Growing up in Malaysia Amirah began to master her craftsmanship as a singer and songwriter at the tender age of 11. Today the award-winning singer-songwriter with the diversity of her background shares with us a brand new music video for her powerful song “Tell Me.”
“Tell Me” carries an important message for today while the US presidential election’s results are still obscure: it is calling everyone to unite for a world where we are all accepted for our differences, regardless of race, religion, culture, nationality, status, gender, or sexual orientation because we are all one.
However, these days the internet is abuzz with celebrations of the election results, as well as Kamala Harris being the first (half) Indian in the White House.Amirah, being half-Indian herself is using two Indian instruments tanpura and tabla on “Tell Me” while blending them with modern harmonies of Western music creating a perfect melting pot of cultures: It embodies the perfect scene where East meets West.

Have a listen to her astonishing vocals and the words of wisdom by hitting the play button below.

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