The Way Back Home, a Masterpiece from Hillary Capps

Indie Artist

Hillary Capps – The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home, A Masterpiece from Hillary Capps

It seems appropriate that after a hiatus from reviewing in which I have had to deal with deeply personal issues, that the first song I should review upon my return is the deeply personal and intimate “The Way Back Home” from New York singer-songwriter, Hillary Capps.


This song is a message of love designed for one person only. Over the top of a simple, strummed guitar, Capps sings to an unknown lover – “light my way back home so I can love you know now, every bit as much as I did then”. The lyrics impart a yearning for a relationship as it used to be “way back when” and looks forward to a rapprochement that might never come – “Hold me, keep me, don’t leave me when I’m gone”. The intimacy of the lyrics is perfectly reflected in the haunting vocals and understated production – only the cello interlude serves to embellish the (superb) acoustic minimalism of the production.


The title track from Capps’ forthcoming album, “The Way Back Home” is a masterpiece of understatement. To have this appear on my desk at this moment in my life was fortuitous, the lyrics reflecting some of the thoughts going through my mind in this difficult period of my life. Hillary Capps is a songwriter of note and “The Way Back Home” is a track that deserves to be heard by all.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars


The Way Back Home, A Masterpiece from Hillary Capps

New Jazz Album from Frances Madden Assures Us a Beautiful World

Australian Jazz Singer

Frances Madden – ‘Beautiful World’

New Jazz Album from Frances Madden Assures Us a Beautiful World

Frances Madden is an Australian jazz vocalist who’s built her audience from live shows as well as releases and will continue to do so if ‘Beautiful World’ is anything to go by.

With eight of the 10 tracks produced by ARIA award winner and music director of other great Australian artists such as John Farnham and Olivia Newton John, Chong Lim, this album is yet another refreshing album that can change any low mood into putting a spring in your step, even in these times of isolation.

This album contains a variety of jazz assorted tracks from the up-tempo titled track ‘Beautiful World’ which paints some beautiful pictures upon listening to the lyrics, I could very easily hear this placed in movies such as La La Land.

‘Side By Side’, Frances shows off her well controlled vocal as she cruises with ease, much like flowing melted chocolate, indicating her enchanting vocal ability isn’t limited; Frances could sing any genre.

The production is spacious and bright, allowing you to hear every beautiful instrument and BV’s. And how about that piano in ‘The Tango Never Lies’!

Frances’s jazz rendition of ‘I Go to Rio’, originally made famous by none other than our other Aussie crooner, Peter Allan, is a swinging ditty that would make Mr Allan proud.

A purely magical album that will have you feeling on top of this beautiful world, even in these trying times.

This album will have you to believe that we will, once again, have a beautiful world.


Tracey giving 10 Beautiful Worlds



2018 INTERVIEW with France Madden

New Jazz Album from Frances Madden Assures Us a Beautiful World

Akshit Dhall Takes You To A Place of Love And Acceptance

Indie Artist

Akshit Dhall

If you are looking for a tranquil collection of music that reminds you of Elton John, but modern enough to give you that push like the Billboard hits you hear today, look no further as I have come across an artist that is delivering music that is reflective and descriptive.


Akshit Dhall from Pune, India is a singer songwriter who recently released 30th of February a six song EP that fabulously transcends the listener to a place where modern love and acceptance travels freely.


Track Listing:

  1. The Night
  2. Coffee
  3. Apart
  4. 30th of February
  5. Heartbeat
  6. I’ll Be Famous One Day


I will be interpreting the album’s highlights.


Coffee” is a slow-awakener when it comes to its direction as it slowly embraces you with soft guitars, quite percussions, and Dhall’s confident vocal timbre.  This track brings to mind coffee shops and quiet early mornings awakening to see your lover’s eyes.  Its hook of “do, do, do, do” is reminiscent of The Beatles and places this track a cut above what’s playing on Top 40 right now because it is relevant, nostalgic, and deep in story.


