Biggie Babylon’s artistry is making waves through the crowds. As he speaks the truth through his rap and creates memorable tunes, the artist is rising above and beyond. He was put right in the spotlight after his nomination for Best Hip Hop Album at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. With plenty of singles and 3 albums on his rap sheet, Biggie is creating content that caters to different moods. Biggie’s new hit single titled “All In” depicts the artist’s abilities in the rap scene.

The single will get you up and ready to fight your own fights as he spills sick lyrics over a soundscape of exciting tunes. The track also matched a compelling music video that perfectly presents his aura throughout the song. Showcasing the artist’s natural swag, the video scenes will take you on an adventure as he gambles his way to the top. Walking from dark room to dark room, Biggie is seen in a private casino accompanied by flitting lights and bundles of energy.

The music video shows him gambling his way or going “all in.” As his words resonate on a deep level, the robust beats will have you shooting for the stars. With the perfect dose of energy, Biggie’s new track will become a staple across several playlists.

Watch the music video down below. 

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