Chief State Could Easily Be Opening Up For Larger Bands

Punk Rock Indie Band

Chief State – ‘Tough Love’

Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

So it’s February 2020 & I have to say Pop-Punk has been off my radar for a while.

Had the pleasure to be re-introduced via some new blood ( they formed in 2016 ) who hail from Vancouver, British Columbia.

‘Chief State’ is a five piece of young lads who have an album being released late March through ‘Mutant League Records’.

Their new collection of songs has been titled ‘Tough Love’ & just a few days ago their new single (Reprise) debuted its video.

The track opens with high energy riffage & It’s matched with the angst-coated scream of,

“I’ll Tread Light Where You Lay, I Should Be Pushing You Away”

Ah now you see, that’s what I’ve been missing!

Catchy guitar licks follow to lead into an anthemic chorus, perfect for a bunch of punters to chant along to
while the clacking of skateboards is heard in the distance.

‘Chief State’ have stuck to the structure that has made this genre popular & it must be hard to bring something fresh to the plate.

Frontman Fraser Simpson’s lyrical content is written from personal experience & ‘Reprise’ has depth I hadn’t personally felt from punk in a long time.

These guys could easily be opening for larger acts & dare I say, leave some of the dinosaur bands thinking they need to step up their game.

Looking forward to the new album release but for the single I’m giving 8.5 Maple Leaves out of 10


Struthy’s 8.5 Maples Leaves

Music Rating Music Review




Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

Electronic Downbeat Minimalism New Music from OAFF

Electronic Indie Artist


Electronic Downbeat Minimalism New Music from OAFF

There is a certain sound that is associated with the more commercial end of the electronic music spectrum in this part of the twenty-first century – a kind of downbeat minimalism coupled with vocals that are at once ethereal yet earthbound. It is this sound that we hear on “Heavy Handed” the new single by OAFF, from his upcoming album “Feeling is Thinking”.


Hailing from Mumbai, OAFF has taken the sounds of minimal electronic music and added to it a pop sensibility best heard in the vocals of featured singer Kayan.a. The kind of stripped down production on display here is not easy to do, but OAFF pulls it off well, combining deep bass with sonic flourishes that serve to add flavor to the track. Best of all is the guitar line that finishes the track and that is sometimes hinted at throughout. Over the top of this we hear Kayan.a.’s vocals – a kind of “exhausted” delivery style that both compliments and elevates the song.


Due for release on 21 February, “Heavy Handed” should find success. With solid online streaming figures online, this track will only serve to build the profile of OAFF.


Simon says 3.5 out of 5 stars

Music Review Rating

Electronic Downbeat Minimalism New Music from OAFF


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed



Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

Australian Indie Artist

Dallas Cosmas – ‘Hand In Hand’

Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

If you are a lover of the independent music that screams the warmth and celebration of woodstock, and the good ol’ fashion use of genuine music comprising bona fide instruments, then I suggest you take a listen to the work from Dallas Cosmas.


Dallas Cosmas is one of the Melbournian artists where there must be something grand in their water-ways oozing music talent organisms or something of that nature.

He is certainly no new-comer, having been the man behind many productions and musical endeavours for over three decades.

His latest release, ‘Hand in Hand’ from the album ‘Alpha Betta Gamma’ remains in line with the melancholy experience whilst rising above with commemorating melodies.

What may be a new auditory experience for millennials and Gen Z, Cosmas sits firmly in the credible era of music with the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix and Ike & Tina to name a few. (google those Gen Z and listen well)

Lavish gospel backing vocals are a stand out in ‘Hand In Hand’ in association with authentic drumming and guitar.

The rejuvenating music video shows the coherence feeling of ease as with many, in a time and world before when the widespread populace enjoyed viewing the going-on’s within the studio and recording process as a simple music video that still remains engaging and entertaining to watch.


Tracey gives 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries with New EP

Australian Independent Singer

Ella Fence – All I Do Is Think EP

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries With New EP

It seems appropriate that the new EP from Ella Fence, “All I Do Is Think”, released on Valentine’s Day, 2020 – Appropriate, that is, if you like your yearly celebration of forced affection served up with a dash of irony.


