Canadian Musician Ed Roman Supports Dyslexia



Canadian musician Ed Roman has been a champion for many causes over the years. He has helped deliver humanitarian aid and teach music to children in Jamaica. He has helped raise funds for veterans through the Heart Songs for Veterans organization. Ed has brought awareness to global environmental and sociopolitical issues through his music and press interviews. Now, Ed is raising funds and awareness for a cause that is near and dear to his heart…dyslexia.

You see, Ed Roman is dyslexic. Dyslexia is something that he refers to as “The Gift.”

With the EXCLUSIVE Amazon Prime Video release of his award-winning animated music video for “Red Omen,” Ed is partnering with The Whole Dyslexic Society (WDS). Ed will donate a portion of the Amazon Prime Video sales and rentals of the music video to WDS.

“I know with everybody’s help, love and support this can all be something extraordinary,” said Ed. “There has been a tremendous amount of effort that has gone into this project, and I am excited to have it evolving the way it is…A bigger than me kind of thing.”

The Whole Dyslexic Society’s mission is to offer coordinated and central approach to addressing the needs of the dyslexic individual, their families and their community, while ensuring a safe place for accelerated learning, healing, education, social interaction, and support of individual growth and development. Your contribution will go towards our bursary objective, ensuring that anyone with the ‘gift of dyslexia’ will be able to take a program to fit their needs, no matter their financial status. 

“Red Omen” was directed by Ed and Nelson Diaz with There Be Dragons Creative Media (Kung Fu Panda 2, Sponge Bob). The animated music video has won Official Selection status, Semi-Finalist, Finalist and Winner awards at film festivals around the globe, including the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival, Lift Off Amsterdam, Cult Critic Film Awards, Twister Alley Film Festival, Jersey Shore Film Festival and many others. The track itself reached the iTunes Canada Pop Songs chart Top 20.

ABOUT ED ROMAN: Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Ed’s uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 600 stations, worldwide. Ed is a 2014 Artists Music Guild Award Nominee, a 2014 and 2018 International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, a two-time 2015 IMEA Award nominee, a 2015 and 2016 Josie Show Awards winner, an Akademia Awards Winner, and a two-time Indie Music Channel Award winner. Ed won a 2017 Radio Music Award for Best Americana Artist.

Video Clip

Canadian Musician Ed Roman Supports Dyslexia


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This Is Why Indie Artists Find The Music Biz Hard To Trust

This Is Why Indie Artists Find The Music Biz Hard To Trust

Indie Band

Noctoruma duo comprised of guitarist/singer-songwriter Marty Willson-Piper (The Church, All About Eve, The Saints, Anekdoten) and producer Dare Mason , have announced  ‘The Afterdeath’ EP, which is being released in the wake of PledgeMusic’s collapse. The platform was allegedly supporting the release of Noctorum’s fourth album  ‘The Afterlife’.

Both releases have been made possible by Schoolkids Records, who, together with Mason and Willson-Piper, have had to shoulder most of the costs of the album’s recording, production, mixing, mastering, artwork, manufacturing and mailing to every single person who had ordered ‘The Afterlife’ album via PledgeMusic in order to honour supporters’ pledges, despite the fact that such monies were never received by the artist. Considering that this artist charted simultaneously in several Billboard charts for sales during its first week should give you an indication of just how many orders needed to be fulfilled.

A  GoFundMe campaign  has now been set up to attempt to recover the funds lost. But nobody is asking for a handout. In exchange for their support, Noctorum and Schoolkids Records are offering pledgers ‘The Afterdeath’ EP, a digital four-track release that includes two unreleased tracks from ‘The Afterlife’ album sessions and two cover versions – one originally recorded by The Sound and the other by Buffalo Springfield. In addition to receiving these tracks, pledgers can make their own CD by downloading credits and lyrics in a booklet, along with the cover art – the fossil of a mermaid (created by Olivia Willson-Piper and Andy Jossi), which is also available as a poster.

Marty Willson-Piper has been writing and performing for over 35 years. Best known as a member of The Church (from its inception through to 2013), he also was a member of All About Eve and The Saints, and has co-written music with Grace Slick, Aimee Mann, Jules Shear, Susannah Hoffs and Linda Perry, among others. Today he is also lead singer and lyricist with Swedish band MOAT and a member of Swedish Prog legends Anekdoten since 2015. Since the mid-1980s, Willson-Piper has also maintained a steady solo output, with nine releases to date.

Dare Mason was a house engineer at London’s Townhouse Studios, working with Prince, Paul McCartney, Boy George, Tina Turner, Ravi Shankar and Soul II Soul, among others. Since becoming a freelance producer/engineer in 1991, he produced albums for The Grid, The Church, Placebo and AC Acoustics, and has mixed Brix Smith (ex The Fall), Cinerama and Tommy Tokyo via his VIP Lounge studio.

Go here  to view a fact-filled video and text on the GoFundMe page or here for a more philosophical viewpoint on Noctorum’s own website. Also find ‘The Afterlife’ in all formats via Schoolkids Records  or streaming via Spotify .

1. Dancing with Death
2. The Mermaid
3. I Can’t Escape Myself
4. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing


Read the artist’s and label’s joint statement below:

It seemed like such a great idea and for a while it was, but at some point the pigs started walking on their hind legs.

Using Animal Farm as a metaphor for the collapse of PledgeMusic might not be a perfect way to explain what happened for countless reasons, notwithstanding the perfect allegory that the book already is, but there are parallels – that is, if you unfussily consider the farm to be the big bad music biz and the musicians to be the exploited animals. And as many execs might have been musicians before, I naively thought that we were all in this together and that Pledge and the artists were from the same stock and we were going to take over the farm and run it in a way that encouraged the arts for the arts’ own sake. Ok, so the connection is precarious on lots of levels, sorry, and of course not everyone is exploited (although some have been called animals) and not all mistreat their wards but in the case of this one organization with its vision of the future, the expectation, then the disappointment of PledgeMusic’s collapse, is crushing. It certainly revitalized the idea that we are not in control. Finally, we had a system that worked for musicians and fans until the system failed seemingly to greed (back to square one). The disillusionment and failure of this revolution was disconcerting.

Such disappointments have become known as ‘first world problems’ but still, this collapse is hard to take. It may in fact have been almost impossible to destroy something so perfect, but give humans power, give them money and watch them destroy themselves and everything around them, somehow forgetting the actual people that put them in their position and in this case they didn’t have to do much, just supplying the platform then sitting back and watching the money roll in. How could you complicate such a simple idea? You were a trust, a philanthropic society, a bridge between lovers of music, a connection between the creators and the appreciators. There are of course other platforms that seem to work and we need to trust them for next time, otherwise the bad guys have won.

In the world of Noctorum, a labour of love that places me and my oldest friend in a studio for months, exploring the puzzle of songs, just the idea that out there someone that I’ve never met would be prepared to not only support and invest in our musical project but in the event of it all falling apart, would contribute again to its recovery, is both heartening and unexpected.

The actual story of what happened with video and text can be found at the link above which leads to a GoFundMe campaign that attempts to get us back on track financially without compromising our music but also by delivering something worthy of donation. Namely a digital EP consisting of a download of two unreleased tracks from The Afterlife album sessions and two cover versions, one from cult innovators The Sound and the other from the beginnings of future major musical heroes in an early disguise as Buffalo Springfield. Add to this a conceptual drawing of a mermaid’s skeleton, photoshopped into an imagined fossil as cover art, a booklet with lyrics and credits and the possibility to download the cover as a poster, then you have – The Afterdeath EP.

