A Musical Antidote To The Current Climate Of Despair

Album Cover

Moody LIttle Sister

“Great Big Mama Sunshine”

I am a sucker for big, bold choruses – the type that have you singing along despite yourself. Great Big Mama Sunshine, from New Mexico based duo Moody Little Sister, has catchy choruses in droves.

Hailing from the improbably named town of Truth or Consequences, Naomi Sparrow and Rob Stroup make impeccably produced Americana. Ranging from the upbeat country-tinged sounds of the title track, through the blues-groove of 711 Luck Street to the gospel flavors of Tell Somebody, the tie that binds this fine album are the superb vocals of Sparrow. Whether belting out a statement of self-empowerment in Child of the Wild or reflecting on a common theme of Americana in Tumbleweed, her voice is never short of excellent. This is accompanied by guitar driven songwriting, with hints of organ, drums and bass that only serves to compliment, rather than distract, from the storytelling at the heart of each song.

For me, the standout tracks are 711 Lucky Street, I Let You Go and closing track, Northern Highway. Having said that, there is not a weak track on this album – an album that serves as a “musical antidote to the current climate of despair”.


With a release date of 31 August, Great Big Mama Sunshine by Moody Little Sister is an album to look out for.

Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating



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