The three songs that comprise this EP all explore different moods and textures – from the party stylings of “Pink Mojitos”, to the more middle of the road “She’s Looking Pretty”, and on to the more experimental electronics and introspective approach of “Japan”. Nonetheless, what holds this collection together is an almost ironic reflection on the topics of love and relationships.  Fence proudly declares in the opener that she is “not gonna give a f**k about this night” and closes “Japan” with the line, “I think I’m gonna work on me”. Traditional love songs these are not.


This is a well-produced set of electronic pop music that is not afraid to push the boundaries of the genre. And above it all soars Fence’s voice – a transcendent instrument that milks the emotions out of often understated lyrics. Like her track, “Love Me On Purpose”, that I reviewed last year, I enjoyed these tracks. As a person who does not choose to listen to pop music, it is always a pleasant surprise to hear an artist that I not only enjoy, but who is also a radio-friendly proposition.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars

4 Star Rating

See more about All I do Is Think

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries With New EP


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Pools of Talent In Electronic Music Underground 

Electronic Music Album

Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1


It’s great to get away for a holiday, but it does mean that you can miss some music releases. My first review of the year is of an album that came out on January 3 whilst I was busy exploring the charms of Scotland.


Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1, is a compilation of tracks by artists from the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), released through the group’s imprint, Electronic Alliance Records. At 20 tracks and just on 99 minutes, this album runs the gamut of electronic music styles – from the computer game soundtrack stylings of the opening track “Shadow on the Path (Synth Mix)” by iconDARK, to the jazz-infused chill of “Empty Playground” by Naked Congress, onto the harder dance end of the spectrum on tracks like “Black Museum” by Electrostatic Nightmare Disco.


With such a wide range of top-end electronic music on offer, it is hard to pick favourites – nonetheless, for me the wonky bass of “Those Days Are Gone” by Pulp Stereo, the slow build of “Shatter” by Eonlake and the sublime trip-hop of “Don’t Tell” by Skyline Tigers were all standouts. Having said that, this is an album full of gems and will most certainly hold up to repeat listenings. Who knows what will stand as my favourites in five listens from now?


The EMA has certainly come a long way in its first year. Founders Bufinjer, DaveyHub and Nicky Havey are to be congratulated on bringing together a pool of such talent and for curating such a fine sampler of what is happening in the present-day electronic music underground. The Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1 is a must listen.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 Star Rating

Pools of Talent In Electronic Music Underground


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP

Uncomplicated Pop Infused Folk is Poetic ‘Bliss’ from Amie K

Indie Folk Artist

Amie K


Uncomplicated Pop Infused Folk is Poetic ‘Bliss’ from Amie K

Upcoming indie artist Amie K hails from Liverpool UK and has just released her latest single ‘Bliss’ which is the first single from her forthcoming album.

Amie’s talent as a storyteller through her music is uncomplicated and refreshing, and while I’m not too sure about her age, her stories are poetic and quite mature.

‘Bliss’ is no exception with captivating melodic verses along with enchanting lyrics of self-reflection and the realisation that her existence is exactly where she is meant to be.

There’s an encouraging message as the chorus breaks open lyrically with an expanse and feeling of freedom. Amie reveals she is happy and capable of turning anything around.

Musically the production is infused with pop elements of percussive loops and rich harmonies.

What I do find gratifying, is the optimism from young artists such as Amie, writing and recording folk style music that is not lyrically or does not sound like so much of the majority of commercial music. This is a never-ending commodity as it keeps the music interesting as an artist grows revolving, exploring and allowing the music to resonate as it’s sung and performed from the heart.

After all, isn’t that what music is about?

To give people hope, striking a chord (excuse the pun) and taking the listener on a journey?  


Tracey gives 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Uncomplicated Pop Infused Folk is Poetic ‘Bliss’ from Amie K

Streetlight From Owen Daniel Creates A Magical Journey

Indie Artist

Owen Daniel



Streetlight’ is the latest release from Belfast Singer/Songwriter Owen Daniel. It follows up his 2 previous releases “Free as a Bird” and “Drowning” with a new feel of reminiscence and memories.


