I know these kids are battling their own battles and if I can give them a few hours of happiness, I feel like I’ve done my job; Jennifer Mlott

There is alway’s a clear reason as to why indie artists such as Jennifer Mlott has a very engaging and active following; she is obviously kind hearted, honest and a very giving young woman. 

Jennifer Mlott has been entertaining most of her life in various aspects of performance including music and dance. 

I had a chat to Jennifer to find out more about her, the music, her passions and her charities. 

Country Singer

MT/Tracey: Hello Jennifer, lovely to meet you. Can you tell us where you’re from? 

Jennifer: Hello Tracey, I’m so glad to meet you too! I am from Indianapolis , Indiana. 


MT/Tracey: When did you begin music/singing and can you tell us what kind of music you like to sing? 

Jennifer: I started singing at a young age performing at events and singing in numerous competitions . I started my professional music career 3 years ago and it’s been a fantastic journey from the start . I love singing different genres of music , but my favorite is Modern Country . 


MT/Tracey: You have a strong association with a few charities, can you tell us what your connection is with helping those with Down Syndrome, the children’s hospital and children with cancer? 

Jennifer: I thoroughly enjoy working with charities and organizations that give kids hope and joy every day. They have the purest hearts. I love working and performing for the Down Syndrome Foundation of Indiana. The kids are awesome & so full of love & joy. I perform for the Walk-a-thon every year to help raise money for the organization. I also volunteer at Riley’s Children Hospital as part of the “Team Joey” foundation. We collect Legos for the kids and distribute them by room around Christmas time & back to school time. It is always wonderful to see their smiling faces when they receive their gift. I love having the privilege to perform for these kids as well. They have gone through so much in their young lives. It humbles me and makes me happy. I know these kids are battling their own battles and if I can give them a few hours of happiness, I feel like I’ve done my job . I also work with the “Sertoma” Club twice a year on their “Clothe A Child” Drive. My family and I are assigned a deserving family and we work with them to get clothes for the school year as well as clothes around the Holidays. After they receive their clothes depending on the time of year, they are either surprised with a backpack full of supplies for the school year or they are surprised by a guest appearance from Santa! They also receive a few gifts from him too! It’s always a fun and special & really humbling to see these kids so thrilled to receive new underwear, socks. shoes, coats & clothes. It really puts things we take for granted in perspective.


MT/Tracey: I see you have quite a few shows and events booked until the end of the year. How many shows/gigs would you do on average each month? 

Jennifer: I love to perform in Nashville, Tennessee and around Indiana. I have some big performances coming up such as performing in Atlanta for the International Singer Songwriters Awards. I can’t wait to perform there and meet all of the incredible Indie Artists who are finalists for the awards. Regarding performances, I typically schedule 3-4 shows a month , some public and some private.


MT/Tracey: Do you write your own music? If so, do you also collaborate with other writers? 

Jennifer: Yes, I do both. I have worked with several different co-writers on collaborations and I’ve also been writing on my own. I am fairly new to writing so it’s definitely a learning process. I’ve been blessed to co-write with some very amazing people including Sheri Lynn , Dave Lucid and James Davis. I love covering songs too. I have been covering songs that have made an impact on me in some way and have become my favorites . I’m sure I will continue to do so.


MT/Tracey: When it comes time for a single, EP or Album release, do you set up a specific time frames and plan a certain amount of releases within certain time frames, or do you release music when it feels good and ready? 

Jennifer: I set up time frames for all of my releases . I typically have a game plan for my next song & when it will come out. Over the past two years, I’ve tried to release a cover or an original monthly.

My plan is to come out with an album late summer with a lot of the favorites that I have done as well as originals on the album. I’d also like to incorporate more of my tapping into my music as the percussion like I did on my single, Different Drummer.Country Singer

MT/Tracey: Can you tell us who produces your music? 

Jennifer: I am very blessed to work with an amazing producer, Mike Champlin outside of Indianapolis. He has a beautiful state of the art studio which is called “Neon Cornfields”. He has made an amazing impact on me and I truly enjoy working with him. He has taught me so much.


MT/Tracey: Have you had formal singing training? 

Jennifer: Yes ! I am very lucky that my mother is a sought after Vocal Teacher in Indianapolis. I have trained with her for the past three years. Before that I was heavily into dance and being a dance teacher and choreographer. All of my spare time went towards my dancing . So singing has only recently become my primary passion.


MT/Tracey: Who’s involved with the decision making when it comes time to release a single or tracks placed on an album or EP? 

Jennifer: It’s a joint decision between my team and I . Myself, vocal coach, promoter and producer, parents, all listen to my music before we release anything. Everyone offers their feedback and we make changes accordingly. 


MT/Tracey: The music business can be known as a shark frenzy with a few people (even corporations) not giving artists/musicians and singers their fair share, making it difficult to trust others in the industry. How do you go about the business aspect and who helps and supports you to make the right decisions? 

Jennifer: Again, I would say my team . I keep my circle very small. I totally trust them because I know they have my best interests at heart . My family is also a huge part of every decision I make.


MT/Tracey: What is your ultimate long-term goal for your singing career? 

Jennifer: It has always been my dream to put music into the world that changes lives. I would love to have the opportunity to create music and perform around the world . I would love to tour the United States, and eventually the world . Making a living doing what I love would be the ultimate gift . 


MT/Tracey: What else do you get up to when you’re not writing, singing and performing? 

Jennifer: Other than singing and performing I am a dance instructor and choreographer. I have danced since I was 8 years old, and since then I have been a student , a teacher , choreographer and recently I have become a judge for the competitive dance circuit. Dance has always been a huge part of my life and it always will be! When it comes to hobbies, I am an avid reader, love to sew and I love animals.


MT/Tracey: You also co-host on the ‘Kickin’ Country Radio Show’ with Rob Charles. Had you done anything in radio prior to the ‘Kickin’ Country Radio Show’? 

Jennifer: Yes, I was a co-host with Kevin n Williams on KDUB Hit-Country Radio.


MT/Tracey: Do you have any pets? 

Jennifer: Yes I have pets . I have two dogs , a cat and a new kitten!  I also have some birds. 


MT/Tracey: What’s next for Jennifer Mlott? Anything you would like to tell us? 

Jennifer: Yes! I will be heading to Atlanta next week for the International Singer Songwriters Awards. I am a finalist for “Rising Star of the Year “ and “Single of the Year”. I will also be performing at the after party at the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame. My goal for the summer is to release a new album . I plan on continuing to write and working on my guitar skills.




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