Making music without costs is almost impossible but with good people sacrificing their time and resources, generosity and effort and with the emergence of the internet we can do it. This of course means we cannot in this case hold the physical in our hands despite our desire to do so. The idea of the tactile might be a thing of the past for some but we are not marrying holograms yet. The Afterlife was released on vinyl and CD, there were illustrated handwritten lyrics from songs past (not quite on parchment, written with a quill). There were internet concerts and live appearances at the end of people’s beds if they wished although they mainly occurred in the living room. There were magnets and autographs, older records resurrected and signed and all this to finance what would be Noctorum’s fourth album.

Not receiving all the money donated due to PledgeMusic’s demise led to us making a big decision – cancel the project in full swing or see it through? We decided the latter, finishing the album, mastering it and with our dedicated label’s support manufacturing it and posting it out to all the pledgers, honouring the support and good faith whilst putting ourselves into debt. One might take this moment to say that at least we had the opportunity to do this to ourselves. A lot of artists couldn’t even finish their project and certainly couldn’t afford to mail out the result because the money simply wasn’t there to do so. So we consider ourselves lucky.

We are well into our GoFundMe campaign and we have raised a portion of the money we lost. In return we offer more of our music, more of our ideas as we gratefully continue the uncertain arc of creative pursuit as we resist George Orwell’s dystopian future of doom.

Thank you!

Marty, Dare, Olivia and Stephen

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“The Last Scene”

A Documentary About Punk and Emo at the Dawn of a New Millennium







A Documentary About Punk and Emo at the Dawn of a New Millennium


Kickstarter Project

LA-based director Kyle Kilday has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his still-in-production documentary film “The Last Scene” which examines the musical and cultural roots of the various underground DIY music scenes popping up around the country at the start of the new Millennium.

To view the trailer and back “The Last Scene” Kickstarter campaign, please visit:

“The Last Scene” will be the FIRST comprehensive chronicle of what many believe is the LAST underground, DIY music scene. One forged in VFW halls and community recreation centers across the United States in the Late 1990’s/Early 2000’s. It’s the story of the hardcore, punk and emo kids who gave us the last new thing in rock music, during an era of change for the music industry and youth culture at large.

The film will feature interviews and perspectives from many of the key figures of the scene, including:

Travis Shettel (Piebald)
Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife/I Am The Avalanche)
Peter Munters (Over It/Runner Runner)
Shane Told (Silverstein/Lead Singer Syndrome Podcast)
Mark Rose (Spitalfield/Mark Rose/
Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday/The Color Fred)
Chris Conley (Saves The Day)
Amy Fleisher Madden (Fiddler Records)
Ben Jorgensen (Armor For Sleep)
John Tran (Home Grown)
Chris No. 2 (Anti-Flag)
JT Woodruff (Hawthorne Heights)
Geoff Rickly (Thursday)
and many more to be announced soon.

Kilday says,

“My first exposure to this underground punk scene came when I went to college in Boston. I remember everything about the first show I went to. The small space, the acoustic ceiling tiles, the barely-raised stage; the guitarist hitting the opening chord and sending a shockwave through the room. Kids all around me started to jump and sway into one another, like kernels inside of a microwave popcorn bag. They moved in waves towards the stage, singing along, extending their fists and shaking them in unison. There was pushing and shoving, but when the song ended everyone smiled and hugged one another. Zero pretense, near zero production value. Just electricity, instruments and you. Exactly what playing music for other people is supposed to be. We were all peers and it was something built for (and by) us all.”

The inspiration for the film came after he moved to LA. He explains,

“After college, I moved to Los Angeles and started working in reality/doc TV. I continued going to shows with the friend who took me to that very first punk show and still goes to shows with me today. Going to these bands’ album anniversary tours and feeling the general sense you get when you enter that “20 years since” realm, I started thinking more retrospectively about this era of music and why it’s meant SO MUCH to me (and I know to millions of other people, too!)”

Documentary Cast




Makeout Announce New Members: Kyle Dee (The Frantic, American Idol) and AJ Khah (Sleep On It)







Makeout Announce New Members: Kyle Dee (The Frantic, American Idol) and AJ Khah (Sleep On It)


Pop Punk Band

Pop-punk phenoms  Makeout , who took the music world by storm on the heels of their debut album, The Good Life, have ended the search for their new lead singer. Kyle Dee, formerly a Season 11 American Idol contestant, and lead singer of Chicago mainstays, The Frantic, will take charge of lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Also joining the band is bassist AJ Khah, who was previously a member of fellow pop-punk favorites, Sleep On It. Both members bring a wealth of experience to the band alongside Tyler Young (Lead Guitar) and Scott Eckel (Drums).

Earlier this year, former lead singer Sam Boxold shocked fans when he abruptly announced his plans to leave the band and focus on other endeavors. Immediately after, the band began an extensive worldwide search for a new frontman. Makeout utilized their social media channels and engaged with fans and potential candidates alike, to help find a replacement for the vacant position. The band received more than 500 submissions for the job. Over 30,000 fans voted, and Kyle was one of three finalists that received the most votes. After several interviews and rehearsals, the band unanimously agreed that Kyle was the perfect fit for the next chapter in the band’s career.

Kyle says, “I’ve been a huge fan of Makeout since the beginning, so for me, to get to step in and continue building on such a solid foundation is an amazing opportunity. I realize that I have some big shoes to fill but I’m up for the challenge and feel so grateful to be a part of the next chapter in Makeout’s story.”

“We are so pumped to officially have Kyle on board. We knew that when Sam left, the bar had been set pretty high. Kyle’s talent as a vocalist, writer, and guitar player has added so many new and improved dynamics to the band,” says Young. “From the moment we stepped into rehearsals with Kyle and AJ, it all just clicked and felt like we had been playing together for years.”

The members of Makeout talk with Alternative Press about the new lineup here:

After building a local buzz, in 2014 the band ended up performing on the Massachusetts date of the Warped Tour and becoming a finalist in a Ernie Ball Battle of The Bands judged by none other than iconic GRAMMY® Award-nominated producer John Feldmann [blink-182, Good Charlotte, Sleeping With Sirens], who eventually signed them to a production deal. Makeout recorded their debut effort at Feldmann’s home studio in 2016 between dates supporting longtime heroes blink-182. Throughout this whirlwind, they collaborated with the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood as well as legendary skinsman Travis Barker on what would become their 2017 Rise Records debut LP, The Good Life.

Accolades followed with more than 10 million streams to date, and Rock Sound labeling them “one of pop-punk’s hottest new properties,” and New Noise calling the album, “…a perfect blend of powerhouse power chord choruses and delicately picked, suspension building bridges.”

Makeout has already begun working on new material and plan to release a new single before the end of the year. They’ll also be playing a few select headline shows (see dates below) before they begin work on their sophomore full length follow up in 2020.

Additionally, the members of Makeout have decided to retire their song “Secrets”. Guitarist Tyler Young comments, “None of the current members of the band had anything to do with the writing or the decision to release the song, and we feel that it no longer represents who we are or what we stand for.”

New frontman, Kyle Dee, explained, “When we all initially got together, we looked back at the band’s past and asked ourselves, ‘who do we want to be moving forward?’”