The intro of this track is as simple as one chord from an electronic synth pad, demonstrating the simplicity of the song in many forms and all thats needed as the voice of Owen Daniel jumps in almost immediately, beginning to sing the story of his childhood.


Reminiscing on the freedom of the days from his childhood under the streetlight for 12 years, you can feel the reflection through a magical production of space and simplicity allowing his vocal and lyrics remain at the forefront which enables the listener to feel and relate to how times change as we grow older and grow apart.


‘Streetlight’ clearly shows the intention of what Owen is trying to achieve by not only allowing his story to be heard, but the feelings associated with such a time in his life with beautiful soaring vocals taking the listener on the journey with him.


A rather sad feeling that encapsulates the good times missed, along with tough times incorporated with the wish, of perhaps time standing still or to revisit a time in all our lives when we grew up with friends sharing everything, to then grow apart through our search for life, who we are, and where we’re going.


‘Streetlight’ is one of those songs which is relatable to everyone and to be able to integrate so many feelings into one song, should tell you just how talented Owen really is; not only as a singer, but as a songwriter.

This is no easy feat to bring what ‘Streetlight’ does, and I welcome you to play this track and dare you NOT to try and think of the good ol’ days.


Musically, as mentioned, Owen’s voice is superb. It’s free yet emotional and intense all at the same time, carrying you in another world for about 3 mins.

What a range too!! The use of falsetto, various tones and a chorus that’s emotionally charged, glorious backing vocals throughout while ending with the last few lines where we hear this super talent take it just a notch further by singing a few bass notes ending in falsetto an octave above and beyond without any effort.


Simply superb!  Hit Material!

Streetlight’ available 9th February Available for Pre-Save

Tracey gives 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars

Streetlight From Owen Daniel Creates A Magical Journey


Senivoda delivers clear message Not to Mess With Mother EArth!

Indie Band



Australian band Senivoda delivers clear earthy messages throughout their Debut album, ‘Dream & Water’ with rhythmic beats throughout the entirety of the Album.

Influences from psychedelic music of the 70’s, jazz, world music, folk and ancient songs of the indigenous people from Europe, New Zealand and Australia.


The fusion of sounds is quite unique with tribal beats with didgeridoos blending alongside jazz influenced sax solo’s, making this album highly engaging and meaningful.


As soon as the first track plays, ‘Mama’ brings a picture of the earth as your feet meets the ground while the lyrics clearly state, ‘The mother under your feet’, bringing the importance of our lands in this time of our lives to the forefront.


Perhaps it’s during times like these as Australia encounters its worst bushfires in history, the lyrics protrude and permeates clearly, allowing greater awareness not to mess with mother nature! This is the album to do just that.


My favourite track would have to be ‘Revolution Song Part B’ as I admit, I am an avid Jazz lover. ‘Revolution Song Part B’ reminds me of the great jazz R&B band, The Brand New Heavies as it’s fast rhythmical energy explodes with a zest for life.


Overall a strong spiritual album which world music lovers will appreciate.


Tracey gives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating




Senivoda Delivers Clear Message Not to Mess With Mother Earth!


B.KNOX Latest Single Is Like A Landscape Painting Thats Big, Broad and Beautiful

Folk Singer


“The Fault Lies”

Singer songwriter B.Knox confirms my belief that good things come out of Canada. He rides that line between country and folk music with ease. A teacher by profession, Knox gives his listeners a lesson in life with his songs.


His latest single, The Fault Lies is like a landscape painting, one that is big, broad and beautiful. It conveys feelings of loss, change and emptiness, with a bittersweet edge.


Here’s how Knox describes the song,


“Shifting seasons present stark and beautiful backdrops for changing love.

The movement from loss and regret to unapologetic acceptance draws heavily from both of my self-acknowledged wells of inspiration – heartbreak and landscape.”


This is his fourth single, with his earlier tracks Deep, Dark Love, Living with a Shadow and Corners all demonstrating a talent and a connection with the darker side of life. He is moody and melancholic, and wonderful. I’m a fan.


