Seeking Christian Music Of All Styles for An Album Project


Launch Music Conference & Festival Returns To Historic Downtown Lancaster

New Jersey Record Label Is Bringing Must Needed Uplifted Spirit To The People Of The World With Their New Album Project Titled Consecration Revival Volume I By Various Artists.

he 9th YearOpportunities for Artists


Bongo Boy Records, located in New Jersey is seeking Christian Music for their upcoming album project titled – Consecration Revival Volume I by Various Artists.

The album series has been inspired by Radio DJ/Reverend Gary E. Hubert of WHR FM radio of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and the album concept has been created and executed by Monique Grimme, President/Producer of Bongo Boy Records and Bongo Boy Television.

The purpose of this album series is to bring uplifted spirited music to the people of the world via the label’s established music retail distribution and Television channels. The label which is celebration their 10th Anniversary this April; is no stranger to compilation album series. They have successfully released several popular series like: The FYC (For Your Consideration) series which features only the music of independent recording artists that have been officially accepted by the Recording Academy in Los Angeles 1st round of voting ballot for Consideration for a Grammy® Nomination each year.

The Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues series which featured all style of Blues music and another popular series is Escape The Mind the New Age series by Various Artists. The Gospel Blues album which was in spirit by Bill Kenton DJ/Owner of Bill and Kat Radio, with a syndicated Gospel Blues radio show out of Cincinnati, Ohio. These are some of the many album projects and many others are currently looking for music by independent talents from around the world.

Check the label’s website for current projects.
If you are a recording artist and would like to considered to feature on this album or for any other current; you can submit an email with your best song (MP3) directly to the record label at
Also include your contact information and the title of the song.
This is a non-exclusive deal and DIY sponsorship applies when your song is accepted by the record label.

Full Details about this deal can be found here MORE DETAILS HERE

Bongo Boy Records is an independent record label with their HQ in Blairstown, New Jersey and other business offices in London, Ont. Canada, London, The UK, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Hong Kong, China.

Bongo Boy Records provides distribution worldwide with a mother lode of promotions. This album project will be radio supported by Bongo Boy iSpin Radio and WHR-FM as well as many other radio stations and radio shows; as this album project includes a complete radio campaign with the artist’s DIY Sponsorship.
Physical and Digital Release Date: TBA

All music is always Non Exclusive and Bongo Boy Records never takes any publishing. Each compilation must feature at least 10 artists.

For all the current and open submissions for albums or to be considered to be added to the label’s rooster with your album, please visit the label’s official website or contact Bongo Boy Records’ office directly at

Attention: Monique Grimme Official Phone number is (908) 455 1576

This digital release comes with lots of promotions, reviews, press releases and distribution in the hottest music market today ASIA and distribution WorldWide. This release will be made available for download sales, streaming and ringtones in Asia via our distributor in Hong Kong, China.
Opportunities for Artists
This release is made available on iTunes, Amazon and other
15,000+ online retail outlets worldwide. Including Africa and others available to Bongo Boy Records outside of the USA.  Our office reps in Hong Kong, London and The USA provide total WORLDWIDE digital distribution.  


PLUS a radio campaign to DJS FM, Internet radio and others. 
Guaranteed Heavy Rotation on iSPIN RADIO for 4 weeks.  
Phone interviews to promote you and your music together with this release.
(Via Phone / Skype or via written Q & A) Made available online via archive files online for easy sharing. Bongo Boy Records presents your music to radio DJ and Radio Host for possible Radio Interviews. 


PLUS  you can be promoted on 72+ TV Channels in THE USA with Bongo Boy TV distribution and promotions. DISH NETWORK, NBCUNIVERSAL COMCAST, FiOS and others.
Bongo Boy Records has set up music placement services with AddMusic in 
Taiwan. The company works with advertising agencies, training video production producers, movie makers in ASIA. (non exclusive) 
In Skope Magazine, Bongo Boy Magazine, Steel Notes Magazine and others; your song will be reviewed by international music reviewers and published online and/or in print and on the web page with Bongo Boy Records for the album release.

ing on TV in cities like New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Nashville, San Antonio, Los Angeles and others all to promote this digital release. 