The answer was simple. The foursome agreed that moving forward, they wanted to be a band that is transparent and conscious of issues that affect others.

“Our love for our fans and this scene as a whole has only grown through this transition period. We sincerely want to make a difference and we feel the best way to show that is by starting fresh and eliminating any past material that has hurt others or been a source of conflict,” says AJ. “We are just thrilled to get back to what made this band, and that’s undeniable music that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Upcoming shows:

12/12 – Reggie’s Chicago, IL

12/14 – Alchemy Providence, RI

Tickets on sale Friday

Visit or follow @makeoutofficial on Twitter and Instagram to stay connected with the band.

Scottish EDM Producer Readies 4th Quarter Releases With AWAL







Scottish EDM Producer Readies 4th Quarter Releases With AWAL


EDM Producer

Chris Burke is a 24 year old electronic dance music producer from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Having produced pop, rock and country music in his late teens and early twenties, Burke decided to delve into the electronic dance music world on his 24th birthday. Writing his first 2 singles “Dreamers” and “Space and Time” within the first 3 days of producing.

Burke’s approach to music production is influenced by artists such as Avicii, Martin Garrix and fellow-Scotsman Calvin Harris. Collaborating with experienced session vocalists remotely to deliver catchy, radio-friendly anthems. In addition to fully producing and programming his tracks, Burke also handles the mixing and mastering – skills he obtained whilst working at his local recording studio as a teenager.

The fifth single of Chris Burke’s dance music career titled “Same Thing” was supported by world renowned Dutch DJ and record producer, Tiësto, when he featured it on his weekly radio show, Club Life. Burke commented on the feature, saying: “it’s an honor to have my song be put in spotlight by a music legend. I’ve enjoyed Tiësto’s work since I was about 8 years old so it’s pretty surreal to have my song played on his show.”

An educated mechanical engineer and the founder of a multi-million dollar recruitment agency, Burke hopes to utilize his business expertize in the music world. Having amassed over 3m followers on various Instagram pages (including @elonmusk, an account given to him by his 2nd cousin – South African entrepreneur, Elon Musk). Burke is exercising his social networking skills to build a fan-base of his own online.

Producing for up to 14 hours per day, the ever-creative Chris Burke has 12 singles completed and scheduled for release via exclusive distributor, AWAL, in the last quarter of 2019. Burke will be taking his productions from the studio to the club in 2020 with a 3 month long European summer tour currently being planned.

The future is looking bright for Chris Burke in the world of electronic dance music.

Rory Felton Launches Feltone with Global Distribution Through The Orchard







Rory Felton Launches Feltone with Global Distribution Through The Orchard


Rory Felton

Veteran music executive Rory Felton launches artist management and record company, Feltone, with a newly inked global distribution deal with The Orchard. Feltone is a self-described ‘post-modern’ music company born from a philosophy of partnering with incredible artists through flexible deal structures. By providing full record label, digital distribution, and artist management services, Feltone can advance artists’ careers in multiples areas at any stage.

“Now is the greatest time in human history to be an artist. There are more tools and resources available to new artists than ever before. With a click of a button, an artist can distribute their music to billions of people. With today’s Fan Relationship Management tools, I don’t know if everyone quite grasps the magnitude of the growth-hacking opportunity.”

Previously, Rory was the co-founder of The Militia Group record label that captured the essence of 2000s indie and punk scenes with artists such as Rufio, Copeland, Juliette & The Licks (featuring Juliette Lewis), The Appleseed Cast, and had at least one RIAA certified Gold Record with Cartel’s ‘Honestly.’ Rory was named a Top 30 under 30 Executive by Billboard Magazine and went on to lead innovative digital marketing and commerce campaigns for major labels, music festivals, artists and brands such as Green Day / Warner Records, Lady Gaga, Tim McGraw, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Oreo, Marriott, and more.

On inking a new distribution agreement with The Orchard, Rory commented: “Getting to work with world-class talent like Alan Becker, Nathan Day, Mathew Reiffe, and Stephanie Demar is a dream. Alan quarterbacked the Militia Group deal with RED back in the day, so it feels like coming back home,” shared Rory.

L-R: Alan Becker, Stephanie Demar, Rory Felton, Nathan Day

“Seeing the same drive in Rory when he brought the new Feltone label to life for us was inspiring. The label’s music cannot be contained by genre or border which will be an excellent fit for The Orchard’s global reach and capabilities” – Alan Becker, SVP Product Development at The Orchard

Nathan Day, The Orchard’s Manager of Content Acquisition added “It’s exciting to be a part of Rory’s vision for Feltone. The Orchard shares his goal of empowering artists with modern resources for the streaming era to foster growth and creativity.”

Feltone’s inaugural roster includes Los Angeles based alt-rapper, Jack Bruno, who’s toured this past year with Juice Wrld, SmokePurrp, Lil Pump, and 6ix9ine; Utah’s indie-pop darlings The National Parks, who’ve racked up over 50 million streams; bedroom pop stalwart, Black Pool; European festival favorite and Mothership publishing artist, WARGIRL; Soundcloud rap scene breakout, Surf, and Atlanta rap power couple Kori & Chyna, who’ve built up over 800,000 Instagram followers.

Through Feltone, Rory also invests in and advises innovative tech and music startups.










Goose Island’s ‘Riot Fest Sucks’ Pale Ale

Available Exclusively at Riot Fest


Sit back, relax, crack open a cold one and plan out your Riot Fest weekend! Riot Fest has unveiled its daily schedules alongside a new beer courtesy of Goose Island Brewing: Riot Fest Sucks Pale Ale. This tasty beverage features a never-before-seen label design that pulls out to show each day’s hourly schedule, filled with each band’s respective set time and stage assignment.

Riot Fest Sucks Pale Ale is a light amber-colored American Pale Ale that has a crisp, balanced hop aroma, citrus flavor, and notes of lightly toasted malt—a perfect beer for a mediocre festival! The beer will be available for sale in limited quantities at the festival.



Friday’s headliners Blink-182 (performing Enema of the State), The Flaming Lips (performing Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots) and Jawbreaker will be joined by Rancid, Violent Femmes, Descendents and more; Saturday will be helmed by Slayer (playing their final Chicago & Milwaukee area show), Rise Against, and Bloc Party (performing Silent Alarm), joined by Wu-Tang Clan, Manchester Orchestra, The Story So Far and many more; Sunday‘s headliners include the recently reunited Bikini Kill, The Raconteurs (their first Chicago show in 11 years), Ween (performing The Mollusk), Patti Smith and her band, and Taking Back Sunday (performing Tell All Your Friends + Louder Now)—leading a slew of killer bands to close out the fest.

Like a lot of good music, Riot Fest began in a basement, when a rabid fan wanted to
connect his favorite bands with like-minded music lovers in Chicago. Fifteen years and
1,500+ bands later, Riot Fest returns to Douglas Park with a stacked array of bands to
score the festivities—featuring many friends of Riot Fest returning to pay tribute to the
festival and its loyal fans, alongside iconic and emerging artists who reflect the broad
musical tastes the festival is known for. Founder Riot Mike is credited with helping to reunite iconic bands like Naked Raygun, the Replacements, the Misfits, and Jawbreaker, among other reunions—a staple feature of Riot Fest, alongside the full album performances, freak shows, carnival rides, and occasional butter sculptures.