Now, the title track will easily become your new-normal song.  This song’s lyrics give the lover the right words to say when they are at a lost for words.  Dhall’s delivery of his very descriptive lyrics is concise and clear.  I hear a signature sound developing with his vocal prowess, and that is a breathy second tenor baritone that is strong enough to hold its own with competitors, but soft enough to pull back and allow the music to marry with the story.  This is not brash or brutal, just beautiful.


The EP closes with what I call the Indie artist anthem – “I’ll Be Famous One Day.”  This song tells the story of the hidden songwriter who eventually buds forward and gain success – the endless writing of songs, faith in hard work, struggles, and secret accomplishments.  This is my absolute favorite.  I enjoyed its command to the beat and the full-on fire Modern Pop Rock appeal.  The electric guitars and harmony were everything!  This will quickly become the crowd pleaser – this is the song to close the show.  #braggingrights!


Dhall is a master of hooks and should be payed attention to as he is worthy of attention.


Make sure to take a listen to “The Night,” “Apart,” and “Heartbeat.”


Contributing writer:  Lakisha “KiKi” Skinner of Klef Notes

Akshit Dhall Takes You To A Place of Love And Acceptanc



Flashfires Sprinkle Some Moonshine with Champagne from Mars

Indie Band

Flashfires – ‘Champagne from Mars’

Flashfires Sprinkle Some Moonshine with Champagne from Mars

Flashfires are the four-piece band from London, who’s turning heads, and it’s easy to hear why.

Their latest single, ‘Champagne from Mars’ has instant appeal as soon as you hit play.

An easy-going understated production that’s somewhat familiar in melody and sound which makes it the kind of track I found myself wanting to hear again. Not bad for me I say.


Upon my first listen, I couldn’t help but draw a comparison to a mix mash of The Beatles on Broadway performing songs from a Chorus Line. Rather a strange concept I know, but this only left me thinking how clever these boys really are.


As the song approaches the chorus and those guitars begin-a-strumming…oh, those guitars….did you hear me say, those guitars; Sweetly produced without over-riding the vocal, is the clean lead guitar echoed all the way from Mars.


The skilful vocals of Alexander Gonzato breezes throughout the song, no sweat, making me feel like a glass of champagne, and I don’t really care if it came from Mars, because this track makes me feel mighty fine just as it is, right here on earth.


The melody shows creative flair for their song writing, as it simply allows the bubbles to keep flowing nicely. Flashfires seemed to have mastered the art of a delicate balance between self-restraint and a grungy swagger sprinkled with moonshine throughout ‘Champagne from Mars’.


Pour me 9 glasses of Champagne from Mars please.

Review RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview Rating




Flashfires Sprinkle Some Moonshine with Champagne from Mars

Alternative Pop Artist Alto Key is Not Colourless

Alternative Pop

Alto Key – ‘Colourless’


‘Colourless’ is the latest single from London alternative-pop artist Alto Key; and is Nice; really nice.

The vocals of Alto Key were the first to grab my attention. A voice that’s contrasting packed with raw emotion and well performed.


One aspect of a great vocal is the ability to tell the story, to allow the lyrics to sing within itself. Alto Keys vocal empowers a prominent performance. Alto Key’s performance is very clear, enabling you to hear every word integrated with a sense of urgency which is highlighted by use of his vibrato.


The message is one in which many struggle with in life as they attempt to find themselves, with lyrics communicating to those around to accept you as the person you are and not trying to change or modify that person.


‘Colourless’ is, on the contrary, chock-full of colour as the highs and lows of cinematic quality Strings sour throughout choruses, flying through and around, creating the feeling of freedom. A rather clever integration suiting the context of the track.

Like I said, Nice!


Tracey gives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating



Alternative Pop Artist Alto Key is Not Colourless

New Indie Rock Music from East Of Zurich Band

Indie Rock Band


New Indie Rock Music from East Of Zurich Band

Indie rock is much beloved here in Brisbane, Australia. From Powderfinger and Regurgitator in the 90s, through to Violent Soho and Dune Rats now, this city has a soft spot for guitar-driven (melodic) rock music. So, I predict that the music of East of Zurich should go over well in their hometown and that the band’s latest single, “Roll Over”, should be a hit on 4ZZZ.