PLUS you will be endorsed by the most active Independent label: Bongo Boy Records. Your will be listed on the release own web page which is heavily promoted under their record label name. 
Each artist received 1 free swag bag which includes physical cds and 5 download cards. Also include in your SWAG BAG. Bongo Boy Records will manufacture physical cds for radio promotions, contest, sale  and promotion give-a-ways. (Estimated Value $Priceless 
This is a non exclusive promotion campaign deal. You can continue to sell your song everywhere else simultaneously while your song is distributed, marketed and promoted with Bongo Boy Records Compilations.


Bongo Boy has made over the last year a movement in Asia with their Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume series; which are an All Genre Compilation release. Others Genre Specific Volume Series include Garage Rock, Blues Christmas Holiday, Americana, and others with worldwide distribution with Radio and TV campaigns and Promotions. Royalty payments details are explained in our music release form.
If you have questions please email us
  • Seeking Christian Music Of All Styles For an Album Project

Launch Music Conference & Festival Returns To Historic Downtown Lancaster in Lancaster


Launch Music Conference & Festival Returns To Historic Downtown Lancaster

15+ Hours of Panels, One-on-One Industry Mentoring, 170+ Live Performances Across All Genres, on 12 Stages Over Three Nights

he 9th YearMusic Conference Logo


LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival returns to Historic Downtown Lancaster April 30-May 3, 2020.

Now entering its TWELFTH year, LAUNCH Music Conference has redefined what a start-up music conference could be, bringing together musicians, music industry professionals and music lovers from all over the world to downtown Lancaster, PA, for a weekend of instruction, networking, and entertainment. Showcasing artists ranging from Grammy-nominees to high school upstarts, from regional touring acts to major label veterans.

LAUNCH has attracted a wide swath of respected, relevant industry experts who speak on panels, mentor musicians and attend conferences, from label reps to booking agents to managers, instrument sponsors, publicists, and manufacturers– In short: every type of contact a working artist needs in order to function in the current music business landscape.

The mission of LAUNCH Music Conference & Festival is to serve aspiring musicians and industry professionals from across the country & around the world, employing the expertise of an array of elite industry professionals, while maintaining unparalleled low pricing for all attendees, even FREE attendance for those who submitted for performance consideration.

Each year LAUNCH Music Conference strives to redefine what a music conference can be, bringing together musicians and industry professionals for a weekend of instruction, networking and entertainment.

LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival is only made possible by the support of our many generous brand partners, including Bud Light, Stella Artois, Goose Island, Bon & Viv, Reverbnation, City of Lancaster, PA, Atomic Design, PRS Guitars, GHS Strings, York College, D’Addario, SoundRink, SJC Drums, and more.

For the fourth year in a row, FEST Friday will be held at Binns Park, which is directly across the street from our home base at the Holiday Inn Downtown. This “event within the event” will feature various artists on multiple stages, food trucks, libations, and more!

This year, FEST Friday will coincide with Downtown Lancaster’s time-honored First Friday tradition, attracting an average of 10,000 Lancaster County residents to the Downtown area, the first Friday of each calendar month, on average.

Despite its historically low attendance fees, LAUNCH is repeatedly ranked as one of the Top 5 music conferences in the world. We have grown exponentially since the pilot year in 2009.

Past performers and panelists include Atreyu, August Burns Red, Dredg, The Early November, Emarosa, Felice Brothers, Foxy Shazam, Ice Nine Kills, Meaghan Trainor, Panic! At The Disco, Rusted Root, Twenty One Pilots, Whitechapel, Holly Williams and more.

Former panelists include Kevin Lyman (Vans Warped Tour), Randy Nichols (Force Management), Talinda Bennington (320 Changes Direction), Mike Mowery (Outerloop Management), Vince Edwards (Metal Blade Records), Lou Plaia (ReverbNation), Nick Storch (Artist Group International), David Silbaugh (Milwaukee Summerfest) Kyla Lombardo (Firefly Festival, Riot Fest) and many more.

Launch Music Conference Banner

Submit to perform, register to attend, and book your stay now at:


2020 Single-Day, Weekend and VIP passes are available for purchase at

Bands/artists/media/industry can also register, submit to perform and book lodging


  • Launch Music Conference & Festival Returns To Historic Downtown Lancaster in Lancaster, PA

InterContinental Music Awards celebrates the 9th year


InterContinental Music Awards Celebrates the 9th YearInter Continental Music Awards Logo


InterContinental Music Awards is looking for music from all over the world in Los Angeles. This might be the most important message you would receive all year. And you’re invited to join this huge Music event!

