Akshit Dhall Takes You To A Place of Love And Acceptance

Indie Artist

Akshit Dhall

If you are looking for a tranquil collection of music that reminds you of Elton John, but modern enough to give you that push like the Billboard hits you hear today, look no further as I have come across an artist that is delivering music that is reflective and descriptive.


Akshit Dhall from Pune, India is a singer songwriter who recently released 30th of February a six song EP that fabulously transcends the listener to a place where modern love and acceptance travels freely.


Track Listing:

  1. The Night
  2. Coffee
  3. Apart
  4. 30th of February
  5. Heartbeat
  6. I’ll Be Famous One Day


I will be interpreting the album’s highlights.


Coffee” is a slow-awakener when it comes to its direction as it slowly embraces you with soft guitars, quite percussions, and Dhall’s confident vocal timbre.  This track brings to mind coffee shops and quiet early mornings awakening to see your lover’s eyes.  Its hook of “do, do, do, do” is reminiscent of The Beatles and places this track a cut above what’s playing on Top 40 right now because it is relevant, nostalgic, and deep in story.


Now, the title track will easily become your new-normal song.  This song’s lyrics give the lover the right words to say when they are at a lost for words.  Dhall’s delivery of his very descriptive lyrics is concise and clear.  I hear a signature sound developing with his vocal prowess, and that is a breathy second tenor baritone that is strong enough to hold its own with competitors, but soft enough to pull back and allow the music to marry with the story.  This is not brash or brutal, just beautiful.


The EP closes with what I call the Indie artist anthem – “I’ll Be Famous One Day.”  This song tells the story of the hidden songwriter who eventually buds forward and gain success – the endless writing of songs, faith in hard work, struggles, and secret accomplishments.  This is my absolute favorite.  I enjoyed its command to the beat and the full-on fire Modern Pop Rock appeal.  The electric guitars and harmony were everything!  This will quickly become the crowd pleaser – this is the song to close the show.  #braggingrights!


Dhall is a master of hooks and should be payed attention to as he is worthy of attention.


Make sure to take a listen to “The Night,” “Apart,” and “Heartbeat.”


Contributing writer:  Lakisha “KiKi” Skinner of Klef Notes www.klefnotes.com

Akshit Dhall Takes You To A Place of Love And Acceptanc

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DhallAkshit/


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