Dylan Joseph’s New Single “City Dime” Brings A Maximum Dose Of Fun Vibes 

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Dylan Joseph, the American country music artist, is best known for the song he co-wrote for the show Malibu Surf, “Just Friends,” counting millions of views on YouTube. Today, he releases his most recent single, “City Dime,” blending rock-inspired soundscapes with country ones, and talking about a city girl who loves country boys. Despite having followed the way of life chosen for her by her family, she is attracted to country boys, and loves to spend good times with them. 

Dylan Joseph has crafted something truly unique and special for “City Dime,” blending rock and country music in a beautifully fun and highly energizing way. We recommend this song for anyone who loves great music, and especially to the aficionados of rock and country music. 

Following-up on “Closer To You” and “44,” both dropped earlier this year, “City Dime” is one more major drop by Dylan Joseph. Don’t miss it!

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dylanjosephherrick/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/track/2uTVMwP5HkCmqrYuY1PFh8?si=bnxumPurQleD7qES9AfuGQ

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