He is promising to release a full album, “Heartbreak and Landscape” during 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing where this guy will take us.


His music is available now on most streaming platforms.


Jacqueline Gives 4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 Star Rating



B.Knox Latest Single Is Like A Landscape Painting Thats Big, Broad and Beautiful


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed



Carley Varley Debut EP Real and Honest Music Filled With Ear worms 

Indie Artist

Carley Varley


Carley Varley hails from the UK and released her self titled debut EP of what I like to call real and honest music.


Out of the three tracks, ‘Won’t Say Sorry’, ‘Honest Conflict’ and ‘Found’, It was rather difficult to choose a favourite.


Each track contains different and appealing qualities from each other.

‘Found’ showcases Carley’s chilled vocals and strumming of acoustic guitar before the harmonies are introduced, lifting the song onto another level. I did find throughout the entirety of the track how it builds ever so gently into something of a beautiful soft rock ballad that flows effortlessly and with grace.


On the other side, ‘Won’t Say Sorry’ has a very different feel compromising of an energetic drum groove which explodes into an impressive catchy chorus which charges strong and simple ear worms throughout. Won’t Say Sorry has a familiar sound and melody which isn’t a bad thing at all.

The only downside of Won’t Say Sorry is that it finishes way too soon. Won’t Say Sorry spells BOOM to me.


Overall the EP is really very good with fusions of various sounds incorporating a dance rock feel.

It’s rather appealing and refreshing to hear a singer sing without over singing and allowing the quality of the songs shine through which only screams good solid song writing skills and abilities.


High quality EP packed with ear worms and pretty caterpillars!


Tracey gives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating





Carley Varley Debut EP Real and Honest Music Filled With Ear worms


Explore some Garage Rock From Primitive State

Garage Rock Band

Primitive State

Frank Starr Rock Zappa

Normally I would give a bit of biographical information on the artists I review to provide some context for the reader. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot to go on with “Primitive State” except that it is a garage rock band from Phoenix, Arizona that was formed by Troy Thomas after his father died and needed an outlet for what he was feeling.


On their latest album, “Frank Starr Rock Zappa”, “Primitive State” explore a from of indie rock that is part Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, part Pixies and Nirvana, part American gothic-era Nick Cave (think Henry’s Dream) and just a little bit Tom Waits. These are tracks that hint at tumbleweed, heat and life on the wrong side of the tracks. Standouts for me were “Streetwalker”, with its rock and roll swagger, the mariachi groove of “Wishbone” and the punk blast of “Hello God Again”. However, it is worth mentioning that this is a solid from start to finish – an homogenous album rather than just a collection of songs.


“Frank Starr Rock Zappa” is rough around the edges in places, but that is as it should be. Rock and roll is not meant to be polished – rather, it is meant to be (a little) raw and a challenge to the increasing sterility of our world. I enjoyed this album and would suggest that you take some time over the holiday season to give it a listen yourself.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating



Twitter: @StatePrimitive


Explore some Garage Rock From Primitive State


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP

Boring Tapes Will Take You BAck To A Good Place

Electronica Duo

The Boring Tapes


Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, The Boring Tapes is the project of Hiromu Koinuma (Vocal,Guitar,Bass,Keyboards & Programming) and Sota Kodera (Chorus,Bass,Keyboards,Percussion & Programming). Inspired by indie rock, shoegaze and electronica, the duo produce music that is both modern in its sensibilities and retro in the sounds and feelings it evokes.


From their third EP “Samasara”, “Butterfly is a deceptively simple track characterized by sweeping synths, an 80s bass line, subtle funk guitar and wistful vocal lines that take the listener to a nostalgic place – a place that is better – a place that is longed for. It also is not over-polished, relying instead on a warm production style that only adds to the overall sound.