Full Album Performances:
Against Me! – Reinventing Axl Rose + Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Avail – Over The James
Blink-182 – Enema of the State (20th Anniversary) 

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm (15th Anniversary) 

Dashboard Confessional – The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Glassjaw – Worship and Tribute
The Selecter – Too Much Pressure
Senses Fail – From the Depths of Dreams + Let It Enfold
Taking Back SundayTell All Your Friends + Louder Now
Ween – The Mollusk







Gogol Bordello Newmer and MusicSnake Partner for Genre Bending Debut







Indie DuoSan Francisco-based producer, entrepreneur and hip-hop artist Frea King, aka MusicSnake, has started a new hip venture. MusicSnake has teamed up with accordionist, Pasha Newmer, a former member of a gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello, to create a genre bending hip-hop-folk project. Their debut single, Elusive Light is available on all music platforms. The new single has already been featured on all Apple Music Global hip-hop charts.

The two musicians, who are both from Belarus and met in New York, have decided on simply calling their new project MusicSnake feat. Newmer. They say Elusive Light has folk and hip hop flavors, and tells a metaphorical tale about unattainable dreams. The track’s unusual sound also features unique female vocals throughout choruses.

The duo describes Elusive Light’s sound as “folk hop,” a non-standard fusion of the two genres because of the song’s mix of traditional instrument (the accordion) and hip-hop beats, similar to those in Lil Nas X‘s superhit, “Old Town Road.”

Elusive Light was recorded at Studio Circle Recordings, a studio based in San Mateo, California. Staff at Studio Circle have worked with Ed Sheeran, U2, Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young, and others.

MusicSnake is known for his song “No One Loved Me” that was featured on several music charts in 2018. Pasha Newmer has also starred in the second season of Netflix’s dramedy Master of None, created by Aziz Ansari.

Australian Music WEek Set To Kick Off The Summer With It’s Biggest Conference Yet!








Set to kick off the Summer with its biggest conference yet when it hits Sydney’s Cronulla Beach this November 6-10


Artists OpportunityNow in its fifth year, the annual Music Industry Conference will 

see national & international industry professionals and artists converge on the beachside town for a five-day music program of live showcases, panels & masterclass workshops.
Providing the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into the inner workings & current issues of the music industry, over 20 conference panels & workshops will see  80+ speakers discuss the latest in digital streaming & music technology, and the current state of play within the world of record labels, publishing, radio promotion, publicity & marketing, touring, artist management and more.

If you’re a keen music lover or looking for the next big thing, there will be plenty of live music on offer with a dozen local venues playing host to over 150 Australian & International performing acts, covering an array of genres from rock & blues, indie pop, electronica through to folk, Americana & country.

Want to play at Australian Music Week?
Artist applications are now open, with submissions closing 11.45pm, Sunday September 1, 2019. Apply here.

Australian Music Week
Stay tuned for our first announcement of speakers & performing acts.




Artist applications are now open, with submissions closing
11.45pm, Sunday September 1, 2019. Apply here.


The Aquabats Celebrate 25 Years With TV Show Soundtrack & New Albums








Rock’s Awesomest Super Heroes The Aquabats Celebrate 25th Anniversary with Release of Television Show Soundtrack, New Studio Albums and a new Fall Tour w/ PPL MVR


In fall of 2018, thousands of Aquabats fans young and old stood up and proclaimed, “I am The Aquabats!,” by joining the band’s Kickstarter and raising over $690,000 – funding two new full-length studio albums and 12 web-exclusive episodes of their Emmy Award-winning kids’ show The Aquabats! Super Show!

Now the group carries that momentum in 2019 with their first release since 2011’s Hi-Five Soup! Released June 7th,The Aquabats! Super Show! Soundtrack Vol. 1 is a 27-track genre-defying, high-energy celebration of the wackiness that made Super Show! some of the most unique kids’ TV in the last decade. Fans of the show and The Aquabats’ music alike will love getting their hands on never-before-heard extended versions of tunes from the show, including “Burger Rain,” “Feel My Steel” and “The Dude Theme.”

2019 marks the band’s 25th year and promises to be one of their best yet. The year will round out with West and East Coast headlining tours in the fall to coincide with the release of their first fan-funded full-length studio album in October.

About The Aquabats
TV’s punk rock superheroes The Aquabats formed in 1994 in Orange County as a way to have some harmless fun in a music scene that took itself too seriously. Their Paul Frank designed “power belts,” trademark blue rash guards, black eye masks, “anti-negativity” helmets and onstage antics quickly caught on, earning the group a fiercely loyal following that spans generations. Their line-up and music is continuously evolving, including Blink 182’s Travis Barker as former drummer “Baron Von Tito.” To date, The Aquabats’ music library includes The Return of the Aquabats (1996), The Fury of the Aquabats! (1997), The Aquabats vs. The Floating Eye of Death (1999), Myths, Legends and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 (2000), Yo! Check Out This Ride! (EP, 2004) Charge!! (2005), Radio Down! (EP, 2010), Hi-Five Soup! (2011).

Current Aquabats are Christian Jacobs, “The MC Bat Commander” (lead singer), Chad Larson, “Crash McLarson” (bass, vocals), Ian Fowles, “EagleBones FalconHawk” (guitar), Richard Falomir, “Ricky Fitness” (drums), and James Briggs, “Jimmy the Robot” (keyboards, woodwinds, vocals).

About The Aquabats! Super Show!
In 2012, the band debuted The Aquabats! Super Show!, a live-action musical comedy television series which aired on the Hub Network. Known for its bizarre humor, callback style and celebrity guest appearances (“Weird Al” Yankovic, Tony Hawk, Mark Mothersbaugh, Lou Diamond Phillips, Rhys Darby, Jon Heder, Paul Scheer and more), the show received eight multiple Daytime EMMY nominations and one win. Super Show!’s run was cut short when The Hub closed in 2014, leaving fans consistently asking for a return.

11/6 Portland, OR The Wonder Ballroom
11/7 Seattle, WA The Showbox at the Market
11/8 Boise, ID Knitting Factory Concert House
11/9 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex
11/11 Englewood, CO The Gothic Theater
11/12 Colorado Springs, CO The Black Sheep
11/16 San Diego, CA House of Blues
11/19 Riverside, CA Romano’s Concert Lounge
11/20 Riverside, CA Romano’s Concert Lounge
11/22 Ventura, CA Discovery Ventura
11/23 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom




VANS Presents: The Loyal To The Craft Tour featuring Josh Manuel of ISSUES








VANS Presents: The Loyal To The Craft Tour featuring Josh Manuel of ISSUES The Ultimate Drum Workshop FREE Drum Clinics–Event Open To The Public SEPTEMBER 6-14


VANS Presents: The Loyal To The Craft Tour featuring Josh Manuel of ISSUES!

Learn New Skills, Own Your Craft, Achieve Your Dreams, Launch Your Passion

SJC Drums will be hitting the road September 6 – 14th and will be hosting a drum workshop with Josh Manuel of ISSUES, including a Q&A, meet & greet, and much more!

Come hang out and get some FREE goodies and see some amazing local drummers and bands!

Shows are FREE & open to the public, simply RSVP @ now!

Come and enjoy a great night, and enter to win a VANS X SJC snare drum!