Comprising of Martin Brabec, David Simpendorfer, Nick Ng and Anthony Timbrell, East of Zurich’s brand of indie rock harkens back not only to the early 90s, but also to the garage band sounds of 80s Australian acts such as The Stems and Hoodoo Gurus. Indeed, Timbrell states that the lyrics for “Roll Over” were inspired by an idea to make a “rollicking surf song in the spirit of Hoodoo Gurus”.

The track is solid, a kind of medium-paced ballad overlaid with lush organ sounds, rounded off with earthy production values.


Listening to “Roll Over”, you would never guess that East of Zurich have only been playing together for the last 18 months. On the strength of this, one can only imagine how strong their songwriting will be in 18 months from now.


Due for release on 6th March.


Simon says 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Music Review Rating

Sunday March 22nd | The Milk Factory | Brisbane, QLD

New Indie Rock Music from East Of Zurich Band




Get Me Home with Foxy Mammals With A Nice Slow Chugg Of Simple Guitar

The Sound Of Amongst Liars Are a Loud and Fierce Powerhouse

Rock Band 

Foxy Mammals – Get Me Home

A nice slow chugg of a simple guitar riff? Groovy Baby!

On the 20th, Feb 2020 (nice), The debut single/video ‘Get Me Home’ was released on YouTube via the project known as ‘Foxy Mammals’.

This sonic creature is made up of a collective of musicians from The UK, France & Spain that give you some good Rock flavour.

Two members formed the initial concept back in 2018 & we now have a unique hive mind of five.

The video for ‘Get Me Home’ is done in a sweet arty black & white feature that helps to drive home the opening riffage that slithers into your ears.

A track on the slower side without forgiving a solid groove rock soundscape that hooks you straight in.

Vocalist, Nathalie delivers a solid soulful performance that blends perfectly with the gritty backbone of Saulo, Nikk, Juanma & Andy.

Another global layer is this track was also mixed & mastered in the US by Nick Page who has engineered for B.B.King.

I’ll Say that again…Ahem…

Grammy Nominated Engineer Nick Page who has worked with ‘B.B.(OMG) King’ mixed Foxy Mammals!

Okay, for the kids out there he’s also worked with Dave Grohl & a bunch more so basically the best mix possible has been provided here.

They will also be touring in 2020 so I’ll be keen to check out some Live gig capture as I’m sure they would put on a crisp performance.

Easily gonna give ‘Get Me Home’ 9.5 Globe emojis out of 10!

🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌓




Get Me Home with Foxy Mammals With A Nice Slow Chugg Of Simple Guitar

Get Me Home with Foxy Mammals With A Nice Slow Chugg Of Simple Guitar

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Music Review


Truth Ali once again has set the bars high and drops intimidating album “In Vivo.” Every release of this Cali-based artist sounds better than the previous one and establishes his already strong position in the rap game. His natural ability to deliver poetic, full of Easter Eggs lyrics is outstanding and we live for that. Much respect to Truth Ali for talking about his issues and building such metaphors, whether his vocals are natural or accidental, either way. Definitely, he has got the ambition to succeed and is on his way to score high. 

Follow Truth Ali on IG

Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Band

Scala Mercalli – ‘Never Surrender’

Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

Sprinkle some Italian on your Heavy Metal!

!‘Scala Mercalli’ formed back in 1992 & have since pumped out a bunch of EPs/albums.

The five-piece from Italy’s latest 2019 album ‘Independence’ had a video release for their single ‘Never Surrender’ Feb 9th, 2020 & this was my first time listening to their sound.

A well mixed drum solo starts the track off & it lays a solid sonic road map for what’s to come.

We are treated to Thrash Metal vibes to adrenalise in no time & then a high pitched squeal introduces ‘Christian Bartolacci’!

Channeling Robert Plant with ease, the band (including two new guitarists) stomps on with a galloping wall of rhythm.

