Lo’renzo To’rez drops an emotional banger, “Closing The Door,” a fantastic record fueled by his passion for merging soul, pop and r&b into his music. Streamed well over 500K times, this is a hit track that will continue on its rapidly growing trajectory. To’rez also released the beautiful single “Live Again” a natural following to the heartbreaking narrative contained in “Closing The Door.” 

Growing up, Lo’renzo To’rez had early on a special place for music in his heart. At 13 he was introduced to music production by his older brother and a friend,  who taught Lo’renzo the basics of recording, and To’rez began recording songs professionally at 18 years old. 

Lo’renzo To’rez’ music undeniably sets a distinct vibe, and his fans are more than expecting a new release by the incredibly talented artist!


Nova Gholar is a singer-songwriter from California whose music is incredibly powerful and freeing. Combining his strength in r&b and hip hop, Nova also draws on the inspirational gospel music as he grew up playing music in his father’s church. His latest single “FRDM” featuring N.E.P.H.E.W. is a stunning example of the sheer artistry and creative approach that Nova incorporates into his work.

After his 2018 album The Preacher’s Kid and 2020 singles “Remind Me”, “Hollywood dreamin”, Nova gholar also dropped “Confidence” and “WNDR”. The latter serves as a teaser for Nova’s rumoured album yet to be released.  

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Gorgeous artist Mayia just dropped her newest single, kicking off 2022 with a booming, fun and flirty song whose music will remind you of the thunderous 80’s and festive 90’s. Again showcasing her incredible voice, Mayia delights with a new style of singing. Her usual r&b is on a completely different level this time, masking the genre underneath layers of sophistication, positivity, and the state of falling in love.  

A talented young lady, Mayia also dropped “Nobody” just a few months ago, shaking the foundations of storytelling in music. With minimalism in mind, she painted a vivid picture of an independent woman who does not fall for just anyone and the jazzy music is just perfect for the song. 

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Thousand Oaks, California-based singer-songwriter Dylan Joseph warns us against fake love in his latest release, the beautiful song “Good Thing,” served with exquisite visuals. Dylan Joseph first made the buzz as a co-writer of the song “Just Friends” created for the YouTube hit show “Malibu Surf,” a track that counts around 10M views on YouTube. 

Born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA, Dylan Joseph grew up with a strong passion for being outdoors, baseball, motocross, and music. Dylan Joseph’s father was a professional drummer, which explains why there was always a drum set in the house where Dylan grew up. At just fourteen years old, Dylan picked-up the drums and taught himself how to play the guitar at eighteen years old, proving that music gets transmitted from one generation to the other. 

From “City Dime” to “44,” “Closer To You,” and many more singles, “Dylan Joseph has been creating an impressive repertoire of songs that has attracted hundreds of thousands of new fans, and he isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon!

New Zealand native Steve Edwards releases a new thunderous song “Fallen” that captivates with its musical arrangement and vocals full of emotion. Powerful drum hook at the beginning continues throughout the song setting a solid foundation for the electric guitar and other instruments to shine on. Enter Steve Edwards’ vocals and the listener is completely enchanted.

The artist has previously dropped another wondrous modern rock composition called “Colour of Blood”, an equally beautiful piece of art. Sincere and open as ever, Steve Edwards displays his true self in his music, connecting with the audience on a deeper level. Authentic, elegant and thoughtful, his art speaks for itself. 

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American singer-songwriter Vincent Poag has shared his new album, a heartwarming and soulful collection of twelve songs titled Masquerade. The eighth song of the album is the only collaboration from the tracklist, with Diana Hope’s beautiful voice enchanting us from start to finish, especially with the exquisite humming that ends the song in full grace. 

Following in the footsteps of legendary artists like Bob Dylan, Vincent Poag has brought back the power of poetry and music into the modern era. Born in the 1950s in Massapequa, Vincent Poag attended performances by Sinatra and Elvis Presley as a teenager, and was exposed to the Broadway musical era. 

Despite receiving his first guitar at the age of eight, marking the beginning of his songwriting process, it is following a birthday present in 2008 by his wife, who gifted him a guitar, that Vincent Poag began releasing music. To date, he has released four albums, including his debut LP Circling Back in 2011, For The Girls in 2014, Heroes and Demons in 2018 and Masquerade a few weeks ago. 

Some of Vincent Poag’s biggest hits have been streamed over 1M times each, including “America,” “Stress,” and “This Christmas.” 

Canadian singer-songwriter StevenCharles is back with a magnificent music video for his debut single, “Stay.” The New York City-based artist once again displays his dedication to music, art, beauty, and dance with visuals that truly stand out among the hundreds of new projects one comes across daily.  

With endless positivity emanating from its visual storytelling, “Stay” is destined to become a timeless classic, with dancing being at the core of the project’s imagery. 

With John Legend and Alicia Keys as StevenCharles’ favourite artists, it is clear that he has chosen strong roots from which to deploy his creative vision. 

His mission is to create songs that uplift and inspire people, a valuable goal knowing the hard times the world has been going through lately. Mission accomplished; “Stay” is a one in a million song and music video, and a refreshing sound that will ideally launch this star-in-the-making’s career. 