Check out a recap video of the previous SJC Custom Drums/Vans Loyal To The Craft Tour here:

VANS Presents: The Loyal To The Craft Tour

FRI SEPT 6 Middletown, NY @ Alto Music

SAT SEPT 7 Worcester, MA @ Railers Tavern *also feat. special guests

SUN SEPT 8 Croyden, PA @ Neshaminy Creek Brewing

MON SEPT 9 Philadelphia, PA @ Philadelphia Drum & Percussion

TUE SEPT 10 Pittsburgh, PA @ Black Forge Coffee * also feat. local School of Rock Bands

WED SEPT 11 Columbus, OH @ Skully’s Music-Diner *also feat. Pray For Sleep, The Lost Boys Collective and Northern Remains

THU SEPT 12 Detroit, MI @ The Underground @ Dime *also feat. Antighost, Forest Green, Gold Route

FRI SEPT 13 Chicago, IL @ 2744 W. Superior Street *also feat. local School of Rock Bands

SAT SEPT 14 Chicago IL @ Riot Fest *we’ll be hanging out with SJC Family!!



About SJC Custom Drums:

Whether you’re just starting out, hustling and playing local shows, or headlining arenas around the world, we take pride in treating all our drummers with the same exceptional service and will always go the extra mile.

We’ve had over 15 years experience building world-class custom drums across the world for thousands of artists just like you. We’ve collaborated with some amazing companies like VANS, Zildjian, D’Addario, Make A Wish, School of Rock, Balvenie, Jack Daniels, Vitamin Water, and our family includes world-famous drummers like Tré Cool of Green Day, Jay Weinberg of Slipknot, and Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots.

See why they chose to join the SJC Drums family.

SJC Custom Drums was started as a hobby by the Ciprari brothers out of their Grandmother’s basement in the year 2000. What they started has become a shared passion for musicians across the world. The grassroots, do it yourself approach and morale of what the brother’s started many years ago is still alive and will continue to drive the companies’ values and mission every day.

SJC Custom Drums is more than the products they create – it’s about passion, culturing and nurturing a community, and pride.

About Vans:

Vans was founded in 1966 by Paul and James Van Doren, Serge Delia, and Gordon Lee. It has stood for authenticity in youth lifestyle, music and action sports since day one. Vans has one of the top action sports teams in the world including riders Geoff Rowley, Johnny Layton, Tony Alva, Tony Trujillo, Steve Caballero, John Cardiel, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, Chris Pfanner, Andreas Wiig, Mark Landvik, Jamie Lynn, Eric Willett, Hana Beaman, Nathan Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Leila Hurst, Dane Reynolds, Dane Gudauskas, John Florence, Alex Knost, Ryan Guettler, Cory Nastazio, Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Villopoto, and many others. Vans also supports and promotes the action sports lifestyle through such events as Vans Triple Crown of Surfing™, Pro-Tec Pool Party, The Downtown Showdown and Vans Warped Tour™.


Artist Jason Cruz (Frontman of Strung Out) Fine Art Exhibition







Punk Rock & Paintbrushes

Celebrating Launch of Jason’s New Children’s Book ‘There are such things as in your dreams’ Inspired By His Daughter

Event To Also Feature Guest Artist Steve Caballero and Special Acoustic Performance By Punk Rock Legends Strung Out



Artist and frontman of legendary punk rock band Strung Out, Jason Cruz, will celebrate the launch of his new children’s book ‘There are such things as in your dreams’ with a fine art exhibition at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, CA this October.

The FREE all-ages exhibition kicks off with an artist reception on Friday, October 25 at 6pm, presented by Art Crisis Management and Punk Rock & Paintbrushes. The evening will also feature works by guest artist Steve Caballero, as well as a special acoustic performance by Strung Out.

The exhibition is also open to the public on October 26 from 11am-5pm.

RSVP to the event here: 

Pre-orders for ‘There are such things as in your dreams’ will be available in the coming weeks via

Copro Nason Gallery

2525 Michigan Ave # T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404


About Jason Cruz: Musician and Artist

Jason Alexander Cruz is an artist, musician, father and motorcycle enthusiast. Trading an art scholarship for the open road Cruz began touring with his band Strung Out at an early age and never looked back. With over eleven full-length albums under his belt and 30 years of touring he still continues to write and perform with the same band he started over 30 years ago

As an artist, Cruz has shown his work in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Tokyo. His inspirations include 80’s Venice skate culture, graffiti, Basquiat, Lee Bonticou, and the Pulp covers of Robert McGinnis.

Jason says, “I became fascinated with and started collecting children’s book before I ever thought of having kids. I loved the freedom of children’s books, the possibilities, and the rhythm. As an artist and musician, it seemed like an obvious choice to make my own. Once I became a father I began the process of creating this book.

‘There are such things as in your Dreams’ took two years to complete and will be my first book in a series of three children’s books. It’s basically a bedtime song with illustrations providing the music.”


About Steve Caballero:


ArtistSteve Caballero (born November 8, 1964, San Jose, California) is one of the most prominent skateboard legends in the world. Like many other artists who have been linked to the skateboarding culture, his legendary place in skateboard industry offers a historical commentary on life for his generation: a constant need to find goals and challenges, but always taking a serious path to get his work ethic done in a positive light. Steve derives a lot of imagery from cartoons, hotrod, motorcycle and pop culture – but he also combines and transcends these sources into something colorful, witty and pleasing to the eye. His daily sketches and ideas are the seedbed of his work from which all his other media generates.


About Punk Rock & Paintbrushes:

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes is a niche & unique art management company as well as art show production brand with our show “PUNK ROCK & PAINTBRUSHES”. We manage talented artists across the globe who share the love of music and/or sports. We strive to bring the art to our buyers and fans of artist from all walks of life. Our art shows are produced across the earth to share our love of art with you. All artists bleed for their art and each individual we work with is a talented and positive individual we are proud to have as part of our Punk Rock & Paintbrushes family.

Video recap of 2018 Punk Rock & Paintbrushes show:


Punk Rock and Paint Brushes from EMILY NIELSEN on Vimeo.


Jodi Vaughan to perform Tamworth Country Music Festival for the first time








New Zealand Country star Jodi Vaughan will travel to Tamworth for the first time in January. Jodi is Australian born but carved her career out as a major recording artist in New Zealand in the 1980s. Despite being a multi award winning and nominated artist, with 4 solo top selling albums under her belt in New Zealand. (These can be found on spotify, Apple Music).  The only release to hit Australian shores was 1982 New Zealand Platinum album with Brendan Dugan ‘Fairweather Friends’ .

Brendan Dugan and Jodi Vaughan’s names together became synonymous as New Zealand’s Golden Duo of Country Music. At Tamworth Country Music Festival  2020 they will be ‘Together in Tamworth’ for the first time. Ticketed shows and other profiled appearances at Tamworth Country Music Festival  for the two New Zealand country legends ,both together and individually to be announced soon. 

Jodi will be bringing a tour group to Tamworth from New Zealand, giving a chance for New Zealand Country music fans to experience travelling with Jodi to Tamworth Country Music Festival 2020.

Limited places are available 

Non refundable deposit must be received by Friday 6 September, to secure your place on the tour. 

For more information on the tour package contact Kay Gregan
64 7 865 9568
027 337 6222 Poster

Save the date for the premier of KGUP PRESENTS!







The premier of KGUP PRESENTS the talk show on inDtv | Channel 140 on Universe Network is upon us! 


