Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard

Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard

Indie Pop-Rock Band

Birds in the Boneyard

“I Know You’re Right” single

The sixties are back! With this new single, the Birds in the Boneyard, a cool pop-rock trio from Queens, NY, are departing from their previous “I Still Believe” hit which was much more of a 90s flavored track.

If you’re longing for The Beatles, the Byrds or the kind of bubble gum pop rock typical of the early sixties this one will delight you, with its hooky chorus, jangly guitars and Mersey-inspired back beat. It’s a fun song, easy to remember and tap your feet to.

The production is on point, with just enough vocal harmonies to remind you of the Beach Boys and easy lyrics with just the right kind of teenage love fest. To note the fun cover which is also a reminder of simpler times, and the video that accompanies this fun single, which could have been an outtake for a Hard Day’s Night movie remake.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating



Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard


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Dandelion Charm Do It Again With New Album

Dandelion Charm Do It Again With New Album

Indie Artist Album Cover

Dandelion Charm

“Maybe Dreamers” Album

They did it again! John and Clare have perfected their sound in this new album which is both more adventurous and diverse yet still showcases the Dandelion Charm strengths at beautiful vocal harmonies, stunning arrangement and the trademark 12-string driven backbone to all their songs (they call the guitar “Olah” and it really seem that it’s the third indispensable component of their inimitable sound).

From the short intro of “The Cult of More” to the last fading out notes of “Flicker”, the listener is treated with a variety of genres, ranging from folk to classic rock to prog, even a hint of jazz, sometimes in the same tune. Perhaps their music doesn’t have the immediacy of hit songs in our era of 2 minutes digestible bits of dumbed-down-for-streaming tunes, but it has a depth that will reward extended listen, and make no mistake, you will want to listen again!

The collection clearly shows the breadth of talent of this dynamic duo, in songwriting, arrangement and production, which has been taken one notch higher with this awesome new album. With a solid theme that binds the message here, centered around an exploration of collective and individual relationships with new media, and the pursuit of fulfilment through consumption, the songs touch mature subjects and do it in style! This is music for the adults’ listeners still around, and we should be thankful for it.

Hard for me to pick a favorite song in this album, because they all have something to like, but I really love the title track for its epic breadth, delightful twists and turns and its harmonic depth. Still, I truly believe the best way to consume the album is by listening from beginning to end, the way great albums should be listened… then hit “play” again!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating



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Dandelion Charm Do It Again With New Album

Classic Pop Rock For ‘All Of Us’ From The Rallies


Indie Rock Band Album Cover

The Rallies

“All of Us” from the “Upside Down” Album

In the doom and gloom world we’re leaving, it’s sometimes hard to find music that’s uplifting and genuinely fun… If you’re nostalgic for the kind of classic pop rock that started with The Beatles up and until Tom Petty, you’re going to love the new The Rallies album!

Jangly guitars, great harmonies, fun tune, positive message, and the kind of timeless sound that will bring a smile on your face, it’s all there! With this “All of Us” song, they are bringing the best of the fab four epic, starting with vocal harmonies, and a hooky chorus that’s in line with “All you need is love” with its positive memorable message.

The whole album packs up great songs one after another, and you can’t help bobbing your head and singing along to the simple yet extremely effective hooks. There’s no pretense in that collection: just great songs, delivered with conviction and a production that’s modern enough not to be confused with 70s parody. Well worth extended listen, if you ask me!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating


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New Album of Folk, Rock to Blues From Aussie Artist Sophie Klien


Australian Singer

Little Wise

“Don’t Let It Go” from the “Want It All” Album


Fans of Australian Folk and Americana already know Sophie Klein, the eponymous Little Wise songwriter who is back with a great new album that you don’t want to miss.

The collection of 10 songs ranges from folk to blues to rock in a way that reminds me of the Pretenders, with jangling guitars and a great melodic gift, and Sophie’s melancholic and charming voice is a treat that works so well for the material. This “Don’t Let It Go” song in particular has a great laid-back vibe, a simple story yet a memorable chorus that you will hear yourself singing along to after just a couple listen.

Starting with a syncopated guitar and a cool Rhodes, the drums and bass are strong yet relaxed underneath the soundscape that features Sophie’s awesome vocal, sustained by great background vocals. During the chorus, electric guitar and banjo arpeggios are sustaining the vocals, creating a perfect counterpoint which further reinforces the strength of that hooky part. Well done and kudos to the production that leaves the music breathe with minimalistic touches of ear candies for everyone’s pleasure.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




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Duffy & Bird Deliver Epic New Music ‘Faking a Smile

Duffy & Bird Deliver Epic New Music ‘Faking a Smile

Indie Duo

Duffy & Bird

“Faking a Smile” from the “Spirit Level” EP

Duffy & Bird are back with a great new EP, and you know you want to hear it!

