Emma Dean is a F*%king Unicorn

Emma Dean EP Cover

“I Am a F*%king Unicorn”

from the

“Broken Romantics: A Vicious Song Cycle” EP

Coming from Brisbane, Australia, with a style that could easily be transposed on stage off Broadway and that she pens herself as “Pop Cabaret” (from a previous album), Emma Dean is not your ordinary pop singer-songwriter, and a simple listen to this new EP and that song in particular will make it obvious to everyone.

Starting with a great piano driven groove which is as infectious as it is original, Emma goes all the way with a display of female empowerment that could well be the next feminist anthem, while her humorous delivery shows vocal chops definitely out of the ordinary. Where on the rest of the EP, which is a bit more restraint, you could hear shades of Tori Amos, with a knack for improbably catchy melodies coming from outer space, romantic lyrics (the broken kind), and piano driven tunes, the songstress is out for a kill with this song, and if you cannot really see the “glitter and sparkles coming out of her bum”, without a doubt you can hear them coming out of her voice.

What’s not to like on that tune that grooves with wah guitar, rhythmic piano, heavy bass, hypnotic percussion and a dancing flute? Hard to resist Emma Dean flamboyant style and vocals in any case, and you will tend to agree that she is indeed a “F*%king Unicorn”!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

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