Save the date for August 27th for our first episode featuring The Controversy followed by interviews with Lee Brown, Moderns, Ariel Beesley, Ships Have Sailed and many more to come!


KGUP FM Emerge Radio has been supporting local artists since 2012 and is proud to launch its first televised talk show on it’s new home on Universe Network! We’ll be interviewing people from all over the realm of Entertainment and much much more! 


Stay up to date on the official launch of the inDspotlight channel and sign up for our newsletter at


Watch KGUP PRESENTS and all of inDtv programming on inDspotlight Television starting Thurs, Aug. 27th PST.

Sign up is FREE (using Email/Facebook/Twitter). 


Tune to inDtv | Channel 140 on Universe Network. Watch at home on Roku, online or on the go via UNTV App on iPhone or Android. See all the options below.


Online: Universe Network website  

iPhone: Universe Network.TV App 

Android: Universe Network TV App 

Roku: UNTV – Universe Network TV


Nigel Westlake’s emotionally charged work to be premiered and toured by the Australian String Quartet








Celebrated Australian composer Nigel Westlake’s new work Sacred Sky will be premiered by the Australian String Quartet (ASQ) in an evocative program alongside works by Charles Ives and Claude Debussy.

Commissioned by the ASQ* and written as an homage to the spirit of his late sister Kate, who passed away in early 2018, Westlake’s piece renders emotions related to life and loss in the special way that only music can truly accomplish.

“I have endeavoured to invoke Kate’s spirit, in the hope of imbuing the music with themes of beauty, energy, soulfulness, and transcendence. Inevitably the fingerprints of grief and sadness permeate the musical narrative at times.” Nigel Westlake

This will be Westlake’s third string quartet, and the first written for the ASQ. Among a myriad of concert hall compositions across his four-decade career, the highly praised and award-winning composer is also known for his film scores which include Ali’s Wedding, Paper Planes, Miss Potter, Babe, Babe II and IMAX films Antarctica, Imagine, Solarmax and The Edge.

“We are honoured that Nigel has written this work for us. Themes of life, love and loss, though experienced personally, are shared universally. Through our playing, we hope to bring justice to Nigel’s work, and to provide solace and musical companionship to all listeners, who may be on their own journey” Sharon Grigoryan, ASQ

Complementing Westlake’s work is Charles Ives’ vivid and ground-breaking String Quartet No 1 From the Salvation Army, and Claude Debussy’s monumental String Quartet op 10.

The Australian String Quartet performs Ives Westlake Debussy around Australia in September 2019.

Ives String Quartet no 1 From the Salvation Army
Nigel Westlake String Quartet no 3 Sacred Sky*
Debussy String Quartet op 10


Sydney Wed 4 September, City Recital Hall
Canberra Sun 8 September, Gandel Hall, National Gallery of Australia
Adelaide Mon 9 September, Adelaide Town Hall
Brisbane Tue 17 September, Conservatorium Theatre, South Bank
Perth Wed 18 September, Government House Ballroom
Melbourne Fri 20 September, Melbourne Recital Centre

*Commissioned by the Australian String Quartet with generous support from Carl Wood, and Don and Veronica Aldridge

Nigel Westlake – guest composer


For over 30 years, the Australian String Quartet (ASQ) has created unforgettable string quartet performances for national and international audiences. Dedicated to musical excellence with a distinctly Australian character, the Quartet’s purpose is to create chemistry and amplify intimacy through experiences that connect people with string quartet music.


From its home base at the University of Adelaide, Elder Conservatorium of Music, the ASQ reaches out across Australia and the world to engage people with an outstanding program of performances, workshops, commissions and education projects. The Quartet’s distinct sound is enhanced by a matched set of 18th century Guadagnini instruments, handcrafted by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini between c.1743 and 1784 in Turin and Piacenza, Italy. These precious instruments are on loan for the ASQ’s exclusive use through the generosity of UKARIA.


Dale Barltrop plays a 1784 Guadagnini Violin, Turin

Francesca Hiew plays a 1748-49 Guadagnini Violin, Piacenza

Stephen King plays a 1783 Guadagnini Viola, Turin

Sharon Grigoryan plays a c.1743 Guadagnini Violoncello, Piacenza, ‘Ngeringa’ 

String Quartet


Home of the Australian String Quartet

Sarah Vaughan’s Golden Hits Celebrates A Golden Voice

Best-Selling 12-Track Hits Collection From Legendary Jazz Vocalist Receives Remastered LP Reissue On August 30

On August 30, 2019, Verve/UMe is set to release Sarah Vaughan’s Golden Hits on vinyl in two different color options: black and gold. The LP was remastered at Capitol Studios from the original analog tapes.

On August 30, Verve/UMe is set to release Sarah Vaughan’s Golden Hits on vinyl in two different color options: black and gold. Remastered at Capitol Studios from the original analog tapes, this collection of an even-dozen of the legendary jazz vocalist’s greatest performances showcases the scope of her wide vocal range, bop-phrasing innovations, and expert yet effortless vibrato control. Upon the album’s original release in November 1961, a featured review in Billboard magazine proclaimed, “Mighty good listening here.” No doubt: both sides of Sarah Vaughan’s Golden Hits LP lend ample proof as to why Vaughan has been long acclaimed as one of the pre-eminent vocalists of all-time, right alongside the likes of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, who once called Vaughan “the world’s greatest singing talent.” Preorder here:


Vaughan, who passed away at age 66 in 1990, was a three-octave contralto equally adept at singing traditional jazz, contemporary pop, and classically arranged material with much verve, panache, and personal swagger, earning her the nickname “Sassy” in the process. Witness her operatic mastery of “Misty,” the appreciative drive of “Smooth Operator,” and the catchy swing of “Broken Hearted Melody,” the latter of which remained a fixture in Vaughan’s live repertoire for many years to come. Vaughan also saw success on multiple charts, having taken “Broken Hearted Melody” to No. 7 on the Billboard Singles chart and No. 5 on the R&B chart while “Smooth Operator” reached No. 8 on the R&B chart, all in 1959. More recently, the sly “ooh-ooh” come-on appeal of “Make Yourself Comfortable” is featured in a prominent global Lincoln Continental ad campaign starring Serena Williams.


Additionally, Vaughan’s scintillating, scat-driven take on George Shearing and George David Weiss’ “Lullaby Of Birdland” and her sensual, sultry pass at John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf’s “Moonlight In Vermont” set new standards for inventive vocal reimagining of such well-known jazz perennials.


In the 1930s, Vaughan began developing her vocal and piano-playing chops in a local church choir in Newark, New Jersey. Following that, she would soon frequent jazz clubs in Newark and New York City, ultimately leading to her securing featured vocalist stints in the 1940s with big-band jazz impresarios Earl Hines and Billy Eckstine before embarking on a solo career. Vaughan was also a nine-time GRAMMY® nominee, ultimately earning a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989. In 1988, she was inducted into the American Jazz Hall of Fame, and in 1989, she was given the NEA Jazz Masters Award.


A vocalist for the ages, Sarah Vaughan’s indelibly seductive tone and wide-ranging influence extend well into the 21st Century. Sarah Vaughan’s Golden Hits is both the perfect entry point for neophyte listeners and a fine turntable refresher for longtime appreciators alike. Turn the lights down, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the timeless charms of Sarah Vaughan, her golden throat, and her Golden Hits.


