As our planet faces uncertainty through recent challenges, Blakk Mantra’s message of hope, peace, and love are more necessary than ever. That is why we are thrilled to announce their brand new release, an EP of two songs titled Welcome To El Rey Blvd. After releasing their previous EP Where There’s Smoke There’s Dope, Blakk Mantra haven’t gotten lazy and worked hard while creating their new songs “Perhaps  We’ll Live” and “Queen Of Infinite Space” the main component of  Welcome To El Rey Blvd. With these two songs, a little over six minutes, Blakk Mantra managed to show us more mastery and superiority than other groups could do over a whole album’s length. It is their independent mindset and undeniable temper that makes Blakk Mantra a great rock band and Welcome To El Rey Blvd is a crucial chapter in their musical career with all its gripping and instantly captivating choruses and melodies, mostly thanks to Johnny Noble’s and Amber Alexander’s emotive delivery.

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