By submitting your music to the awards, not only will you present your ethnic and country’s  culture but you will also attend a high profile songwriting contest in LA where you will be heard by music judges who are Hollywood music executives and active music industry professionals.

By being approved by the judging panel you’ll get valuable coaching directly from them and will get publicity on the the major press channels.

Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing competition: 


  • Be part of a multi-continental music movement and be recognized internationally
  • Get valuable direct coaching from music experts that help you save time instead of experimenting with random methods through trial and error  
  • Get featured in a renowned press channels that gives you exposure to a large audience of tens of thousands, gains your credibility as an established artist and can help you grow a lot your fanbase
  • Showcase your achievements by leveraging the InterContinental Music Awards professionally designed awards certificate 
  • Receive customized coaching on how to earn more money from your music and on how to take your music to the next level


InterContinental Music Awards Celebrates the 9th Year


Music Talks’ Massive Giveaway Event – in Conjunction with its Fourth Birthday







Music Talks’ Massive Giveaway Event

Giveaways from Music Talks

Based in Sydney, Australia, Music Talks is a music website that began in 2015 as a place for independent Australian artists to showcase their talents. Four years have passed since and Music Talks has grown by leaps and bounds, functioning as an information hub for artists, fans, musicians, labels and those in the independent music business. An overwhelming response from the overseas community, artists and indie labels quickly expanded Music Talks on a global scale within the first year, in 2016. And, Music Talks is celebrating their fourth birthday, marking it with a massive giveaway  spanning four weeks of November 2019, its birthday month, with giveaways  worth more than $1,000 USD. ($2,000 AUD)


Music Talks regards their supporters and participants as a family and the site is using social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to allow the participants to win peachy-keen prizes that include Music Talks’ special backpacks, caps, video animation, artist directory listings and full 35 video  online singing lessons courses. By checking in regularly, Music Talks’ followers can update themselves on what’s new and win the cool and exclusive prizes. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the Music Talks’ grand giveaways. Access for participants has begun at 10am Australian eastern standard time (AEST) on Sunday 27th, (11pm UTC, Saturday 26th).

Music Talks’ Founder, Tracey Arbon expresses her delight of seeing Music Talks’ robust growth,

“Music Talks has exceeded my initial idea and plan by developing into something that is not only helping independent artists but creating awareness of what indie music is to the general music listeners who are receptive to all kinds of music from all kinds of artists. We still have a long way to go to spread the word about indie music and how incredible it has become, not only in the quality of sound but songwriting abilities from independent musicians. This is the biggest giveaway to date endeavoured with the hope people and artists will share and spread the word and get it out to the music listeners. It’s truly a joint effort from both artists, blogs, and radio to grab the attention of the average music listener.”

Besides the funky Music Talks’ backpacks and caps giveaways, what Tracey Arbon is really looking to push, is the full online singing course  that will act as a valuable learning curve for indie singers  who are looking to polish their professional singing abilities. As for artist branding and social media, Music Talks personalised video animation giveaways would help enhance and promote brands and names on the cyberspace connected community. As for Artist Directory listing, that includes tracks for the Music Talks’ Radio Portal  enabling radio to download tracks to their own shows in a straightforward manner, with minimum hassle.

The whole giveaway event is designed to delight winners with Music Talks’ merchandise as well as help indie artists consolidate their talents and for radio to have easy access to independent artistsvmelodic stuff. Indeed, there’s no better way for Music Talks to celebrate its fourth anniversary.



Tracey Arbon Website:

Music Talks’ Massive Giveaway Event

Superstars Raising Bucks For Charity in Australia’s Richest Bull Ride Rodeo Spectacular!

Australian Music WEek Set To Kick Off The Summer With It’s Biggest Conference Yet!








Set to kick off the Summer with its biggest conference yet when it hits Sydney’s Cronulla Beach this November 6-10


Artists OpportunityNow in its fifth year, the annual Music Industry Conference will 

see national & international industry professionals and artists converge on the beachside town for a five-day music program of live showcases, panels & masterclass workshops.
Providing the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into the inner workings & current issues of the music industry, over 20 conference panels & workshops will see  80+ speakers discuss the latest in digital streaming & music technology, and the current state of play within the world of record labels, publishing, radio promotion, publicity & marketing, touring, artist management and more.

If you’re a keen music lover or looking for the next big thing, there will be plenty of live music on offer with a dozen local venues playing host to over 150 Australian & International performing acts, covering an array of genres from rock & blues, indie pop, electronica through to folk, Americana & country.

