Daniella Mason gets it right; pop music for the thinking people


Daniella Mason

“Mental State”

The trick for any artist is to write and deliver material that is varied enough to keep the attention of a listener, whilst simultaneously developing a style that is easily identifiable as one’s own. This is not always an easy trick to pull off. Some artists have a sound that is all their own, but after hearing a few tracks it becomes obvious that there is nothing else in their arsenal. On the flip side, there are those musicians who are so eclectic that there is no way to determine what lies at the core of their style.

On the “Mental State” EP, Daniella Mason gets it right, moving across genre boundaries but always maintaining a recognizable musical identity. Starting with the minimal, jazz-infused experimentation of “Deepest of Wells”, Mason tackles pop (“Girl in the Box”), upbeat electronic dance music (“Get Me Out Of My Head”), and a low and slow ballad (“What Goes Down Must Come Up”). Tying it all together are the intelligent, introspective lyrics and understated vocal delivery that define this Nashville-based artist’s approach.

“Mental State” is the second of four EPs that Mason will be releasing over the course of the year as part of her “State of Mine” sound series. Based on the strength of this outing, I will be tracking down the previous EP and picking up the next two upon release. This is pop-music for thinking people and is well worth the listen.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

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