Classy and Simply Superb New Song from Gravity Castle

Indie Pop Duo Gravity Castle

Gravity Castle – ‘Different Than You’

Classy and Simply Superb New Song from Gravity Castle

What begins with soothing guitar followed by the distinctive voice of Oli Kersey from the Duo, Gravity Castle gives this a feeling of peace and acceptance in an instance.


Gravity Castle are Oli Kersey and Gabriel Glenhill released their first single, ‘I’m Sorry’ in early 2019.


Their most recent track, ‘Different Than You’ sparked my attention in a way not many tracks do.

‘Different Than You’ is somewhat controlled freedom that’s smooth and relaxing while remaining current and pop based.

The more I thought about it while reviewing this song, the more I realize what a real feat it is to these guys to write and produce such a prominent track.


While music in general during Covid 19 has seen an increased pace in tempo in pop music, Gravity Castle have taken the complete opposite in direction.


What makes ‘Different Than You’ so enticing, is the build up from something very simple, evolving both musically and lyrically. Crisp clear production with an underlying pad adding warmth and flow followed by the moving beats that shuffles the track into a slow groove. The bass of the song perfectly balanced adding the vital extra layer of depth.


Lyrically, ‘Different Than You’ encourages strength through the storm people face alongside each of our differences.  “I was told that it’s better to stand up in a storm, Then I’ll, Rediscover my fire I’ve had since I was born, I want more” are words in which are relatable to everyone, but what makes this song lyrically brilliant is from where it comes from in the verses. Simple and clever words indeed to reach us all exploding into a chorus of hope; and don’t we all need that right now!


Gravity Castle explain – “We live in challenging times. Times that put all our weaknesses and mistakes on full display in a digital world. Despite such hardships and in the midst of this war of opinions and debate, we’ve become less connected and compassionate as a people. Our new single, Different Than You, speaks directly to this. Unconditional love towards our neighbor is how we move forward. Combatting the weight of discrimination with acts of fellowship, kindness and selflessness. We must become unified in the acts of respect, kindness, inclusion and thoughtfulness towards one another if we are to ever removing the negative actions and emotions that plague our world today. With that said, we humbly share… ‘Different Than You’”

A classy, delicate and simply superb track by Gravity Castle.


Tracey gives 5 out of 5 Stars

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Classy and Simply Superb New Song from Gravity Castle

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