The Carbons to Show Off “Comforts That Kill” with Australian Tour







The Carbons to Show Off “Comforts That Kill” with Australian Tour

Rock Band The Carbons

Hailing from Canada, rock trio The Carbons deliver their newest single “Comforts That Kill” ahead of some special Australian tour dates which can give fans a long awaited taste of the Canadians special blend down under. Officially showcasing at Australian Music Week in Cronulla, they’re playing shows in Sydney and Brisbane to round out their trip!


“Whether it’s alcohol or narcotics, substance addiction affects millions of people around the world. Much like the effects of the substances, Comforts That Kill uncovers the topic of addiction in a multi-climactic, clean AND distorted rock ride.” The Carbons on “Comforts That Kill”


Forged in Western Canada, The Carbons are a rock trio known for their multi-climactic live shows, deep powerful vocals and huge groovy drums. Their debut LP August Ash is a 10-song groove rock ride that explores the shallower waters of young adulthood and progressively dives into deeper human challenges like mental health and temptation. With songs such as “Jerry, Can I Dance with Your Sister?”, “All I Need”, and “Stuck in Your Head”, the trio delivers melodies that grab you by the earlobes and lyrics that tickle your soul. Their latest single Black Mirror is a continuation of the dive. Fun and entertaining at first glance, the song uncovers the common fear that our best years may be behind us.


Off-stage, The Carbons can be found shredding some gnar, ripping through waves, and revving motorcycles through the Canadian Rockies. They often end the day with a craft beer in hand, a movie quote battle and depending on the number of beers, a lengthy conversation about all the world’s problems. Their environment fuels them with inspiration and they are currently preparing the next album. 

Thursday 7th November | Footstomp Party  | Cronulla, NSW
Friday 8th November | Australian Music Week Showcase | Cronulla, NSW
Saturday 9th November | Frankies Pizza | Sydney, NSW
Wednesday 27th November | Triffid Beergarden (SOLO) | Brisbane, QLD

The Carbons to Show Off “Comforts That Kill” with Australian Tour

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