The talented duo has concocted here more of their trademarks Folk/Americana, stripped down goodness, with cool acoustic guitars and beautiful vocal harmonies. The EP is showing a great breadth of musical styles while staying true to the raw simplicity of just voices and guitars. It’s all about the song, and there are great ones on this new output.

Take this “Faking a Smile” song, with its delicate harmonics intro and 3/4 tempo, and the story of a sad waitress longing for her deceased lover, having trouble getting through the day and faking a smile, a lovely vignette full of great imagery which makes you feel for the forlorn heroin.

But it’s not all sad and delicate, as you get some rocking upbeat Americana there too, which shows the duo’s great versatility. So if you’re looking for some acoustic greatness, look no further than this new EP!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating



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Erin At Eleven Eclectic EP Are Not Afraid Of Exploring Boundaries

Erin At Eleven Eclectic EP Are Not Afraid Of Exploring Boundaries

Indie EP

Erin at Eleven

“Over You” from the “Eclectic” EP

Many artists confine themselves in a specific genre, which is reassuring to their fans, and comforting for themselves, at the risk of being too predictable. Yet some artists dare explore a wider range to reveal different facets of their personality, and some do this with great success, like Erin at Eleven for example, a singer-songwriter from Glasgow, who is back with an EP which shows its ambition right in its title: it’s Eclectic alright!

From the chilled trip ambient of the opener (previously released “Only Myself to Blame”), to the rocker “One Thing”, the upbeat “All Roads Lead Back” to this one stripped down ballad “Over You”, Erin’s EP fits the bill of its title.

Eclectic it is in its lyrics as well, from self-deprecating to liberating to reminiscing to heartfelt with this final piano ballad, where Erin is announcing how she’s over someone, while a great soprano saxophone is wailing its counterpoint against Erin’s wonderful vocal. The song is a great closer to this “Eclectic” EP which you should really check out, if you’re looking for something different with every track and like artists who aren’t afraid of exploring new boundaries.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating



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Hold Yourself Together; Everybody’s Talking About Asha Jefferies


Album Cover

Asha Jefferies

“Everybody Talks” from the “Hold Yourself Together” EP


Sure, everybody talks, but not everyone says something!

Fortunately, there are some songwriters around with a lot to say, and do it convincingly, with a voice of their own, and music to go with it. This new EP from Indie singer-songwriter Asha Jefferies, from Brisbane, Australia is there to prove it.

All the songs on this EP are great but I particularly like this “Everybody Talks”. Such a clever song in its construction, alternating between intimate verses, its ternary groove, and the explosive strong hook that will bring a huge smile on your face. And the build-up ending grows to an epic proportion, before subsiding into the lovely final hook reprise. Can it get better than that? “Honestly I wouldn’t know”

Asha seems particularly at ease with laid-back grooves that goes so well with her heartfelt lyrics, and her voice has power and fragility at the same time, which is a great combination. Whether you like folk, folk-rock, indie pop, or whatever lies in between, give this one a listen, you won’t regret it!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




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See Ash Jefferies Perform

21st September – Low 302   , Sydney, NSW, Australia

4th October – The Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood, VIC, Australia

26th October – The Foundry, Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia













‘Corners’ Ticks All Boxes For Lovers Of Americana


Indie Artist

B. Knox



From Barrie, Ontario, Canada comes a new songwriter forging songs out of heartbreak and landscape.

His new single, “Corners”, should tick all the boxes to lovers of Americana, with a laid-back groove, jangly guitars, a groovy piano and heartfelt vocals. It’s a portrait of time passing, and the inescapable feeling that it may also be slipping away. From its author’s own words: “It may not be a song of hope, but it certainly is one of honesty and melancholy acceptance”.

Fans of 3 chords and the truth will certainly appreciate. The production is on point, and leaves plenty of space to B. Knox vocals to shine and we can “hear the ticking of the clock, who I am, what I’m not”. Pretty cool song that will warrant more listens and be welcome in the collection of any music lover.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




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Melinda Lavenau Creates A Great Album With It’s Own Peaceful Universe

Album Cover

Melinda Lavenau

“Be All There” from the “Waiting Wild” album


From Kansas City, Missouri comes the first album of Melinda Lavenau, a songwriter who writes song to help you remember quiet things. That’s quite a program and this album is faithful to this goal, with a wide range of beautiful songs and field recordings that weave a peaceful tapestry.

