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New Zealand Country Singer Aly Cook

In the last 10 years Aly Cook has performed around the world from New Zealand to Australia, UK & Europe. Building a fan base everywhere she goes.

Aly’s sound is an eclectic mix of Country, Blues, Folk & rootsy songs rich with harmonies and catchy choruses.

A multi award winning New Zealand artist including New Zealand Female Country Artist of the Year and being finalist for NEXT New Zealand Woman of the Year 2016 for her contribution to the Arts. 

Aly’s songs have graced the independent country music charts including the Australian Top 40 Country Tracks Chart (Airplay based). Include 4 x number one singles from her album ‘Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel.

In the last 2 years she performed as opening act to Melissa Etheridge, REO Speedwagon and Huey Lewis & The News, Rosanne Cash in Poland  & Laura Bell Bundy in Italy. 

Aly’s ‘Western line’ was named the number one song for 2017 on the Top 40 Country Tracks Chart for 2017 and Aly was awarded international artist and awarded a #1 award for having ‘Western Line’  reach number one on the Tasmanian Country Chart . Aly performed at the award in 2017.

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Following 4 number one singles from her album ‘Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel’ on the Australian Top 40 Country Tracks airplay chart, this week marks the beginning of a new direction for singer songwriter Aly Cook as she releases a newly commissioned song ‘Poison Rain’. (Electronic Acoustic Adult Contemporary) The song has been “Self Penned” and co produced with Jay Pheye in his little Golden Bay Studio and mastered by Benny Tones. ‘Poison Rain’ is now available on Itunes.

‘Poison Rain’ calls for an end to 1080 poison and other rodenticides in New Zealand, poison that is banned in many countries. The song asks for a better solution to be found, one that does not involve tons of poison continually tipped on New Zealand’s native forests.New Zealand Singer Aly Cook

Aly Cook became intent on looking into 1080 poison after a conversation she had with friends who featured on a TV Wild Video. New Zealand farmers were interviewed in the video who had all suffered stock losses from 1080 poison drops. These farmers had been instructed by various government departments to put their compensation payouts down to ‘track maintenance’ or ‘stock food’, after their animals had tested positive for 1080 poisoning. Other farmers were asked to sign confidentiality clauses. Watch the video here. This conversation lead Aly to look more into safe ways to reduce the number of stoats, rats and possums in the NZ bush. If there was nothing to hide, the farmers would not have been instructed to lie on an invoice.The more Aly looked into it, the more oxymorons she found. Doc claims 1080 did not kill invertebrates… yet 1080 was developed as an insecticide.

This set Aly on a path to expose the hidden and inconvenient truths about 1080 and other aerially dispersed poisons. She has joined thousands of others who would like to to see a change to New Zealand’s policies on the choice of pest control and to who intend to put pressure on the government to join many other countries in the banning of the use of 1080 poison.

It became clear to Aly that there were many images online of native animals that had been killed by 1080; personal experiences of people who had lost stock and pets to the poison; and people who had collected dead native birds after 1080 drops. However, those who claimed that the poisoning doesn’t kill native species, including our own department of conservation, would do anything to deny the obvious truth. Instead they point to their scientific studies, which simply don’t match the visual images and people’s experiences that are out in the public arena, in much the same way as the tobacco industry commission studies overode studies that pointed to the dangers of smoking, the same has been done in the case of 1080. Science can and has been manipulated throughout history.

Pictures do not lie! Videos do not lie! Farmers should never be encouraged to LIE on their invoices simply because certain government departments want to hide figures on stock losses. Science is only good science when figures are not manipulated.

Images from youtube of birds collected after a 1080 drops. 

1080 and other poisons are indiscriminate killers. The death suffered by animals is extremely prolonged and agonising. It is totally inhumane and must stop.

Poisoned Animals from 1080 Drops

Images of Animals dying of 1080 taken from videos at

New Zealand has always been a country where people can hunt pig and deer freely and this has now become a hazardous risk for hunters and the public due to the poison drop.

Aly Says …

“There are lies everywhere covering up, for example, the recent ‘so called’ Botulism case (Here is the interview with the actual family and excerpts from their medical notes) yet official statements in the mainstream media differ from the actual medical reports. The hunter’s dog died the day the wild pork was collected . After eating the pork it made the family so violently ill that they were thrashing around and the hospital staff had to strap them into their beds for days”. The family tested negative for Botulism yet they were not tested for 1080 poisoning until 18 days later following a lawyer being engaged by the family. I urge kiwis to watch this documentary and also think about what this is doing to our clean and green image. We have to find a better solution to pest control than this”.

Poisoning Paradise

Podcast with Aly Cook

All proceeds from the sale of ‘Poison Rain’ will go back into paid promotion of the TV Wild video and the song to the public and to continue the lobby to the NZ Government TO BAN the USE of 1080 and similar aerial dropped poisons.

Aly Cook on Music, Marketing and Poison

Aly Cook on Music, Marketing and Poison




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