Algorithms govern our lives today and we all fail to notice the dangers that are directly related to the phenomenon. This is in essence the message behind IMMUNITY’s latest release “Trust The Algorithm”. The music video depicts a satirical scene of a mass shooter live streaming his cruel deeds which is a wake-up call for us as a society. 

Dominik Maiser and Adrien Dembowski are the talented duo behind the band’s name. Speaking on the topic of the song, Dominik said: “Algorithms may be the most devastating force in our modern history. Misinformation is the cold war we are living in today.” The band members also spoke on the scary reality of all the horrible things people are willing to do just to get likes and comments.

This unnerving heavy metal creation is only just the beginning of the band’s journey in the world of music.    

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Singer-songwriter Raquel Kiaraa just dropped her new EP called Defying Odds and its lead single “Love Got Me Sick”. A beautiful collection of Raquel’s most exciting songs brimming with originality and spirit, this EP is a must-hear for all pop music fans.  

The title of the EP is meant to speak to women’s innate power of giving birth, of living their dreams, and overcoming any and every obstacle. An empowering and thoughtful title for sure, it embodies Raquel’s strength as a person, singer, business lady, mother and so much more.

 Lot of Raquel’s previous work has been very well-received by the audience, including “Scorpio”, “Release Me”, and “We Know” with hundreds of thousands of views altogether. 

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DYLI recently dropped her newest single remix “MmmHmm” featuring Kenai with almost 10K views already. Fully showcasing her flawless style, the young singer created a casual but lively song that is set to be a treat for all. An unforgettable tune, vibrant beats, and DYLI’s beautiful voice make up a complete ensemble of original, fresh music.

Her previous release, “New Bag” was a huge success, produced by DUNGEONMUSIC and shot by ROLOEDOLO. DYLI’s other superhits include songs like “Cherry Coke”, “Low Key”, and “Cotton Candy”, which accumulated hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and other platforms.

Starting out as a singer at the age of eleven, DYLI has certainly come a long way. She has two full-length albums released, and has worked with renowned artists and musicians such as drummer Fabian Egger, choreographer Cedric Botelho, and others. She also appeared at South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival. “MmmHmm” is one of the songs included in DYLI’s upcoming EP so stay tuned!

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Biggie Babylon’s artistry is making waves through the crowds. As he speaks the truth through his rap and creates memorable tunes, the artist is rising above and beyond. He was put right in the spotlight after his nomination for Best Hip Hop Album at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. With plenty of singles and 3 albums on his rap sheet, Biggie is creating content that caters to different moods. Biggie’s new hit single titled “All In” depicts the artist’s abilities in the rap scene.

The single will get you up and ready to fight your own fights as he spills sick lyrics over a soundscape of exciting tunes. The track also matched a compelling music video that perfectly presents his aura throughout the song. Showcasing the artist’s natural swag, the video scenes will take you on an adventure as he gambles his way to the top. Walking from dark room to dark room, Biggie is seen in a private casino accompanied by flitting lights and bundles of energy.

The music video shows him gambling his way or going “all in.” As his words resonate on a deep level, the robust beats will have you shooting for the stars. With the perfect dose of energy, Biggie’s new track will become a staple across several playlists.

Watch the music video down below. 

LA-based American singer-songwriter Justin S. Grant has released a brand new single with visuals titled “Fuego N’ Ice.” Justin points to what truly inspires him in this new single that sonically ranges from pop to rap, rock, and everything between. He has been making his way in the music scene since earlier this year when he released his singles “Don’t Go!” and “@addicted 2 Mi Phone.”

Justin S. Grant is skilled at exploring and experimenting with various genres, from experimental pop to rap, electronic, and rock. His genuine songwriting and humorous tones fill his singles with addictive energy, once again presented in his latest, the sensual “Fuego N’ Ice.”

The track was released with a compelling music video that will perfectly match the artist’s homage. The stunning visuals released with the song revolve around Justin S. Grant and a beautiful girl in a bar late at night, dancing and teasing each other.

Anwar Hadid has released his second music project after a break. “4MyLove” is the title of the song of the famous artist which he has published.

He announced through social networks that we can already hear the song on the YouTube platform. Otherwise, Anwar Hadid is the brother of the model sisters, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and the boyfriend of the singer of Albanian descent. He received significant support from his fans for the new song.

The hook “for my love id give my heartstrings if she led me blind into fire id be hers if she led me blind into fire id be hers” will having you humming for days.

The song is a love letter and a ballad that speaks to many. With Anwar’s stunning vocals glancing over the chords, the track is sure to rise to the top of playlists.

The esthetically schemed official video was co-directed by Amber with Cara Stricker.

The New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer Amber Mark has released a new hot track titled “Competition.” This is the second single to emerge from her anticipated debut album, set for release later this year.

The album’s first track, “Worth It,” is followed by a stunningly choreographed official video co-directed by Amber with Cara Stricker. Now she has graced her fans with yet another hit track and video from the album.