With the intro of this “Be All There”, there is an unrest in from the cello/piano that nicely resolves in Melinda’s vocals, urging everyone with her plea of “Wherever you are, be all there”, an effective Carpe Diem… The piano and cello counterpoint each other beautifully, and the bass and electronic percussion are not overwhelming in this primarily acoustic soundscape but effectively driving the track forward, leaving Melinda’s fragile voice plenty of room to charm. Nice background/double vocals are sparkled here and there to accentuate the melodic attraction of this beautiful song.

The rest of the album is full of surprise, with a production that leaves plenty of space to field recordings (birds, water, people walking/talking) fulfilling Melinda’s promise to make us remember the “quiet things”. The result is a great album that creates its own peaceful universe.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




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Moses Guest Serves Their Music With A Taste Of Bravado

Single cover

Moses Guest

“Light” from the “Light” album

For more than 20 years, Moses Guest has been rocking the US scene with their energetic blend of southern rock, jazz-rock and Americana. Here again with this album, they serve their music with a taste and bravado that will satisfy every picky music lover.

Starting strong with this “Light” song which rocks right away with a great swinging rhythm section, harmonizing guitars, B3 and doubled vocals. You can hear multiple influences in here, from the All man Brothers to Grateful Dead, Steve Miller or The Doobie Brothers, but the band manages to show a strong original voice, at times channeling jazz fusion, most notably during an extended middle-eight, starting with a tasty guitar solo, jazzy at first then Santana-esque, and the rhythm section is here extremely successful, accumulating poly-rhythms while still managing to groove!

The production is on point, everything sounds natural and has a “live” quality which serves the band, since their style is really geared towards extended live solo antics, as their newly released live single (Juke / Right Down) can attest.

Verdict: 5/5 beards – A band to discover if you like your music groovy!

5 Beards Rating

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Love & Light appeals to anyone with an ecologic conscience and a taste for melodic songwriting

Single Cover


“Love & Light”


Following their latest EP “Nostalgia”, Josef and Jan Prasil, the twin brothers from Amistat deliver here a beautiful new single that speaks of our relationship with the oceans and how we should be more conscious of all the damage we are doing around the planet. It’s all about love & light.

The song is weaving delicate guitar arpeggios and beautiful harmonies, and in contrast with the serious theme, there is an aethereal quality to the music that aspires to our better self. In the vein of a Cat Stevens or a James Taylor, the duo’s melodic abilities are particularly well displayed in this new song, with a production that brings the softness of their vocals on a tasty bed of light drums and percussion, sparse piano, acoustic guitars and that bed of vocal harmonies which is their trademark sound.

Adding a new direction to a worthy discography, this great single will appeal to anyone with an ecologic conscience and a taste for melodic song writing, folk and soft rock and generally good music.

Time to give these guys a follow and a listen?

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




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Who said Americana needed to come from the US?


Americana Band EP

The king Heat Ensemble

“Ten Years” from the ‘Songs’ EP


Who said Americana needed to come from the US? The King Heat Ensemble, a duo from the UK is here to prove that it’s not the case with this beautiful first EP, simply entitled “Songs”.

And indeed, it’s all about songs, and good ones at that. A thoughtful collection where acoustic guitar and instruments shines and vocals are raw and heartfelt, with often beautiful choir-like background vocals.

On this “Ten Years” song the opening slide guitar accentuates that longing which the song is telling about. With minimal drums and a subtle organ pad, a laid-back rhythm leaves opened a lot of room for the vocals to sing its tale, about how hard it can be to wait for inspiration to come back… something any songwriter will relate with!

The EP’s sound is served well by a beautiful production with lots of space and none of that over-compression nonsense that is plaguing too much of today’s releases. If you’re looking for music that breathes, look no further than this band and EP!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




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a half-ton truckload of foot stomping folk rock From union Duke

Single Cover

Union Duke



From Toronto, Ontario, comes a cool band of “five guys, twenty-four beers and a half-ton truckload of foot stomping folk rock”. And this new song of theirs is in line with their motto and will not fail to put a big smile on your face.

With an enthusiasm and youthful energy that is highly communicative, this song cleverly alternates between a swing beat and a ternary slow waltz. It’s simple but efficient in how it helps propelling the song’s upbeat parts especially the “ladidadida” extended gang vocals, which concludes the song in orgasmic fashion.

