Club Bombardier Release Blistering Diverse Standout EP Run Mofo

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Club Bombardier – Run Mofo (EP)


Hailing from Paris, Club Bombardier creates a brand of rock and roll that is complex yet simple, derivative yet original, and immediately appealing. Their latest EP, Run Mofo, released in February this year, shows off the range of diverse, yet complementary rock stylings.


“2nd Advice” kicks off proceedings, and here the three-piece deliver a blistering slice of punk-rock inspired, hard driven rock.  This is four to the floor rock coupled with catchy hooks. “Perpetual Movement” sees the band slow down the pace and introduce more angular grooves and defined choruses. The third track, “Praha” is a standout for me. Demonstrating the band’s debt to Britpop, the track occasionally gives hints of the whimsy that was ever-present in that genre. “Virtual Vortex” is another change of pace, and here we detect elements of the stoner rock jams evident on classic Kyuss albums. Following on from this comes “In Time”, the most “contemporary” sounding of the tracks and what might count as the EP’s ballad. The closing track, “Nothing Personal” kicks off with a wonderful, distorted bass groove, before settling into a sound reminiscent of the opener – lending a pleasing symmetry to the EP.


It’s rare to listen to an album or EP and immediately be taken in. Club Bombardier manages this here and they are to be congratulated for it. I should also mention that they have coupled a fine collection of tracks with a wonderfully evocative piece of cover art – a detail that I notice a number of otherwise fine artists sometimes forget.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating

Club Bombardier Release Blistering Diverse Standout EP Run Mofo

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