The song speaks to Amber’s thoughts and emotions as the singer effectively muses over elaborate synths and jazz-influenced piano. Her unique voice is perfectly exhibited through the daring video, which exposes Mark and her dancers immersed in blue, delivering stunning architectural moves.

Moreover, Amber also announced an intimate London show at Lafayette on August 24th.

The promising rap talent JGOTITT has been releasing music the whole year, and many were considering him an artist with a high potential who one day was going to make a difference in the rap scene, and become an inseparable part of it. That “one day” has come sooner than expected. The artist’s new release “Bounce That Ass” is a clear message he shares with the fans that he owns the rap scene and claims his superiority in it.

The message is beautifully implied in the music video for the release where he is presented not just as some starting artist but one with a special status. Beautiful ladies show their beautiful behinds and twerk around him while he sings his catchy verses one after another in a perfect flow of motion, sound, and voice. Everything about the release is professional to the very essence. 

Classical Crossover Icon Summer Watson Releases Latest Single “Unveiled”

Classical Singer


Classical crossover soprano singer Summer Watson has recently made the headlines as she entered the world of songwriting with two new releases, “Break The Silence” and “Unveiled.” Off her upcoming album, both tracks show Summer Watson at her highest inspiration, and well determined to share her wisdom with the masses. Having overcome stage 4 breast cancer as well as being a survivor of a horrific train accident, she knows the value of being alive better than most. In a way, her music is aimed at reviving our appreciation and gratitude for life as well as an encouragement to speak up and share our true selves with the world rather than keeping things buried inside for years. 

Her soft soprano vocal performance is deeply moving both on “Break The Silence” and “Unveiled,” paving the way for a resounding success when the full album gets finally released. 

Have a listen for yourself to “Unveiled” below and dive deep into Summer Watson’s magical voice:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/summerwatsonofficial/

Stream: https://lnk.to/bhfc0hvg


Seekay Shares Infinite Pain On New Electronica-Pop Single “Wiser”

Indie Pop Music

London-based producer Seekay returns with a deeply moving piece, a single titled “Wiser.” The song is about abuse and how naive we can be when we are young, accepting the unacceptable. Seekay has joined forces with the beautiful vocalist Chloe who has done a fantastic job at understanding Seekay’s main artistic intention. The electronica-pop track is one of the most accomplished releases by Seekay so far, and following-up on the astonishing “Hold” and “Fall.” 

He has made it his specialty to blend the deepest lyrics with atmospheric soundscapes that will take listeners on a unique journey where meaning, beauty, and pain dance all together in a perfectly synchronized ballet of sounds. 

Fall in love with Seekay’s new single “Wiser”:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seekaymusic/

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seekaymusicofficial/

 Twitter: https://twitter.com/seekaymusic1

Stream: https://fanlink.to/Seekay

Andy Keels Released The First Single “Dead To Me” Off His Upcoming EP Fifteen Years

Andy Keels

Andy Keels got started with singing and writing music when he was in secondary school and ever since he never missed the opportunity to improve and perform whenever he could. Inspired by representatives of many different genres like Boys to Men, Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, and songwriter and producer Max Martin (NSYNC), Andy made a decision on how exactly he wants to sound like and we love it.

Releasing “Dead To Me” off his upcoming EP as the first one to make the right first impression we hope that the rest of the tracklist won’t differ much and will burst a range of indie/pop/rock influences with raw and rocky undertones as “Dead To Me” does. Nonetheless, this song is forming a flawless, ingenious artistic statement by someone who has clearly been working hard in bringing his craft closer to impeccability.It may safely be said that it is not an easy job to make any kind of music sound this fresh and perfect nowadays.

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SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/3QMVEjaGg281FemLZw4P8D?highlight=spotify%3Atrack%3A4tVwSsV73YfPDdq8fgNbJT

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/andykeels/

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/andy-keels


During recent years, disco vibe lovers definitely have felt the deficit of the ’70s 80’s mainstream. There are very few releases in the then-popular genre. However, young Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada-based singer-songwriter Yann Brassard brings back the quality disco sound with his new release “Overnight.” Unlike his previous releases, “Mission Commando” and “Dangereuse,” both in French, the release is English. 

The artist shows his talent and full potential with “Overnight.” Many knew about his abilities way before when he was a finalist of Québec’s La Voix 6. However, the wide audience got the chance to see his full palette with “Overnight.” The fact that Yann uses his mouth only to make all the instrumental sounds, besides the drum parts, shows his uniqueness and multi-talented creative mind.

Vallyre, Boston-based singer-songwriter, released her new song, “Bloodsweat,” an explosive and enchanting pop ballad with mystic soundscapes and warm vocals. The song was co-written with producer Howie Moscovitch. Later, Vallyre alone released a short music video for the song produced by herself. The visuals transcend her powerful, driven energy and passion, all of which are inseparable components of the song. The singer also enjoys acting in her spare time, explaining the artistic approach to the music video. The song is filled with beautiful and melodic hooks. Her vocals, appearance, and the mood of the music video are all playful yet inspiring in-depth. There is a certain kind of darkness existing in every element in all positivity and light of the release. Altogether, the release is a perfect example of detailed work and talent.