Preorder Sarah Vaughan’s Golden Hits here: 

SARAH VAUGHAN’S GOLDEN HITS [black vinyl & colored gold vinyl]

Side A

  1. Misty
  2. Broken Hearted Melody
  3. Make Yourself Comfortable
  4. Autumn In New York
  5. Moonlight In Vermont
  6. How Important Can It Be

Side B

  1. Smooth Operator
  2. Whatever Lola Wants
  3. Lullaby Of Birdland
  4. Eternally
  5. Poor Butterfly
  6. Close To You

116 Young Talents for the 3rd Zhuhai Mozart Competition in September







After the pre-selection in the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, 116 young pianists and violinists from 16 countries and regions will enter the 3rd Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians, an event organized by Huafa Group. In its first press conference held on August 8th, it was announced that this year’s competition will be held from September 10th to 22nd in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. The 116 candidates will show the best of them in 3 groups for each instrument based on the age, and the grand winner will claim the highest award of USD 30,000.

The inaugural Zhuhai Mozart Competition was held in 2015 and followed by the successful second competition in 2017, with the full support from the Mozarteum University Salzburg, and the certification by the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Genova and the Alink-Argerich Foundation. The competition has connected the name of Mozart with the city of Zhuhai, and empowered the city with the charm of music and art.

Many of the winners from previous competitions have made great further achievements, winning top prizes from the International Mozart Competition Salzburg, the Clara Haskil International Piano Competition, the Junior Division of the 2018 Menuhin Competition and most recently, the Tchaikovsky Competition in 2019.

For the 3rd Zhuhai Mozart Competition, an important new rule has been set that forbids the students of the juries to participate in the competition, to ensure an open and fair competition. In addition, an award for “Best Interpretation of Chinese Works” has also been introduced for the candidates to discover the beauty of Chinese music masterpieces.

Furthermore, a group of “young critics” including 10 students from non-conservatory schools in China has been assembled, they will review and select their favorite candidates from the 3rd Zhuhai Mozart Competition. This is a first for any music competitions in China.

A series of concerts, exhibitions, lectures and workshops will also be held in Zhuhai during the two weeks, under the title of the first “Mozart Festival – Music plus Life”, making it a carnival not only for the music lovers but also for all the people in Zhuhai. The city of Zhuhai welcomes all the guests from the world to enjoy the music and witness the rising of future stars.

SOURCE Huafa Group


HEAVENS GREATEST HITS; The Ultimate Tribute to the Great Artists in the Sky



The Ultimate Tribute to the Great Artists in the Sky
Inspired by his top 10 album VALE, 
Taxiride’s JASON SINGH
is joined by friends 
TIM WATSON – Taxiride
as they come together to pay homage to the greatest songs of all time by the great artists in the sky.


Drawing their inspiration from a range of artists including Prince, John Lennon, George Michael, Freddy Mercury, Tom Petty, Elvis, Bon Scott, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker, David Bowie, Michael Hutchence and many more – HEAVENS GREATEST HITS is a musical journey celebrating the hits that have provided a timeless soundtrack to our lives.
With the energy and charisma Shannon, Jason, Andrew and Tim are known for, along with an incredible band of Australia’s premier musicians, HEAVENS GREATEST HITS is a homage to legendary passed superstars.
Hear what people have to say about the ultimate musical tribute

Lee Harding 
Australian Idol and The Voice 2019 Finalist with his new show:
MYSTIFY. The Songbook of INXS. 

Trafalgar Releasing Launches Tickets & Trailer For Metallica & San Francisco Symphony










Metallica Poster
Official movie poster. Credit: Metallica and Trafalgar Releasing.

After the announcement of the forthcoming Metallica and San Francisco Symphony: S&M² film last week, Trafalgar Releasing is excited to reveal the official trailer for the film. Metallica and San Francisco Symphony reunite to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their original S&M (Symphony & Metallica) show with S&M², filmed at San Francisco’s new Chase Center. The film will be released on October 9th.

(See The trailer below)

Tickets on sale now from

The original S&M concerts were performed by Metallica and San Francisco Symphony and conducted by the late Michael Kamen in spring of 1999 at the Berkeley Community Theatre. 2019’s S&M² concert will feature the first live performances of these arrangements in 20 years, plus the first-ever Metallica and San Francisco Symphony renditions of songs written and released since the original concert, with new orchestral charts by Bruce Coughlin.

Legendary conductor Michael Tilson Thomas completes the first week of his final season as San Francisco Symphony Music Director with a special appearance, conducting a portion of the show.

Metallica’s first collaboration with San Francisco Symphony was documented by the Grammy-winning live album S&M.

Kymberli Frueh, SVP for Programming and Content Acquisitions at Trafalgar Releasing has said: “Trafalgar Releasing is excited to give Metallica fans around the world a chance to celebrate this anniversary concert together in local cinemas in October.

“The original collaboration between two San Francisco legends—Metallica and San Francisco Symphony became a true moment in music history two decades ago. Reuniting again to perform S&M² is a salute to the legendary collaboration and creates a special moment for Metallica fans to see this iconic pairing.”

The event will be screened in cinemas around the world on October 9. More information can be found at, where fans can sign up for event alerts including when tickets go on sale.

This announcement follows a busy 2019 in music for Trafalgar Releasing with the upcoming release of Roger Waters Us + ThemRush: Cinema Stangiato, The 9th Annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the Movies coming to cinemas worldwide for the first time ever and BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE, the latest film from K-Pop phenomenon BTS. Recent releases have included Tribeca documentary Between Me and My Mind about Phish front man Trey AnastasioThe Cure – Anniversary 1978-2018 Live in Hyde Park LondonKhalid Free Spirit and The Music Center presents Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration.


About Metallica 
Formed in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield, Metallica has become one of the most influential and commercially successful rock bands in history, having sold nearly 120 million albums worldwide and generating more than 2.5 billion streams while playing to millions of fans on literally all seven continents. The band’s several multi-platinum albums include Kill ’em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets, … And Justice for All, Metallica (commonly referred to as The Black Album), Load, Reload, St. Anger, Death Magnetic, and most recently Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, released in November 2016 and charting at #1 in 32 countries.  

Metallica’s numerous awards and accolades include nine Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, and multiple MTV Video Music Awards, and induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. In June of 2018, the band was awarded one of the most prestigious musical honors in the world: Sweden’s Polar Music Prize. Metallica is currently in the midst of its WorldWired tour, which began in 2016 and is scheduled to continue through 2020.


About Trafalgar Releasing 
Trafalgar Releasing is the global leader in event cinema distribution. A subsidiary of Trafalgar Entertainment, Trafalgar Releasing’s global operations include production, acquisition, marketing and distribution of specialised content to over 4,000 cinemas in more than 100 countries worldwide.

A full spectrum of releases includes high arts (The Metropolitan Opera, Bolshoi Ballet, Royal Opera House), award winning theatre (The King and I: from the London Palladium, An American In Paris, Funny Girl), iconic moments (Monty Python Live, David Bowie is happening now, They Shall Not Grow Old), heritage music acts (Roger Waters The Wall, David Gilmour Live in Pompeii, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) and contemporary music sensations (BTS’ Burn the Stage the MovieColdplay: A Head Full of Dreams, Muse Drones World Tour).

