Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP

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Byron Langley

“Light On”

Released on December 3, the Light On EP from London-based artist Byron Langley is a collection of indie-pop tracks with hints of electronica and rock. The South African-born Langley has crafted a collection of tracks here that will easily find a home on commercial radio.


“Light On” kicks off with “Higher”. The light, folk-infused opening of this track gives way to a synth-driven pop chorus that encapsulates a great number of the styles to be found on the remainder of the EP. “In Tune” is a breezy folk-pop track, which is followed by the rockier “Gold”, which again demonstrates the artist’s ability to write big, catchy choruses. Next up is the title track, which drops the pace and reintroduces some more of the electronic elements found in the opener. However, it is the closing track, “Westside” that is the standout for me. Starting with moody guitars and a low-down rock sensibility, the track takes a left field turn and introduces a big drum and bass breakdown. This bolt from out of the blue serves to take what could have been a fairly somber end track to an energetic and exciting closing note.


Langley is a good songwriter – the lyrics here speak of the mental battle of fighting through addiction and depression – the choruses are earworms and the production throughout is world-class. I am sure the Light On EP will be a success and that we will be hearing a lot more from Byron Langley in future.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

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Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP


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Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP

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