Accompanied by a wonderfully understated music video directed by Minasamez Paradise, this is a strong track that hints at a production duo whose stature will only build. “Butterfly” is sure to find an audience in the current music market – a market that, at its best, is characterized by a willingness to blend previous genre conventions into something new. Whilst I didn’t have the chance to check out the rest of the EP, if the single is anything to go buy, it should be a very good listen indeed

Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating



Boring Tapes Will Take You Back To A Good Place


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP

Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP

Actor, Model, Indie Artist

Byron Langley

“Light On”

Released on December 3, the Light On EP from London-based artist Byron Langley is a collection of indie-pop tracks with hints of electronica and rock. The South African-born Langley has crafted a collection of tracks here that will easily find a home on commercial radio.


“Light On” kicks off with “Higher”. The light, folk-infused opening of this track gives way to a synth-driven pop chorus that encapsulates a great number of the styles to be found on the remainder of the EP. “In Tune” is a breezy folk-pop track, which is followed by the rockier “Gold”, which again demonstrates the artist’s ability to write big, catchy choruses. Next up is the title track, which drops the pace and reintroduces some more of the electronic elements found in the opener. However, it is the closing track, “Westside” that is the standout for me. Starting with moody guitars and a low-down rock sensibility, the track takes a left field turn and introduces a big drum and bass breakdown. This bolt from out of the blue serves to take what could have been a fairly somber end track to an energetic and exciting closing note.


Langley is a good songwriter – the lyrics here speak of the mental battle of fighting through addiction and depression – the choruses are earworms and the production throughout is world-class. I am sure the Light On EP will be a success and that we will be hearing a lot more from Byron Langley in future.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Check out our interview with Byron Langley


Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP

Serenade The Stars Help To Prevent Suicide in Young People this Christmas

Music Video Review

Serenade The stars


Ft. Morrell, Kwakz, Kong Gonzalez

Whenever a track comes in my inbox that has something to do with preventing suicide; I LISTEN.

Especially this time of year, when so many are celebrating a supposedly joyful time of year, so many more are in the darkest place as Christmas time seems to magnify the loneliness and seclusion.

I know, from personal family experience how important it is to have a song that resonates with someone who is at the bottom of the pit. When a track is played and the words are heard, it not only gives someone hope, but it also makes them think; perhaps and hopefully delaying the feeling of wanting to end their world.

Serenade the Stars have just Released Reflections in aid of Papyrus (Prevention of Suicide in young people.) The track is a rock/indie/rap track and was written by guitarist Damian Carruthers who has direct experience with suicide after losing his best friend to suicide years ago.

The lyrics in Reflections are poignant and real. As the song opens from the chorus: “There’s A Light, that shines for you and I, reflections from a mirror, shattered by our broken lives, and all the little pieces, are locked away inside of me, and as I bring them back, they still cut me from inside”.

This is followed by the verses giving a glimmer of hope as rappers, ‘Morrell’, Kwakz and Kong Gonzalez speaks of hope and fear fading with vocals/rap clear and strong which then leads back into very strong and powerful choruses that’s also musically uplifting, resembling the feeling of hope as it builds and explodes into a powerful song.

The way in which Reflections is produced, sung and rapped, is very close to perfect for such an important topic. It is heartfelt and well written and needs to be heard.

The music video states statistics of suicide in young people in the UK in 2018 and cleverly shows young people walking with signs around their necks in common places for all to see. I found this rather upsetting to see the reaction of the general public and their lack of responses. Clearly, judging by the general reaction, there is still a fear and stigma related to suicide. While some might find this confronting; all anyone needs, is somebody to hear them, reach out to, be with and talk to. A person to take notice and ask how they are. I do wonder about the filming of this video and if this was filmed among everyday people or extra actors.

Did anyone take it upon themselves to make an effort in approaching one of the young people with a sign stating, “I’m going to end my life”.

If a track like this, can gain some attention and prevent the suicide of just one person; then it’s worth it.

Spread the word this Christmas of hope and let our young people know they are not alone.