Want to play at Australian Music Week?
Artist applications are now open, with submissions closing 11.45pm, Sunday September 1, 2019. Apply here.

Australian Music Week
Stay tuned for our first announcement of speakers & performing acts.




Artist applications are now open, with submissions closing
11.45pm, Sunday September 1, 2019. Apply here.


Music Production for Women: a Revolutionary Initiative by Xylo Aria



London-based artist and entrepreneur Xylo Aria has launched an innovative learning platform with an aim of improving the horrendous statistic of female music producers, currently at 5%.

Writing music since age 12, Indian born Xylo eventually took the decision to produce her own music, and after a period of experimenting and tutorials, released her first self-produced single in 2018, Pig. Her tracks have received significant coverage on publications in home country, Australia, including Tonedeaf, Music Talks and Australian Music Scene as well as radio cover-age on numerous radio stations such as PBS and Triple R.

Reflecting on her own experiences as a female musician relying on other producers and the challenges of learning a skill in an area which is so heavily male dominated planted the seed to empower other women in similar situations.

After the tragic and unexpected loss of a close friend, Xylo quit her job and began developing Music Production for Women. Xylo believes the Music Production for Women course and community will instil confidence in other women to help realise and achieve their artistic potential.

“It’s time we started empowering ourselves and each other, if we wait for others to provide the stepping stone, we’ll be waiting forever” she says.

The Music Production for Women platform utilises Ableton Live, who have generously pro-vided a 40% discount to any MPW members. The course consists of a free online introductory masterclass, access to the web training portal, the online community and full email support & monthly group calls. MPW are currently planning workshops in UK and Europe as well as a podcast for which they are open to sponsors.


For more information, please contact Xylo at


Free class registration:




Mastering and Mixing


Recording tape


Professional Mixing helps musicians create a well balanced piece of music from all your recorded instruments. Working with a professional sound engineer who can understand and overcome all mixing challenges is key in the mixing process.

Drooble Mixing service provides your music with a distinctive sonic character and clarity. It will shape the dynamics of your track by bringing sound to life and giving them a sense of energy and vitality. Drooble’s sound engineers use delays, distortion modulation effects, drum triggering and more to add a sense of space and depth to your music. 

Mixing Desk 

Professional Mastering empower the sound of your tracks. Unlike other online mastering services that use automated software, Drooble Mastering service is done by top audio engineers with a wealth of experience and refined musical tastes.     

Mastering will enable you to add punch, clarity and volume to your tracks. It will smooth out your final mix without losing the character of your music, so that it sounds good in all playback situations (home, car radio, club, streaming platform or online single). If you are working on an album, mastering will unify all tracks with level matching, compression, and volume consistency.


Mixing service costs $70 and Mastering service costs $60, but Drooble offers an exclusive discount of 20% for all Music Talks site visitors. To order the service, simply click these links ( and ), register an account and follow the steps on our partner’s site.


Electronic Press Kit


Woman Playing Guitar


Electronic Press Kit is а professional artist resume containing all your content including discography, photos, videos, bio, upcoming gigs, testimonials, downloadable assets and more. EPK is the easiest way to make a powerful impression with venuеs, labels, promoters, journalists and other industry representatives.


Drooble’s Professional EPK turns your artistry into a masterpiece! Get your content presented in a cutting edge design web page that is easy to create and effortless to edit. Maintaining an up to date EPK is a prerequisite for getting more opportunities for gigs, endorsements and PR publications.


Electronic Press Kit service costs $7.95 / month, but Drooble offers an exclusive discount of 20% for all Music Talks site visitors. To order the service, simply click this link (, register an account and follow the steps on our partner’s site.




The Electronic Press Kit on Drooble is a great tool for my music career. It helped me map out my music project and now I can share it with possible promoters and labels. Also, it created a nice visual to use on my social media pages.” – Maurice Hissink, Мusician and Guitarist

A really useful tool for contacting promoters, venues, journalists, etc.” – Mathew Joseph, Musician and Guitarist

“Drooble Electronic Press Kit is a great way to have an online portfolio dedicated to your music career” – Slobodan Cvjeticanin, Musician and Guitarist


Electronic Press Kit service costs $7.95 / month, but Drooble offers an exclusive discount of 20% for all Music Talks site visitors. To order the service, simply click this link ( ), register an account and follow the steps on our partner’s site. 



