Come and Get It From Verity White

Singer Verity White


“come and get it” from the ‘reclaim’; Set fire album

From the heart of the Cotswold, in Cheltenham, UK, acclaimed rock ‘n’ roll diva, proclaimed cat lovers and new wave of rock leader comes this long awaited second album. All you have to do is look at the cover to see that Verity is not joking and that there will be fire!
From the first riff of that first song, you’re invited to “Come and Get It” and you know you’re in for savage guitars, pounding drums, growling bass and Verity’s angry vocals pouring her heart out right into your ears.
The style of the songs ranges from alternative rock, direct and groovy, to classic rock, in some of the more sophisticated riffs, all served with a dash of punk rock angriness for good measure. From mid-tempo to pure ro
ckers, to a surprise “Feel This” piano ballad concluding the album as a welcome respite and fire extinguisher.
You can hear that Verity, along with her band members, and served by a great production, opened her soul and shared her life in this album and reaffirms, if needed be, her place as a leading lady with the potential to storm the new wave of indie rock. It starts right now, ladies and gentlemen, and you will be able to say: “I was here when it all started”.
Verdict: 5/5 beards Grab this album while it’s hot!

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