DYLI recently dropped her newest single remix “MmmHmm” featuring Kenai with almost 10K views already. Fully showcasing her flawless style, the young singer created a casual but lively song that is set to be a treat for all. An unforgettable tune, vibrant beats, and DYLI’s beautiful voice make up a complete ensemble of original, fresh music.

Her previous release, “New Bag” was a huge success, produced by DUNGEONMUSIC and shot by ROLOEDOLO. DYLI’s other superhits include songs like “Cherry Coke”, “Low Key”, and “Cotton Candy”, which accumulated hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and other platforms.

Starting out as a singer at the age of eleven, DYLI has certainly come a long way. She has two full-length albums released, and has worked with renowned artists and musicians such as drummer Fabian Egger, choreographer Cedric Botelho, and others. She also appeared at South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival. “MmmHmm” is one of the songs included in DYLI’s upcoming EP so stay tuned!

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