Drooble song reviews


Man Playing Guitar


When you are improving a finished song or work-in-progress, a pair of fresh ears can be really helpful! Many times musicians spend so much time on a song that at the end they stop hearing it properly. That’s why constructive music feedback is one of the most effective ways to discover potential areas for improvement, no matter if you’re an established artist or a rising one. 

Drooble’s Song Reviews is the only service that allows you to have your song reviewed by fellow musicians. Artists receive written general impressions and recommendations for improvement, along with various other emotional and analytical responses for the submitted track. All packed in a beautiful  song report. The service allows musicians to get deeper insights into key areas like production, songwriting and audience analytics, and provides them with creative motivation and recognition.

Song Reviews service costs $8.90 for the basic 10 reviews package, but Drooble offers an exclusive discount of 20% for all Music Talk site visitors. To order the service with discount, simply follow this link (, register an account and follow the steps on our partner’s site.

Musicians Love Drooble Song Reviews

If you want a song reviewed, this is the perfect place! It was very helpful and I got a lot of good feedback. – Hipster Pug

I really recommend that you use Song Reviews! You will be surprised with what you are going to get. – Michel DeQuevedo

I got great feedback that helped me improve my songs! It’s a great opportunity! – Steve Weber

I couldn’t be happier with the tips I got! It was way more than what I expected! – Ehsan Imani

A great opportunity to get objective feedback! It’s pretty straight forward and detailed review and I find it encouraging. – Evelyn Snyder

It’s really useful to get constructive feedback from other people! I can highly recommend this service to other people as well. – Slinky Williams


To order the service with discount, simply follow this link ( ), register an account and follow the steps on our partner’s site.



International Singing Competition


International Songwriting Competition Logo



The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. ISC is designed to nurture the musical talent of songwriters on all levels and promote excellence in the art of songwriting. Amateur and professional songwriters and musicians are invited to participate. ISC has the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting and music contests in the world, offering exposure and the opportunity to have your songs heard by the most influential decision-makers in the music industry.


71 winners will share over $150,000 in cash and prizes, including $25,000 cash USD to the Grand Prize Winner! ISC is a great opportunity for songwriters, musicians, and performers to win cash and prizes, further their music careers, and gain recognition and exposure in the music industry.


Vance Joy, Gotye, Bastille, Kehlani, The Band Perry, Kimbra, Passenger, Kasey Chambers, Lindsey Stirling, Kate Miller-Heidke, Gregory Porter, King Charles, Gin Wigmore, Andrew Bird, for King & Country, Omar Sosa, and more.  


To enter, simply visit: 


Submit to



Rage Logo


Rage plays a wide selection of music videos across different genres, from major label artists to the fiercely independent. They welcome quality video submission from all current artists.

If you have created or are the rights holder for an original music video that you would like to submit to Rage for consideration, please complete the form via the link below and follow all instructions on their submissions page.

Rage will contact you if they need to obtain a broadcast-quality version of your work.

Rage receives many submissions each week and unfortunately it’s impossible for them to give you feedback on your video or enter into any correspondence.

To find out if your video has been made it into the show we suggest you check the Rage playlist which is published on Fridays after 5pm.

Please note that Rage abides by the ABC’s Editorial Policies. This includes the prohibiting of prominent references to commercial organisations or products including URLs in any videos.

Finally, please be realistic. Rage aims to entertain by screening the best music and most entertaining new videos produced.

Watch the show (in Australia) on Friday night or Saturday morning from 8am to get an idea of the quality we’re after. Good luck!



Onsong international


Onsong Logo


On Song International a documentary and performance-based show featuring singer-songwriters and original bands.

On Song will unearth unknown songwriters and stories and Globally and celebrate their talents to your global audience. To select which Artists appear on the show, artist submit there work to the panel will then select artists to be featured.

They will select and post featured Artist on the On Song Facebook page  Youtube channel & On Song International  onsongaus.comMusic fans from around the world help find our future chart-busting artist.

Be part of the community of music makers and music fans be active and get to know. Here is a link to the On Song website.

Youtube music channel, singer-songwriter channel, songwriter, songwriting tips, songwriting, best songwriters playlist, new original songs, original bands, music fans, love music, independent music, music news, instrument reviews, artist interviews, talented and gifted artists meet global audience.

On Song International are self-funding and very grateful to those wish to make a donation to help bring new awesome songwriters into the spotlight.



Onsong International