There’s no break-down or half-time coming here, Just a ping-filled guitar solo & more energy fuelled metal to fill your cup.

Their personal mention of being inspired by ‘Iron Maiden’ shone through but they are rocking their own on the Speed Metal circuit easily.


Nice mix of old & new school. 

8 Ribollitas out of 10.


Struthy’s Ribollitas 

Ranking System




Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

Who is Tyra Jutai Going To Send Her Nudes To Now?

Indie Pop Artist

Tyra Jutai – Nudes

Who is Tyra Jutai Going To Send Her Nudes To Now?

“Who do I send my nudes to?” was never a line I thought I would find myself singing out aloud. Because I am old and out of shape, I have never even thought of uttering the words. But thanks to the instantly catchy refrain of “Nudes” by Toronto artist Tyra Jutai, I found myself doing exactly that upon my very first listen.


From her forthcoming EP, “Nudes” showcases the jazzy vocal style and quirky electronic pop of this talented singer and producer. Jutai takes elements of modern pop production and mixes them with a music box motif that sets the sound of this track apart. Over the top of this she sings to an ex – giving every hint that she still wants to be with him, before asking the question that forms the chorus – “Who do I send my nudes to?”


Jutai has a voice that is harkens back to a world of sultry torch singers and smoky basement bars. It is a voice I thoroughly enjoyed. Indeed, I really enjoyed this track – sassy, quirky and well-produced – I am just a little concerned I might find myself singing its ever-so catchy hook in inappropriate places (like on the bus!).


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating

Who is Tyra Jutai Going To Send Her Nudes To Now?


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Another Dream, Dark and Impressive Song from Serenade The Stars

Indie Rock Pop Band



Serenade The Stars is one band in which I have had the pleasure to follow and watch, and more importantly listen to and enjoy listening to the entirety of their music.


Quite often when sifting through music, there’s little time to listen to the entirety of a song, and recognising a good ‘thing’, a good or great artist, after 30 secs to a minute in.

This is not the case with Serenade the Stars.


The 5-piece indie pop rock band embrace change and seem to enjoy it while experimenting with their music, which has led to impressive stand-alone tracks.


Their latest song, ‘Dream’, is one that lifts you up as the chorus explodes into an impressive melody, souring through the stars. The production is smooth and grand as it begins with guitar picking and minor instrumentation, lifting into the chorus with well blended BV’s, sustained by a pad of electronic undertones before the wild and free guitar solo shows its stuff in the bridge.


Matthew Harman’s voice is outstanding as his vocals are seamless as he takes this song to another level. That said, the song itself, written by the band, is yet another killer.


As the lyrics resonate so close, to many; I would imagine. The opening verse ‘I wake up to the voice inside of me, and I’m calling out and I can’t even breathe. The coffee cup is tainted, I poured it in so gently wishing that the day would fade away.”


Dark and Mysterious are just a few words describing ‘Dream’, yet relatable to those who have loved and lost, yearning for things to be different; to be good again.

It has a sense of being lost within your own soul; perhaps struggling as life continues to move and shift in way’s no-one can prepare you for.


‘Dream’ is a surprise track from ‘Serenade The Stars’ following their impeccable ‘Reflections’ single which was released in December. You can read the review and hear Reflections here. REFLECTIONS – Serenade The Stars


Tracey gives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating





Another Dream, Dark and Impressive Song from Serenade The Stars

Chief State Could Easily Be Opening Up For Larger Bands

Punk Rock Indie Band

Chief State – ‘Tough Love’

Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

So it’s February 2020 & I have to say Pop-Punk has been off my radar for a while.

Had the pleasure to be re-introduced via some new blood ( they formed in 2016 ) who hail from Vancouver, British Columbia.

‘Chief State’ is a five piece of young lads who have an album being released late March through ‘Mutant League Records’.

Their new collection of songs has been titled ‘Tough Love’ & just a few days ago their new single (Reprise) debuted its video.

