music that needs to be heard.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars

Franz Kirmann and Roberto Grosso Beautifully Crafted Music


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