Canadian singer-songwriter StevenCharles is back with a magnificent music video for his debut single, “Stay.” The New York City-based artist once again displays his dedication to music, art, beauty, and dance with visuals that truly stand out among the hundreds of new projects one comes across daily.  

With endless positivity emanating from its visual storytelling, “Stay” is destined to become a timeless classic, with dancing being at the core of the project’s imagery. 

With John Legend and Alicia Keys as StevenCharles’ favourite artists, it is clear that he has chosen strong roots from which to deploy his creative vision. 

His mission is to create songs that uplift and inspire people, a valuable goal knowing the hard times the world has been going through lately. Mission accomplished; “Stay” is a one in a million song and music video, and a refreshing sound that will ideally launch this star-in-the-making’s career. 

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