The track opens with high energy riffage & It’s matched with the angst-coated scream of,

“I’ll Tread Light Where You Lay, I Should Be Pushing You Away”

Ah now you see, that’s what I’ve been missing!

Catchy guitar licks follow to lead into an anthemic chorus, perfect for a bunch of punters to chant along to
while the clacking of skateboards is heard in the distance.

‘Chief State’ have stuck to the structure that has made this genre popular & it must be hard to bring something fresh to the plate.

Frontman Fraser Simpson’s lyrical content is written from personal experience & ‘Reprise’ has depth I hadn’t personally felt from punk in a long time.

These guys could easily be opening for larger acts & dare I say, leave some of the dinosaur bands thinking they need to step up their game.

Looking forward to the new album release but for the single I’m giving 8.5 Maple Leaves out of 10


Struthy’s 8.5 Maples Leaves

Music Rating Music Review




Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

Electronic Downbeat Minimalism New Music from OAFF

Electronic Indie Artist


Electronic Downbeat Minimalism New Music from OAFF

There is a certain sound that is associated with the more commercial end of the electronic music spectrum in this part of the twenty-first century – a kind of downbeat minimalism coupled with vocals that are at once ethereal yet earthbound. It is this sound that we hear on “Heavy Handed” the new single by OAFF, from his upcoming album “Feeling is Thinking”.


Hailing from Mumbai, OAFF has taken the sounds of minimal electronic music and added to it a pop sensibility best heard in the vocals of featured singer Kayan.a. The kind of stripped down production on display here is not easy to do, but OAFF pulls it off well, combining deep bass with sonic flourishes that serve to add flavor to the track. Best of all is the guitar line that finishes the track and that is sometimes hinted at throughout. Over the top of this we hear Kayan.a.’s vocals – a kind of “exhausted” delivery style that both compliments and elevates the song.


Due for release on 21 February, “Heavy Handed” should find success. With solid online streaming figures online, this track will only serve to build the profile of OAFF.


Simon says 3.5 out of 5 stars

Music Review Rating

Electronic Downbeat Minimalism New Music from OAFF


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed



Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

Australian Indie Artist

Dallas Cosmas – ‘Hand In Hand’

Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

If you are a lover of the independent music that screams the warmth and celebration of woodstock, and the good ol’ fashion use of genuine music comprising bona fide instruments, then I suggest you take a listen to the work from Dallas Cosmas.


Dallas Cosmas is one of the Melbournian artists where there must be something grand in their water-ways oozing music talent organisms or something of that nature.

He is certainly no new-comer, having been the man behind many productions and musical endeavours for over three decades.

His latest release, ‘Hand in Hand’ from the album ‘Alpha Betta Gamma’ remains in line with the melancholy experience whilst rising above with commemorating melodies.

What may be a new auditory experience for millennials and Gen Z, Cosmas sits firmly in the credible era of music with the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix and Ike & Tina to name a few. (google those Gen Z and listen well)

Lavish gospel backing vocals are a stand out in ‘Hand In Hand’ in association with authentic drumming and guitar.

The rejuvenating music video shows the coherence feeling of ease as with many, in a time and world before when the widespread populace enjoyed viewing the going-on’s within the studio and recording process as a simple music video that still remains engaging and entertaining to watch.


Tracey gives 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries with New EP

Australian Independent Singer

Ella Fence – All I Do Is Think EP

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries With New EP

It seems appropriate that the new EP from Ella Fence, “All I Do Is Think”, released on Valentine’s Day, 2020 – Appropriate, that is, if you like your yearly celebration of forced affection served up with a dash of irony.


The three songs that comprise this EP all explore different moods and textures – from the party stylings of “Pink Mojitos”, to the more middle of the road “She’s Looking Pretty”, and on to the more experimental electronics and introspective approach of “Japan”. Nonetheless, what holds this collection together is an almost ironic reflection on the topics of love and relationships.  Fence proudly declares in the opener that she is “not gonna give a f**k about this night” and closes “Japan” with the line, “I think I’m gonna work on me”. Traditional love songs these are not.