Tracey gives 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars


PAPYRUS  HOPELINEUK: 0800 068 41 41


HEADSPACE Call 1800 650 890

KIDS HELP LINE Call 1800 55 1800

BEYOND BLUE Call 1300 22 4636

LIFELINE Australia  Call 13 11 44

LIFELINE New Zealand Call 0800 543 354


Call 1300 659 467



Serenade The Stars Help To Prevent Suicide in Young People this Christmas

Serenade The Stars Help To Prevent Suicide in Young People this Christmas

Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed

Electro Band

Cabinet Of Millionaires VS Zion Train

“Stop The Coup”

The British election is scheduled for the 12 December and it is fair to say that it will take place in a Britain that has suffered under the yoke of an austerity politics that has seen inequality increase and where the issue of Brexit has polarized the population. Into this space step Cabinet of Millionaires vs Zion Train and their “Stop The Coup” EP.

The politics of this track are clear – Boris Johnson is the clear villain and Cabinet of Millionaires launch a scathing attack on the current PM’s Conservative Party government, referencing the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the failure to take in enough refugees (whilst selling arms), and the dismantling of the country’s National Health Service.

Whilst this pull-no-punches political attack may sound unappealing to some listeners, what sells this track is the musicality and production. The original “Pfeffel Mix” is an exercise in dub-infused, slick electro with a soulful vocal that asks to “tell you about Boris”, interspersed with samples calling out the problems of Johnson’s policies. The second, “Darcus meets Acid House Therapy remix” takes the track and adds dubstep and acid elements, while the final, Mikk Stupp Remix, is a beefed-up drum and bass workout (and my personal favourite).

Whilst this track may not win over those who will follow the populist Johnson no matter what (a one-eyed devotion that is also shown by Trumpists on the other side of the Atlantic), it should nonetheless serve as a rallying call to those who may currently be prevaricating. Due for release on December 6 through Chocolate Fireguard Records, this is a timely track indeed.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating

Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed



Australia’s Jordz Releases Debut Chill Single Aptly Titled Bushfire

Electronic Indie Artist



Those of you living outside of Australia may not be aware that large parts of the country have been up in flames throughout the month of November. Lives have been lost, properties have been destroyed, and koala populations have been decimated. So it was with a degree of trepidation that I pushed play on the track I was to review for this week – a track titled “Bushfire”.


The creation of 19-year-old Melbourne producer and DJ, “Bushfire” is a mid-tempo piece of EDM infused pop music that charts the artist’s flight from the encroaching flames that threaten to end her. Starting with the ominous sounds of helicopters, we soon find out that our protagonist is “stuck in a cloud of smoke” and that “there is nothing (she) can do”. Coupled with the melancholy instrumentation, we are left thinking that the narrative will have only one ending. However, the story reaches a happy (ish) conclusion and Jordz proclaims that “there is something (she) can do”.


Despite my initial misgivings, I was won over by this track. The narrative builds a quiet tension and the production is first rate (an opinion borne out by the fact that at just 16, Jordz won the Monash University ‘Emerging Producer Prize of 2017’).  It is encouraging to know that there are such talented young songwriters emerging in Australia. I look forward to seeing where this artist’s journey takes her.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Australia’s Jordz Releases Debut Chill Single Aptly Titled Bushfire



Livietta Debut EP, Simple, Gracious, shrouded in darkness and sadness

Indie Artist


“Eponymous ep”

Quite often I hear music coming in that has similar sounds and production, yet the strength of the song and vocals may be what takes it over the line. It’s when I receive music from artists who are not afraid to experiment with all of the above, my ears prick up with excitement.


Sure, perhaps nothing is completely original, but after hearing experimental singer-songwriter, Livietta Eponymous debut EP, she clearly isn’t concerned about perfection; but perhaps that’s what makes her music resonates deep within us; because in reality, we are all not perfect.


Liviettas vocals are deep and relaxed as they resonate beautifully in her lower register focusing on the narrative of each song allowing the lyrics to gleam as she prises the story of each track to become noticed and heard. Each and every track on Eponymous has its own personality and character, from the first track, ‘Amateur’ with the distorted sounds and vocal throughout, while the second track, ‘Ode ao Tempo’, sung in Portuguese accompanied by horns and trumpets, piano and strings taking the stage, incorporated with some interesting sound effects.


