Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries with New EP

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Ella Fence – All I Do Is Think EP

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries With New EP

It seems appropriate that the new EP from Ella Fence, “All I Do Is Think”, released on Valentine’s Day, 2020 – Appropriate, that is, if you like your yearly celebration of forced affection served up with a dash of irony.


The three songs that comprise this EP all explore different moods and textures – from the party stylings of “Pink Mojitos”, to the more middle of the road “She’s Looking Pretty”, and on to the more experimental electronics and introspective approach of “Japan”. Nonetheless, what holds this collection together is an almost ironic reflection on the topics of love and relationships.  Fence proudly declares in the opener that she is “not gonna give a f**k about this night” and closes “Japan” with the line, “I think I’m gonna work on me”. Traditional love songs these are not.


This is a well-produced set of electronic pop music that is not afraid to push the boundaries of the genre. And above it all soars Fence’s voice – a transcendent instrument that milks the emotions out of often understated lyrics. Like her track, “Love Me On Purpose”, that I reviewed last year, I enjoyed these tracks. As a person who does not choose to listen to pop music, it is always a pleasant surprise to hear an artist that I not only enjoy, but who is also a radio-friendly proposition.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars

4 Star Rating

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Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries With New EP


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