This is a well-produced set of electronic pop music that is not afraid to push the boundaries of the genre. And above it all soars Fence’s voice – a transcendent instrument that milks the emotions out of often understated lyrics. Like her track, “Love Me On Purpose”, that I reviewed last year, I enjoyed these tracks. As a person who does not choose to listen to pop music, it is always a pleasant surprise to hear an artist that I not only enjoy, but who is also a radio-friendly proposition.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars

4 Star Rating

See more about All I do Is Think

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries With New EP


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Pools of Talent In Electronic Music Underground 

Electronic Music Album

Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1


It’s great to get away for a holiday, but it does mean that you can miss some music releases. My first review of the year is of an album that came out on January 3 whilst I was busy exploring the charms of Scotland.


Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1, is a compilation of tracks by artists from the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), released through the group’s imprint, Electronic Alliance Records. At 20 tracks and just on 99 minutes, this album runs the gamut of electronic music styles – from the computer game soundtrack stylings of the opening track “Shadow on the Path (Synth Mix)” by iconDARK, to the jazz-infused chill of “Empty Playground” by Naked Congress, onto the harder dance end of the spectrum on tracks like “Black Museum” by Electrostatic Nightmare Disco.


With such a wide range of top-end electronic music on offer, it is hard to pick favourites – nonetheless, for me the wonky bass of “Those Days Are Gone” by Pulp Stereo, the slow build of “Shatter” by Eonlake and the sublime trip-hop of “Don’t Tell” by Skyline Tigers were all standouts. Having said that, this is an album full of gems and will most certainly hold up to repeat listenings. Who knows what will stand as my favourites in five listens from now?


The EMA has certainly come a long way in its first year. Founders Bufinjer, DaveyHub and Nicky Havey are to be congratulated on bringing together a pool of such talent and for curating such a fine sampler of what is happening in the present-day electronic music underground. The Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 1 is a must listen.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 Star Rating

Pools of Talent In Electronic Music Underground


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Byron Langley Releases World Class Debut Indie-Pop EP

Uncomplicated Pop Infused Folk is Poetic ‘Bliss’ from Amie K

Indie Folk Artist

Amie K


Uncomplicated Pop Infused Folk is Poetic ‘Bliss’ from Amie K

Upcoming indie artist Amie K hails from Liverpool UK and has just released her latest single ‘Bliss’ which is the first single from her forthcoming album.

Amie’s talent as a storyteller through her music is uncomplicated and refreshing, and while I’m not too sure about her age, her stories are poetic and quite mature.

‘Bliss’ is no exception with captivating melodic verses along with enchanting lyrics of self-reflection and the realisation that her existence is exactly where she is meant to be.

There’s an encouraging message as the chorus breaks open lyrically with an expanse and feeling of freedom. Amie reveals she is happy and capable of turning anything around.

Musically the production is infused with pop elements of percussive loops and rich harmonies.

What I do find gratifying, is the optimism from young artists such as Amie, writing and recording folk style music that is not lyrically or does not sound like so much of the majority of commercial music. This is a never-ending commodity as it keeps the music interesting as an artist grows revolving, exploring and allowing the music to resonate as it’s sung and performed from the heart.

After all, isn’t that what music is about?

To give people hope, striking a chord (excuse the pun) and taking the listener on a journey?  


Tracey gives 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Uncomplicated Pop Infused Folk is Poetic ‘Bliss’ from Amie K

Streetlight From Owen Daniel Creates A Magical Journey

Indie Artist

Owen Daniel



Streetlight’ is the latest release from Belfast Singer/Songwriter Owen Daniel. It follows up his 2 previous releases “Free as a Bird” and “Drowning” with a new feel of reminiscence and memories.


The intro of this track is as simple as one chord from an electronic synth pad, demonstrating the simplicity of the song in many forms and all thats needed as the voice of Owen Daniel jumps in almost immediately, beginning to sing the story of his childhood.


