Save the date for the premier of KGUP PRESENTS!







The premier of KGUP PRESENTS the talk show on inDtv | Channel 140 on Universe Network is upon us! 


Save the date for August 27th for our first episode featuring The Controversy followed by interviews with Lee Brown, Moderns, Ariel Beesley, Ships Have Sailed and many more to come!


KGUP FM Emerge Radio has been supporting local artists since 2012 and is proud to launch its first televised talk show on it’s new home on Universe Network! We’ll be interviewing people from all over the realm of Entertainment and much much more! 


Stay up to date on the official launch of the inDspotlight channel and sign up for our newsletter at


Watch KGUP PRESENTS and all of inDtv programming on inDspotlight Television starting Thurs, Aug. 27th PST.

Sign up is FREE (using Email/Facebook/Twitter). 


Tune to inDtv | Channel 140 on Universe Network. Watch at home on Roku, online or on the go via UNTV App on iPhone or Android. See all the options below.


Online: Universe Network website  

iPhone: Universe Network.TV App 

Android: Universe Network TV App 

Roku: UNTV – Universe Network TV


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