Emme Lentino; You are loved. just as you are

Emme Lentino has been singing and performing from a very young age. American born singer, songwriter, actress and model, now calls New Zealand her new home, while her musical endeavours continue to see her travelling between the two countries. 

From performing on Broadway and collaborations with well known music producers and songwriters, Emme Lentino has gained a wealth of experience which has led her songs placements on ‘Victoria Secrets’ commercials and well know TV’s shows on the ABC to name just a few. 

Emme has many singles to date with more on the way.

Danielle Haskell interviewed Emme to find out a bit more about this upcoming talented and inspiring independent artist. 


Emme Lentino Sitting on Stairs

Danielle/MT: Your last two songs, “Oxygen” and “Shine” are so universally relatable.  “Shine”, like many of your songs, has such an important message. What influenced the lyrics and can you share the full meaning behind the song? Can you also share the inspiration behind your song “Oxygen”? 

Emme: Shine is a song close to my heart because I felt so strongly about the challenges that young folk face in school and growing up. I felt they needed to know they would be okay, and to not give up, or let anyone tell them they couldn’t dream or achieve. The lyrics just came so fast to me. I was teaching a dance class and honestly, I had to quickly jot them down in between a hip hop dance session! My friend and fellow songwriter/producer Bryan Bell came up with the amazing music behind the song. It was a wonderful co-writing experience. I’m actually releasing a brand new version of “Shine” in a few weeks! 

“Oxygen” was mainly written while I was living in my car, and a friend who believed in me lent me a Casio keyboard. I had never played keyboard before really, but felt inspired to come up with a melody line on the keys I could sing to. I wrote three songs that week. And I wrote them quickly, because well…. I also had to ask a friend to let me use their apartment as a writing and rehearsal space. I was under pressure for time! Oxygen is all about the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe we all face challenges in life, it’s how we choose to react to those that build our character. A few years went by, and with some awesome co-writers and producers from L.A., the original song evolved into what it is now. It’s really special that both songs have had new life breathed into them, and I hope they will bring encouragement to the hearts in this world that need it. 

MT: Reading your journey is such an inspiration in itself. When your fans listen to your music or read about your accomplishments, what is the one most important  message you hope to leave with them?

Emme: I love this question! My message is this: you are loved. Just as you are. Be assured that the moments of your life when you feel like giving up, I’ve also felt that before. So I can relate to anyone who is struggling. But I want to tell my listeners that there is always hope. Things turn around when you least expect it. Which is why it’s so important to face each new day with belief in your heart that you can get through anything! 

MT: Since I loved and participated in the Missoula Children’s Theater for 8 yrs in my home area, I have to ask how traveling around the US with the Missoula Children’s Theater has impacted your life and influenced your music. Do you feel like that experience has taken you full circle to what you are doing now with Theater at your farm in New Zealand?

Emme: Oh I loved touring the US with MCT! How cool you worked with them too!! The experience of being on the road, performing, directing and teaching young people was like nothing I had ever done before. Brand new faces and new towns every week. We mainly stayed in homestays so we really got to know the locals. I loved the kids and watching them blossom and build confidence in their acting. I definitely think it prepared me for what I later did on the farm in New Zealand when I ran my own theatre, music and dance classes for our local town. I love working with kids! 

MT: You’ve once said that Music pursued you. Can you explain that along with how your journey has been influenced by the early start of your music career in Oregon, to your performances in New York City and your current life in New Zealand? This has you traveling between New Zealand and the US frequently, do you find that difficult and where do you now consider home?

Singer with Guitar Emme Lentino

Emme: I have been singing since I was a little toddler. When I was two, I wore cowboy boots and used a hairbrush for a microphone. Singing as loudly as I could for anyone who would listen! I just loved music and remember dancing around the kitchen to every song my parents had playing. It has been a great source of joy for me.
I began writing my own music a few years later when I was ten, and went through a tragic loss. I always loved singing and acting, and was really active in my local theatre groups, and this continued through university and in NYC. I was portraying Lucille Ball a few years ago, and within a few months of that I fell in love and moved to New Zealand. I do travel a lot to America, my parents live there and I miss them so much. But I am very blessed to also sing and record there, so I get the opportunity to stay connected with my American family. New Zealand has been a wonderful country to live in, and I actually became a New Zealand citizen two years ago. So it looks like I am pretty happy here

MT:  With all of the experiences you have had, is there a favorite or life changing moment you would like to share with your fans?

Emme: Moving to New Zealand and learning a different culture was life changing, along with writing and singing about my experiences once I arrived. The next would be losing someone I loved and the grief that came with that – as difficult as it was, that loss provided me with a chance to help others.

MT:  What do you like to do in your spare time that is not musically related that you would like to share with fans? 

Emme: I love being in nature.  I stay active hiking and running. And I love pilates, yoga and dance.  Acting in shows and auditioning for films is something I have just started doing again. It’s super fun!  I love laughing, skipping and dancing to great tunes with good friends. Travelling and meeting new people, enjoying great movies and delicious food!

MT: Do you currently have management? 

Emme: I do, Michael has been with me on this musical journey for the last few years.  He is a great visionary.

MT: You have amazing photos on social media ect…, has this always come naturally for you? Who is the photographer behind the camera?

Emme: I used to model and be in local commercials as a kid.  In the last couple of years I have worked with a few different photographers, and my latest photoshoot was done by Suzanne Teresa.  She is brilliant and made me feel super comfortable, and I had a blast!

MT: Your songs have been featured in several daytime shows including ABC’s One Life to Live and All My Children. How did it feel to have your songs featured and hear them played on these shows?

Emme: It made me feel so thankful and very happy!  

MT:  You also had the incredible experience of having a song be a part of the Victoria Secret national BIOFIT campaign? What was it like working with the DJ/producer Vasili Gavre for that song? 

Emme: It was a very cool experience and I was super nervous while we waiting to hear if our song would be selected. Vasili is very talented and it was awesome collaborating with him.

MT:  Do you have any current projects or more music coming out soon that you would like fans to know about? 

Emme: I am super excited I have brand new music coming at the end of July, that I am thrilled to share with my listeners! I am currently co-hosting Heart of Indie Radio, an international radio show with Eddie, and I am learning so much and having a great time.  It’s a radio station close to my heart because they are helping kids make their dreams come true! I’ll be joining my friends over at Unsigned Chat and a few other podcasts over the next few weeks too. I’m also excited to continue my charity work as a princess for parties and events. Plus teaching kids theatre, music and dance is a regular gig for me – totally love it!




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