Dive Into Mellow Jazz and Chill Under The Willow

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Dive Into Mellow Jazz and Chill Under The Willow

Mellow Dive – The Willow

Some artists have monikers that thoroughly establish their sound. When you see the name Metallica, you know what you are in for. The same could be said of acts such as Groove Armada or The Blues Brothers.


Mellow Dive has a name that perfectly encapsulates the sound and mood offered on “The Willow”. Released in August 5 through Dezi-Belle Records, the Italian-based instrumentalist and producer presents a collection of eight tracks on his debut album that are mellow to their very core.


Each track feels like a snapshot, as if the artist has simply sat himself down and started to play while reflecting on the various environments and places he finds himself in. This is established through the extensive use of background sounds – be it children in a playground, birds chirping or the sounds of people in a café. Over the top of these sounds float jazzy guitar chords, minimal electric piano meanderings and the occasional swell of strings.


All of the tracks are short. Most feature down-tempo hip-hop beats and the melodic hints are subtle, suggesting old-time musicals or the nostalgia of a music box tune. Nothing strays above a gentle groove and taken together it is like a trip inside the mind of the artist who made it – an artist who seems at peace with the world around him.


I really, really enjoyed this album. I look forward to the next cold, rainy day where I can curl up with a book whilst having this play in the background. Indeed, I think I will be playing this one as often as I can – as a chance to find calm in a world that seems increasingly hectic.

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WEBSITE: https://www.dezi-belle.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mellowdive/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mellowdive

BANDCAMP: https://dezi-belle.bandcamp.com/album/the-willow

Dive Into Mellow Jazz and Chill Under The Willow

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