Eileen Shapiro; Queen Rockstar Celebrity Journalist



Celebrity Journalist

Eileen Shapiro; Queen Rockstar Celebrity Journalist

When you’ve been in the entertainment industry for more than half your life, you would be excused for thinking that the majority of people who do so, would be, and should be, very well known. 

That’s no exception when it comes to Eileen Shapiro, except for the fact, that when the majority of those who are the readers and fans of the likes of Dianna Ross, Whoopi Goldberg, Cyndi Lauper and so many other big name singers and actors, may not realize that the articles and interviews they are reading, are written by the very well respected journalist and celebrity herself, Eileen Shapiro. 

Eileen writes for over 40 international magazines and online blog sites reviewing albums, live shows, and interviewing major celebrities such as Emma Stone, Kesha, Dianne Warwick, Boy George, Toni Braxton, Adam Ant, Brooke Shields, Rick Springfield, Jennifer Hudson and hundreds more. 

In addition to the reviews and interviews, Eileen is an author, publicist, pr manager, social media manager, event management and partner of ‘World Star PR’

So many of the ‘Stars’ around the world have become great friends with Eileen, not only because she has been doing it since her teenage years, but because she is a genuine down to earth soul, who see’s the good in every person creating trust and honesty both with celebrities and the fans. And it doesn’t stop there. 


Celebrity JournalistThroughout my endeavours associated with Music Talks, I’ve come into contact with Eileen several times building a lovely relationship through social media and the promotion and collaboration of wonderful artists and celebrities.

It was through my mix up of times and dates between the USA and Australia that we decided to record our spontaneous chat, creating a podcast for all to hear.

As girls do, we talked and talked and captured great conversation about how Eileen began writing for the ‘Star Trek Giant Poster Book’ and the ‘Star Trek Medical Reference Manual’ which then lead to writing books, and interviewing some of the most well known singers and actors in the world. 


Enjoy the podcast and see further links to Eileen Below

Eileen’s Website: https://eileenshapiro.rocks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eileen.shapiro.52

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eileenshapiro3



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