a half-ton truckload of foot stomping folk rock From union Duke

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Union Duke



From Toronto, Ontario, comes a cool band of “five guys, twenty-four beers and a half-ton truckload of foot stomping folk rock”. And this new song of theirs is in line with their motto and will not fail to put a big smile on your face.

With an enthusiasm and youthful energy that is highly communicative, this song cleverly alternates between a swing beat and a ternary slow waltz. It’s simple but efficient in how it helps propelling the song’s upbeat parts especially the “ladidadida” extended gang vocals, which concludes the song in orgasmic fashion.

The instrumentation here is stripped back to one acoustic, one electric guitar, bass / drums, and a banjo, in line with their goal of reviving Canadian’s folk music, yet it works really well, leaving room for the vocals telling its tale of hitting the road, making it back in one piece, the desperate high/lows in between when you’re back to your true love. If you’re not sure about what folk-rock is about and feel that a modern indie take could do the trick then this song, and this band, is for you.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




Get the song on Bandcamp at: https://unionduke.bandcamp.com/


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