Diverse Intelligent Electronic Music On Red Shift Compilation Album

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Triplicate Records – Red Shift (Compilation Album)

I am a big fan of compilation albums. Some music purist friends of mine find that disturbing – a kind of musical sin, so to speak – but I have always found them a great way of discovering new artists and new styles, From the yearly collections of chart hits when I was a child, through to the Ninja Tune and Dope on Plastic samplers of the 90s, onto to my recent purchases of Northern Soul compendiums, compilation albums have always been a part of my musical diet.


The Red Shift compilation from Triplicate Records is a very worthy addition to this diet. Featuring tracks from some of the most interesting artists in the field of electronic music today (including Crest of the Syndicate, Suncastle, Station Zero, Leaving Richmond, Mood Exhibit and Belial Pelegrim amongst others), Red Shift represents a collection of tunes that fall at the more “experimental” or “intelligent” end of that broad genre’s spectrum. The styles and sounds on display here are diverse indeed, but what holds them together is a sense of inventiveness and sonic exploration. Each and every one of the tracks is pushing at the limits of their chosen sub-genres and asking the listener to go beyond their comfort zones.


Whilst it is hard to pick favorites, there were two standout tracks for me. “Index” by Richard Alfaro is an exercise in slow building psychedelica, as various glitched and deformed synth elements are added to build a kind of demented merry-go-round sound. “Fume Jazz” by Dark Fidelity HiFi was another standout – lush synth pads and delayed trumpet sounds float over the top of a subtle drum and bass workout to create a chilled and atmospheric listening space.


Whilst not every track will appeal to every listener, there is a great deal to recommend this album. Most importantly, it will introduce the uninitiated to the wealth of sounds that is to be found in the world of independent electronic music – music that will take them out of their safe spaces. And for those who are familiar, Red Shift is a rewarding listen consisting of some of the best and brightest working in electronic music today.

Diverse Intelligent Electronic Music On Red Shift Compilation Album

Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

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Diverse Intelligent Electronic Music On Red Shift Compilation Album

Diverse Intelligent Electronic Music On Red Shift Compilation Album

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