The instrumentation here is stripped back to one acoustic, one electric guitar, bass / drums, and a banjo, in line with their goal of reviving Canadian’s folk music, yet it works really well, leaving room for the vocals telling its tale of hitting the road, making it back in one piece, the desperate high/lows in between when you’re back to your true love. If you’re not sure about what folk-rock is about and feel that a modern indie take could do the trick then this song, and this band, is for you.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




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A ‘Miracle Man’ Gives True Meaning To ‘Free To Grow’

Miracle Man Single Cover

Free to grow

“Miracle Man” from the “Miracle” EP


From Fredericton, NB, Canada, with Free to Grow, comes a new EP dedicated to Bruce Hughes (the actual “Miracle Man”) and the health care professionals who take care of him during his fight for recovery after a massive stroke.

This extraordinary tale is opening the new Free to Grow 3 songs EP and it’s a rocking and uplifting tune that should put a big smile on your face…

Starting with tasty acoustic and electric guitars the song doesn’t waste a minute to rock you out, especially with that great horns section (trademark of the Free to Grow sound) and fun female background vocals. Great performances all over, from the soaring lead vocals to the scorching guitar solo.

Major points to the production, which is rich and full and doesn’t stop pounding, with a great sound thanks also to mixing/mastering by Adrian Jenkinson. This true for all the songs of this rocking EP that will go well in your collection if you’re into tasty rock with an uplifting message and sound. Get it today while it’s hot!

Also don’t miss the video for this song, which was done with the help of the healthcare workers who took care of Bruce “Miracle Man” Hughes: (Video Below)

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




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Dandelion charm strike again with ‘afraid of the silence’


Dandelion Charm Single Cover

Dandelion Charm

“Afraid of the Silence”

The dandies strike again! After a great first album, followed by a fantastic EP and single, here’s the new Dandelion Charm offering, ahead of a new album to be released this autumn.

If, like me, you are a big fan of the dynamic duo, John and Clare Fowler, with their instantly recognizable style, lush production, rich arrangements, inimitable harmonies and deep lyrics, you’ll be delighted by this new song!

This one is starting with a bass/drums combo that looks into jazz territory, the bass in particular is tastefully walking, while a wah guitar is punctuating the groove, and the background vocals really evokes the best of Yes, especially during the chorus reprises. The sophisticated arrangement, with the usual 12 Strings and numerous warm guitars, here well supported by a B3 organ, doesn’t detract from a groove that highlights the catchy vocals. A great combination for this rocking tune, which is also a comment on our society’s reliance on media and social media as a soul sustenance that doesn’t deliver…

Another killer tune that makes us anticipate even more the upcoming new album, which I’m sure will be of the greatest caliber.


Verdict: 5/5 beards – if you’re afraid of the silence, all the more reason to listen to that tune!

5 Beards Rating




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JUAN’S EXCEPTIONAL JAZZ GUITAR chops; simply outstanding


Juan Dhas Album Cover

Juan Dhas

“Deeper Spirit” from the “Catharsis” Album

If you love jazz and instrumental music, have a particular fondness for ECM catalog, are always on the lookout for emerging artists with new and original voices, look no further than this new album from Juan Dhas!

Juan is a guitarist and composer from Bogotà, Colombia, who studied in Berklee, and has since produced two outstanding albums. The “Catharsis” here, being his second opus, showcases not only Juan’s exceptional guitar chops but his adventurous compositional abilities. With a style that evokes early Pat Metheny at times, but also Alan Holdsworth at others, his intricate playing never sacrifices musicality for technique displays, and it’s a joy to discover such a talent whose ego is not overwhelming the musical quality of his output.

Accompanied here by a solid rhythm section of seasoned musicians (Kike Harker on bass, and Ramón Berrocal on Drums), the album leaves space for everyone to shine, like on this “Deeper Spirit” with a cool drums solo over a great ostinato theme. But of course, the guitar leads the way on all these tunes, and with such a flair and panache that you cannot help but keep being captivated by the sophisticated landscape Juan is painting all along this album.

Verdict: 5/5 beards 

5 Beards Rating



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GG Fearn Does It Again With Catchy New Dark Pop EP

Music Reviews of Indie Music Artists

GG Fearn

“Black Mirror” from the “Black Mirror” EP

After a first album that generated a lot of buzz, with its wide range of genres and moods, GG Fearn, the young singer-songwriter from the UK, is back at it with a new EP that is quirky and fun, and what’s for sure is that you don’t want to miss it!

