A ‘Miracle Man’ Gives True Meaning To ‘Free To Grow’

Miracle Man Single Cover

Free to grow

“Miracle Man” from the “Miracle” EP


From Fredericton, NB, Canada, with Free to Grow, comes a new EP dedicated to Bruce Hughes (the actual “Miracle Man”) and the health care professionals who take care of him during his fight for recovery after a massive stroke.

This extraordinary tale is opening the new Free to Grow 3 songs EP and it’s a rocking and uplifting tune that should put a big smile on your face…

Starting with tasty acoustic and electric guitars the song doesn’t waste a minute to rock you out, especially with that great horns section (trademark of the Free to Grow sound) and fun female background vocals. Great performances all over, from the soaring lead vocals to the scorching guitar solo.

Major points to the production, which is rich and full and doesn’t stop pounding, with a great sound thanks also to mixing/mastering by Adrian Jenkinson. This true for all the songs of this rocking EP that will go well in your collection if you’re into tasty rock with an uplifting message and sound. Get it today while it’s hot!

Also don’t miss the video for this song, which was done with the help of the healthcare workers who took care of Bruce “Miracle Man” Hughes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmu4MIr-FEE (Video Below)

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




Get the song and EP at: https://www.freetogrowband.com/music


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