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Music Ebook


I have just perused the tip talks mini edition Emag by Tracey of Music Talks & got to say out loud this packs a tonne of info for up & coming artists. Pure & simple yet designed to have a realistic approach in today’s music world. Musicians from all backgrounds can utilize & adapt all the quality data to their benefit. Take a few minutes to read & gain some useful pointers to project potential for your craft. #URock Tracey! As a former muso, I wish I had some basic orientation like this at my disposal.

DJ Struth Mate, Mixcloud Radio DJ

Band Manager

Just when one thinks they know everything about managing a modern rock n’ roll band, you find that you don’t. I’ve been doing so since I was 14 yrs old with time off to work in the corporate world and now I find myself back behind the wheel of a rock act. The world has turned many many times since then. There are so many aspects to managing a rock band you can never get enough help. I find that the books offered by Music Talks has been a valuable tool in helping me, now that I have taken full responsibility for this musical act. I would highly recommend anyone who is involved in the music business or personnel end of a professional rock and roll band, be it heavy metal or soft rock, to give this book a read. 

Richard Harrison Allen, Manager Forge The Rubicon

Music Talks Music///Tips magazine is an invaluable resource. Whether you are an independent artists, or an independent label like us, there are practical tips here from using social media and growing your fan base (despite constantly changing algorithms), to crucial information about artist management and live performance that you really can’t afford to mee. We have been sharing these tips with our artists to help them plan the way they can keep their fans engaged and their music heard.

Charlotte Gelin and Leo Damiani, co-owner of Damasta Recordings

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