This time in a vein of dark pop and groovy alternative sounds, the EP has a lot for it, and you don’t have to look any farther than the title track “Black Mirror” to get hooked by Georgia’s knack for catchy chorus, snappy arrangements and modern sound.

The song starts with funky guitar, groovy drums/bass combo and soon you are drawn into that Black Mirror reality by Georgia’s commanding vocal. Great production serves the song well, it’s full of nice little ear candies, and even features a short but rocking guitar solo, which in the pop vein of this song is quite unusual and very welcome to my old ears The vocal treatment works like a charm and background vocals add some real soul to this catchy song.

A really cool song that is one of the highlights of this new EP, so make sure you go to the artist’s website and get your own copy asap!

Verdict: 5/5 beards – Give it a try asap!

5 Beards Rating




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If You Can’t get Enough of Lord of the Rings, Swear by Game of Thrones, You’ll Love “Ye Banks and Braes”

ED Harris Celtic Album

W Ed Harris

“Otzi Man” from the “Ye Banks and Braes” Album

There’s something strangely addictive about Celtic music. It evokes a simpler life, tales of knights and maidens and old gods, to a point where you can close your eyes and be transported in another time and space, better than a dream.
If you’re a fan of fantasy, can’t get enough of Lord of the Rings, swear by Game of Thrones, you will love the Ed Harris’s new album “Ye Banks and Braes”, a compilation of traditional and original Celtic instrumentals and ballads. A simple look at the beautiful cover and you’ll understand that this album is the real deal.
Ed is a veteran multi-instrumentalist with a wide range of experience who has focused on Celtic music for over 30 years now, and it’s pretty obvious from the songs and performances on this album that he’s a reference in the genre, and the rich collection of albums on his website is further proof.
With a sound that sparks with lush acoustic instruments, guitars, mandolin, fiddle, percussion, recorders, and in some case Ed’s vocals, from jigs to ballads, this album is a colorful journey. On that “Otzi Man” song, which is an original composition, Ed’s roots are in full display and tell the tale of the Iceman, “5300-year-old tribesman who was found in the mountain range between Austria and Italy”, starting with pounding percussion, fiddle, acoustic guitar and recorder, and Ed’s subdued vocal works a charm, an award winning combination.

Verdict: 5/5 beards – Jump on a dragon and listen to this album 

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Duffy and Bird Do It Again with Trademark Sound of Americana Goodness


Duffy and Bird EP

Duffy & Bird

“Avenue of Luck”

They did it again! Following their acclaimed first EP “5 Lines”, the dynamic UK duo is back with a new single that continues in the vein of folk/Americana acoustic goodness that is their trademark sound.
With a stripped down to the bone production, acoustic guitar, minimal percussion (kick, tambourine, shaker), there’s nothing to distract you from Tricia Duffy’s lovely voice, and the cool harmonies of Al Bird, something the duo is famous for.
The song is a strong one, it’s catchy and it works well even with this limited instrumentation, thanks to the great melodic sensibility and the soulful vocal performances. It’s all about luck, you see, and how some people have more than others, and how in the end, we all should be grateful of what we have. A positive message for a positive song that shines with its genial simplicity and heartfelt delivery.
Recommended to everyone who likes their songs raw and true.
Verdict: 5/5 beards Get it now!

5 Beards Rating




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Catherine MacLellan’s Honest, Soulful Acoustic Folk/Rock & Blues Album

Music Reviews of Indie Music Artists

Catherine MacLellan

“Waiting on My Love” from the “Coyote” Album

If you’re in search of honest and soulful song-writing, have a penchant for acoustic folk/rock and blues, with a tinge of country, you will be delighted with Catherine MacLellan’s new double single, from her upcoming “Coyote” album.
If “Out of Time” is the A-side (if there’s such a thing nowadays?) of that single, with its openly bluesy vibe, this “Waiting on My Love” B song caught my attention more, with its subtle arrangement, laid back acoustic guitar arpeggios and delicate percussion. The chord progression has a sophistication that I would have expected from an early Joni Mitchell.
The production is sparse and wide, and Catherine’s voice shines here, on the lead and background vocals. The recording of the drums is particularly tasteful, and the bass is more felt than heard but provides a solid foundation for the nice guitar finger picking, and the song showcases Catherine’s melodic charm most notably in the soulful vocal harmonies. The song resonates like the tell-tale songs of old, when fair maidens where waiting for their lovers to come back from the sea.
It has this kind of feel, and it’s a welcome feel in our crazy modern life.
Verdict: 5/5 beards – Give it a try asap!

5 Beards Rating



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