Boring Tapes Will Take You BAck To A Good Place

Electronica Duo

The Boring Tapes


Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, The Boring Tapes is the project of Hiromu Koinuma (Vocal,Guitar,Bass,Keyboards & Programming) and Sota Kodera (Chorus,Bass,Keyboards,Percussion & Programming). Inspired by indie rock, shoegaze and electronica, the duo produce music that is both modern in its sensibilities and retro in the sounds and feelings it evokes.


From their third EP “Samasara”, “Butterfly is a deceptively simple track characterized by sweeping synths, an 80s bass line, subtle funk guitar and wistful vocal lines that take the listener to a nostalgic place – a place that is better – a place that is longed for. It also is not over-polished, relying instead on a warm production style that only adds to the overall sound.


Accompanied by a wonderfully understated music video directed by Minasamez Paradise, this is a strong track that hints at a production duo whose stature will only build. “Butterfly” is sure to find an audience in the current music market – a market that, at its best, is characterized by a willingness to blend previous genre conventions into something new. Whilst I didn’t have the chance to check out the rest of the EP, if the single is anything to go buy, it should be a very good listen indeed

Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating



Boring Tapes Will Take You Back To A Good Place


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