When will my story be featured?

Your story will be featured on the first Friday of the month.

What if I have a release due, am I able to co-inside my release with the date of my featured article?

Yes. As long as you have clearly mentioned your release date and asked for this to co-inside. Your story and promotion will be placed the the first Friday of the month of which your new single/EP or tour is due.

Can we have a copy of our promo video for future use?

Yes you can. If you have signed up for the ‘packages that include the promo to keep’ this is automatically included.

However, if you would like to have a copy without another package, we can give this to you for a fee of $30. This would include our log on the outro, but should you wish for us to make your own logo to place at the end of your video promo, we would also give this video outro logo separately as well so you can use for other videos of yours. This will incur a $30 fee.

We also have a separate service on our services page here where we can create video intros and outros separately, however these are more expensive if you are not a featured artist.

Can I share my article from anywhere it has been placed?

Yes, absolutely. The more sharing the better for us all! Please do. 

Do you do paid ads?

We have done general paid ads from time to time and we are very good at them. However, being paid adds does cost a lot more. The reach is obviously very great with paid ads and we can do these on both Facebook and Google. Keeping in mind, when you are doing paid ads, it’s always a good idea to follow through with a second and third ad to stimulate awareness. 96% of people who see ads or content they are not familiar with do not purchase from people. No-one, including those in other businesses should expect a miracle from one ad. This takes time to build up awareness and should be viewed at and exercised over a couple of months.

Should I interact with my posts from you?

Yes. Absolutely. Where ever you have anything going on the web, no matter where it’s from, you should be interacting. You should also be sharing those posts and making the most out of the content. This is extra content for you no matter where it’s from.

Have you done promotion before

Why have you not offered the promotions before to artists

Because we have been focusing on the audience for the artists. Music Talks has been primarily focusing on acquiring the audience of music lovers to enable people/fans to find artists. 
This is why we do so much social media and place ads on Facebook only targeting fans and not musicians. 
This is completely different audience to musicians, singers and bands. 

Do you adapt our stories?

No we do not. We want you to show your personality. 
The only way we would adapt any story would be if there were any grammatical errors. 

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