Headquartered in London, the company also has offices in New YorkLos Angeles and Denver. More information about Trafalgar Releasing can be found at

Website  Facebook  Instagram   / Twitter


Watch The Trailer


Aloft Hotels Brings Music Makers Back To Their Roots With The First-Ever “Live At Aloft Hotels Homecoming Tour” Featuring Troye Sivan, BANKS, Dermot Kennedy, NJOMZA And Mala Rodriguez







Intimate Performances Will Be Accompanied By Interactive Augmented Reality ‘GIF-ITI’ Art Installation by Street Artist INSA & Money-Can’t-Buy Experiences for Marriott Bonvoy Members

Pop Singer
Troye Sivan
Some of the hottest names in music will be returning to their hometowns for free live music performances for fans as part of the Live at Aloft Hotels Homecoming TourAloft Hotels, Marriott International’s brand for music lovers and music makers, and Universal Music Group & Brands (UMGB), the brand partnership division of Universal Music Group, have joined together for a special tour thanking the fans for helping to launch the careers of some of today’s most talked-about artists.

With its long-standing live music program Live at Aloft Hotels, the Homecoming Tour is Aloft’s way of continuing to support the artist community by taking musicians back to the locations that made them who they are today, as well as giving the fans that supported them from the beginning a chance to reconnect with their hometown headliners in an intimate setting.


The global eight-stop Homecoming Tour will feature performances from UMG artists at Aloft’s newest and most notable hotels located in some of the best music cities around the world, including:

August 23:

NJOMZA at Aloft Chicago Mag Mile (United States)


September 15:

Troye Sivan at Aloft Perth (Australia)


October 3:

Mala Rodriguez at Aloft Madrid Gran Vía (Spain)


November 20:

Dermot Kennedy at Aloft Dublin City (Ireland)


Additional tour stops will include a performance by BANKS at a U.S. Aloft property (TBA), as well as other artist performances in DubaiShanghai and South America in late 2019/early 2020

“Being able to return home and connect with my fans in Australia is always a really special experience for me and being able to return to my hometown of Perth where my musical journey began is truly magical. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Aloft’s Homecoming Tour and share my music with the community that shaped me and with music-loving travelers staying at Aloft,” said Troye Sivan.

“Through the global Live at Aloft Hotels music platform, every week up-and-coming artists are playing intimate, no cover, open-to-the-public, sets for their local communities,” said Toni Stoeckl, Global Brand Leader, Aloft Hotels and Vice President, Distinctive Select Brands for Marriott International. “As a travel brand, we want to bring breakout musical talent closer to their greatest fans by bringing them back to their hometowns. For our Marriott Bonvoy members, the Live at Aloft Hotels Homecoming Tour is going to be particularly special with once-in-a-lifetime experiences available through Marriott Bonvoy Moments, where they can bid points to get up close and personal with the artists.”


Merging Music, Design & Technology with ‘GIF-ITI’ Artist INSA
In addition to providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent, Aloft is also Marriott International’s tech incubator brand, trialing innovative technology such as voice-activated rooms, Emoji room service and Botlr, the world’s first robotic butler. Combining this love of music and technology, and to continue to give innovation a platform during the Homecoming Tour, Aloft has collaborated with British ‘GIF-ITI’ street artist 
 INSA to provide an interactive art experience that puts a new spin on the tendency for fans to film concerts on their phones. INSA, who is often portrayed as “the next Banksy” thanks to his talent and heavily guarded anonymity, will be creating an AR experience that evolves during the performers’ sets.  Embracing the inevitable sea of phones at concerts as a sign of our times, INSA will be creating a dynamic stage design for the Homecoming Tour that will animate via his custom app, rewarding guests with the ultimate phone viewing and recording experience as they hold up their device to the stage. 

Exclusive merch featuring INSA’s artwork will be gifted to guests attending the event to take home as a memento.

Not able to attend the global performances? No problem – INSA is also creating artwork on limited-edition key cards that will be distributed to every Aloft hotel around the world for guests to bring to life using the custom app. Fans will also be able to follow the journey of INSA’s artwork creation on Aloft’s Instagram.


Marriott Bonvoy Loyalty Perks & Exclusive Moments
As with all of Aloft’s live music events, the performances are free and open to everyone, but the best way to get closer to the artists and music is by being a member of Marriott Bonvoy, the travel program that earlier this year replaced Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards. Special member benefits include:


  • Members can bid Marriott Bonvoy points on money-can’t-buy experiences to meet with each artist in their hometowns. Marriott Bonvoy Moments include:
  • Shopping and styling at one of NJOMZA’s favorite boutiques in Chicago, a meditation guided by Mala Rodriguez and attending Troye Sivan’s intimate sound check followed by a Q&A with the artist.
  • All Marriott Bonvoy members will receive priority access to the event and an exclusive meet & greet with the artist after the show. (Offer is based on first-come, first-served basis up to maximum capacity of the venue, at Marriott’s sole discretion. Capacity will vary by location.)
  • Marriott Bonvoy members with Gold, Platinum Titanium or Ambassador Elite status will receive curated gift bags which include a limited-edition tour t-shirt from street artist INSA, wireless headphones courtesy of Marriott Bonvoy, nostalgia merch and more.
  • To recover from the night before, all Marriott Bonvoy members who book directly on can request Morning After Re:fuel Kits via the chat function on the Marriott Bonvoy mobile app. Each kit includes hangover helping items from Aloft’s Re:fuel pantry.

“This Live at Aloft Hotels Homecoming Tour is bringing artists closer to their fans, with intimate concert venues and money-can’t-buy exclusive Marriott Bonvoy Moments where artists can connect with fans in such an authentic and creative way,” said LJ Gutierrez, General Manager of Brand Partnerships, UMG. 

“Since UMG and Marriott International first started working together in 2015, our collaboration has come to life through concerts showcasing UMG’s premier talent at Marriott properties across the globe.”

How to Attend


  • Hometown Fans: Those looking to attend Live at Aloft Hotels Homecoming Tour performances should RSVP at (please note capacity is limited, RSVP does not guarantee entry and attendance will be on a first-come, first-served basis; guests must be of legal drinking age).
  • Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card Holders Perks: Card Members who present their Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card at the door will have the opportunity to cut-the-line with guaranteed entry, exclusive merch, and a meet & greet with talent. (Must present valid Marriott Bonvoy credit card to receive “cut-the-line” access. Limited to card holder plus one guest. Offer based on first-come, first-served basis up to maximum capacity of venue, at Marriott’s sole discretion. Capacity will vary by location.)
  • Out-of-Town Fans: For those fans who are not local, or just want to guarantee getting up close-and-personal with the hometown star, limited-edition bookable hotel packages are available at Music-inspired packages will include a one-night stay, $50 beverage and food credit per package, guaranteed entry to the event, Aloft Homecoming Tour merch and artist meet & greet.

Special Artist Rates, As the Hotel for Music Makers and Music Lovers
Aloft Hotels has been supporting emerging musical talent since its inception with its ongoing live music program Live At Aloft Hotels, which hosts live music performances from up-and-coming musicians in Aloft Hotels’ W XYZ® Bars around the world every week. Aloft hotels are in thriving music destinations, welcoming touring musicians with special discounted artist rates, the opportunity to use the W XYZ® Bar as a performance space for free, and a musician’s guide featuring everything from where to dine late-night after a gig, the best nearby affordable recording studio, where to purchase guitar strings and more to hit the right note for each stay.


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