Reminiscing on the freedom of the days from his childhood under the streetlight for 12 years, you can feel the reflection through a magical production of space and simplicity allowing his vocal and lyrics remain at the forefront which enables the listener to feel and relate to how times change as we grow older and grow apart.


‘Streetlight’ clearly shows the intention of what Owen is trying to achieve by not only allowing his story to be heard, but the feelings associated with such a time in his life with beautiful soaring vocals taking the listener on the journey with him.


A rather sad feeling that encapsulates the good times missed, along with tough times incorporated with the wish, of perhaps time standing still or to revisit a time in all our lives when we grew up with friends sharing everything, to then grow apart through our search for life, who we are, and where we’re going.


‘Streetlight’ is one of those songs which is relatable to everyone and to be able to integrate so many feelings into one song, should tell you just how talented Owen really is; not only as a singer, but as a songwriter.

This is no easy feat to bring what ‘Streetlight’ does, and I welcome you to play this track and dare you NOT to try and think of the good ol’ days.


Musically, as mentioned, Owen’s voice is superb. It’s free yet emotional and intense all at the same time, carrying you in another world for about 3 mins.

What a range too!! The use of falsetto, various tones and a chorus that’s emotionally charged, glorious backing vocals throughout while ending with the last few lines where we hear this super talent take it just a notch further by singing a few bass notes ending in falsetto an octave above and beyond without any effort.


Simply superb!  Hit Material!

Streetlight’ available 9th February Available for Pre-Save

Tracey gives 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars

Streetlight From Owen Daniel Creates A Magical Journey


Senivoda delivers clear message Not to Mess With Mother EArth!

Indie Band



Australian band Senivoda delivers clear earthy messages throughout their Debut album, ‘Dream & Water’ with rhythmic beats throughout the entirety of the Album.

Influences from psychedelic music of the 70’s, jazz, world music, folk and ancient songs of the indigenous people from Europe, New Zealand and Australia.


The fusion of sounds is quite unique with tribal beats with didgeridoos blending alongside jazz influenced sax solo’s, making this album highly engaging and meaningful.


As soon as the first track plays, ‘Mama’ brings a picture of the earth as your feet meets the ground while the lyrics clearly state, ‘The mother under your feet’, bringing the importance of our lands in this time of our lives to the forefront.


Perhaps it’s during times like these as Australia encounters its worst bushfires in history, the lyrics protrude and permeates clearly, allowing greater awareness not to mess with mother nature! This is the album to do just that.


My favourite track would have to be ‘Revolution Song Part B’ as I admit, I am an avid Jazz lover. ‘Revolution Song Part B’ reminds me of the great jazz R&B band, The Brand New Heavies as it’s fast rhythmical energy explodes with a zest for life.


Overall a strong spiritual album which world music lovers will appreciate.


Tracey gives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating




Senivoda Delivers Clear Message Not to Mess With Mother Earth!


B.KNOX Latest Single Is Like A Landscape Painting Thats Big, Broad and Beautiful

Folk Singer


“The Fault Lies”

Singer songwriter B.Knox confirms my belief that good things come out of Canada. He rides that line between country and folk music with ease. A teacher by profession, Knox gives his listeners a lesson in life with his songs.


His latest single, The Fault Lies is like a landscape painting, one that is big, broad and beautiful. It conveys feelings of loss, change and emptiness, with a bittersweet edge.


Here’s how Knox describes the song,


“Shifting seasons present stark and beautiful backdrops for changing love.

The movement from loss and regret to unapologetic acceptance draws heavily from both of my self-acknowledged wells of inspiration – heartbreak and landscape.”


This is his fourth single, with his earlier tracks Deep, Dark Love, Living with a Shadow and Corners all demonstrating a talent and a connection with the darker side of life. He is moody and melancholic, and wonderful. I’m a fan.


He is promising to release a full album, “Heartbreak and Landscape” during 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing where this guy will take us.


His music is available now on most streaming platforms.


Jacqueline Gives 4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 Star Rating



B.Knox Latest Single Is Like A Landscape Painting Thats Big, Broad and Beautiful


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed