Andy Keels Released The First Single “Dead To Me” Off His Upcoming EP Fifteen Years

Andy Keels

Andy Keels got started with singing and writing music when he was in secondary school and ever since he never missed the opportunity to improve and perform whenever he could. Inspired by representatives of many different genres like Boys to Men, Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, and songwriter and producer Max Martin (NSYNC), Andy made a decision on how exactly he wants to sound like and we love it.

Releasing “Dead To Me” off his upcoming EP as the first one to make the right first impression we hope that the rest of the tracklist won’t differ much and will burst a range of indie/pop/rock influences with raw and rocky undertones as “Dead To Me” does. Nonetheless, this song is forming a flawless, ingenious artistic statement by someone who has clearly been working hard in bringing his craft closer to impeccability.It may safely be said that it is not an easy job to make any kind of music sound this fresh and perfect nowadays.

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