The third track, ‘Paper and Scissors’ enters with a simple and flowing peaceful piano line followed by Liviettas gorgeous vocals subtly showing what she is capable of as the track ignites from piano and cello into some very interesting beats imploding into another level.


There are 5 tracks on the Eponymous EP with space, simplicity and grace all within darkness and sadness, creating a beautiful EP.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Nick Cave, Radiohead and Bjork, then you will love Eponymous.

It’s hard to choose a personal favourite, but I would have to say ‘Paper and Scissors’ is right up there.

A must listen if you want to expand your horizons.

Check in our our New Music releases on Music Talks on the 27th to hear.

Livetta’s Eponymous EP is OUT on 26th November on all major streaming platforms.

Livietta Debut EP, Simple, Gracious, Shrouded in Darkness and Sadness

Tracey gives 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Livietta Debut EP, Simple, Gracious, Shrouded in Darkness and Sadness

Feel Good Vibes in Big Doses from Indie Band The Goldhearts

Indie Rock Band

The Goldhearts


Back in my university days, I was fortunate enough to experience a music environment in which you could tune into the national “youth radio” and hear the sounds of grunge one moment and the twang and joy of Britpop the next. Not only that, but you could then attend festivals such as Livid, The Big Day Out and Triple Z Market Day where you could see those very artists perform live.


Listening to Gold Coast band, The Goldhearts, led by singer Margy Joughin, I was transported back to those days. Borrowing equally from The Breeders and James, The Goldhearts make a brand of indie guitar pop that delivers feel good vibes in big doses. Their latest single, Stars, is a catchy number that combines grunge, pop and a little country twang into an infectious blend. The song doesn’t hold back with its positive message, with the chorus declaring, “It’s going to be alright now”. In the words of the band, this is a celebration of bliss free summer living that has been a long time coming.


Stars is an unapologetically fun song. Full of great guitar licks, catchy vocals and a mid-tempo groove that will have you swinging (and singing) along, you need to take some time to give it a listen.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Feel Good Vibes in Big Doses from Indie Band The Goldhearts





Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard

Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard

Indie Pop-Rock Band

Birds in the Boneyard

“I Know You’re Right” single

The sixties are back! With this new single, the Birds in the Boneyard, a cool pop-rock trio from Queens, NY, are departing from their previous “I Still Believe” hit which was much more of a 90s flavored track.

If you’re longing for The Beatles, the Byrds or the kind of bubble gum pop rock typical of the early sixties this one will delight you, with its hooky chorus, jangly guitars and Mersey-inspired back beat. It’s a fun song, easy to remember and tap your feet to.

The production is on point, with just enough vocal harmonies to remind you of the Beach Boys and easy lyrics with just the right kind of teenage love fest. To note the fun cover which is also a reminder of simpler times, and the video that accompanies this fun single, which could have been an outtake for a Hard Day’s Night movie remake.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating



Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard


Pre-Save ‘I Know You’re Right’

Feel At Home with Leaving Lennox New Single “Weren’t Looking For”

Single Cover

Leaving Lennox

“Weren’t Looking For“

Leaving Lennox has recently released their new single, ‘Weren’t Looking For’.

As soon as the play button was hit, it immediately made me feel at home, easy and free.

‘Weren’t Looking For’ is an easy-going mid tempo country pop/rock song that makes you feel like smiling with vocal harmonies blending beautifully from the Leaving Lennox Duo, Mick and Lauren.

Lauren’s lead vocal is simple and very well sung, just as it should be.

If there’s one thing that now turns me off with a vocal, it’s the apparent need many vocalists feel, to over sing. Lauren knows just how to place the right amount of expression and vibrato, blending some really lovely tones to her vocal, performing the song in the way it was intended.

The strumming of guitars and lead electric swarms through and around the track before it moves into its own solo with no need for screaming or showing off.

This is the true art of allowing the song to sing for itself with clever musicianship and production.

The only downer for me, was that it ended too quickly. A really nice song with sweetest cherries on top.

Verdict: 4/5 Hearts

Music Review 4 Hearts

Feel At Home with Leaving Lennox New Single “Weren’t Looking For”