Sham Brings All Her Depth And Originality In New EP Discoveries

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US based artist Sham just released her latest EP Discoveries,  a smashing tracklist with a romantic and sultry groove.

A singer, songwriter, and performer, Sham is American of Indian descent, and she uses her multiple backgrounds and experiences to bring depth and originality in her creations. Discoveries has a fun pop-Latin infused feel, and comes straight for her heart which seems to be going on the emotional rollercoaster of life, especially in the field of romance. So many will relate to her, as Sham gets in touch with her inner doubts, feelings, and deepest core, trying relentlessly to awaken herself  to the beauty of life. 

Rooted in a minimalist approach to composing, the EP lays the perfect ground for Sham to express her natural talents, emotions, as well as her unique attitude towards life. 




New Album: Michele Garruti Helps Us Find Beauty In The Darkest Places – Glitch

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Throughout the history of Classical music, composers have expanded the limits of their art into their eras. While one era worships perfect counterpoint and makes sure to avoid harmonic dissonance, other eras see a devotion in using clustered chords, repetition of the melodies, and even silence or noise for contemporary artists. For our particular era, the modern one, one of the most interesting composers regarding the innovations he brings to the classical genre is Michele Garruti, the Italian composer who is now based in London. 

He has just released his latest oeuvre; 15 compositions taking the form of an album he titled Glitch. The title refers to something that would suffer a sudden malfunction or fault, and if we translate it to life or music, it is Michele Garruti’s way to bring imperfection into reality, and beauty where it should not be. 

Glitch is bathed in a fairy atmosphere by Garruti’s vision, which creates a music based on slow repetitions of short patterns, and gradual evolutions of the moments, scenery, events, or feeling he is sharing with the listener, never straining for effect, and with a striking purity of style. Glitch is a full-fledged work that marks the beginning of a new horizon for Michele Garruti, who will now be considered as a pioneering Neo-Classical composer turning into gold every note he envisions.






Hipster Conspiracy Comes In Full Force With Debut Album Dysphoria

Indie Music

Hipster Conspiracy comes in full force with her debut LP Dysphoria. With the incorporation of her masterful musical technique and urban styled vocals, this magnificent tracklist boasts a whole lot of talent. Each instrument is gradually plugged in throughout the 1 songs on the album, subtly adding layers that prove to be highly appealing with each listen being different. The songs perfectly captures the emotions and pain of Hipster Conspiracy’s struggle towards accepting her transgender identity, with mental issues, substance abuse and  depression being part of her daily life during those years. 

It feels like the album was so natural to create for Hipster Conspiracy, as it represents so well every aspect of her journey. Dysphoria captures the difficulty of being a transgender artist, even in 2020, and we cannot but support such a talent courageously sharing her story so that others don’t have to suffer the same pain in their lives. Be sure to keep an eye out for this Dark-Hip-Hop powerhouse’s next release. 







Hipster Conspiracy Comes In Full Force With Debut Album Dysphoria

Fly, Shine & Stream New Electro-Rap Song From President Of Pop

Single Cover

President Of Pop, or POP as he calls himself followed up on his debut single and anti social media manifesto titled “Google-ized by Google’s Eyes, (The No Internet Song).” His new track is called ‘Fly/Shy’ 

As the press release explains: ‘Fly/Shine,’ is an artistic act reminding everyone to listen to their heart, and the power they can access and feel when doing so. The President of POP points out the importance of listening to our inner voice, believing and chasing our dreams, rather than thinking we are losers. This empowering song sustains the momentum initiated by the previously released one against social media, “Google-ized by Google’s Eyes, (The No Internet Song),” two intelligent and honest songs that expose the listener to their own reality and habits. 

Clearly, POP is on a mission to raise awareness on important topics through his music. To make his statement noticeable, he uses very unique tunes while composing his tracks. ‘Fly/Shine’ includes his sharp rap flow, synth, and subtle pads he pulls out on the beat, intensifying the mood and the message alongside it. ‘Fly/Shine’ is interesting from the point of overall aesthetics – for some the song might be too loud, too busy, and too overdone, but we find it somewhat consistent. As we dive deep into his lyrics, we can hear the balance between sounds, and get the hint that all of the chaos was created intentionally. Good work! 



Lékan Tella Scores High With New Single & Music Video ‘Savannah Red’

New Indie Music Video

NYC-based musician Lékan Tella (@tellalives) introduced himself to the worldwide audience a few months ago with his debut single ‘Emptiness,’ a song that was review by Groovy Tracks as ‘Soft and soulful hymns mixed with soothing retro tones bring the uniquely appealing mixture of a major and timeless song, without forgetting to mention Lékan Tella’s hypnotic vocal performance, bursting with elegance, groove, and sensual vibes.

As he set the bars pretty high with this first-ever release, his rapidly growing fanbase expected a big deal to follow up, and while we were all replaying ‘Emptiness’ Lékan Tella prepared a bomb titled ‘Savannah Red.’

His second track is an intriguing hybrid experiment of retro, funk, pop, and 80s. ‘Savannah Red’ is fascinating, musically speaking – Lékan settles his vocals over a lifeful beat composed by mixing well-chosen sounds that wave on you with a good mood. And the music video is a whole new experience!

Lékan Tella collaborated with Jay Boyington, Vivian Cheng, Jack Rumble who directed the jaw-dropping visuals. The plot is pretty simple: someone is unhappy in a relationship and goes out to find some cheer-up rebounds. The aesthetics and delivery is a thing to focus on.

The music video for ‘Savannah Red’ is a beautiful and charming film filled with great shots of people enjoying themselves, going out, and having fun. The colors are warm, bright, and vivid – purposely to make you feel cozy, and look at the story from a positive angle. We are totally in love with the video, so make sure to visit Lékan Tella’s YouTube: 

Lékan Tella Scores High With New Single & Music Video ‘Savannah Red’


Artist Spotlight: Charmian Devi – “No Peace” – “Radio Of None”

Indie Music Artist

Charmian Devi, Montreal-based singer-songwriter, enters this new decade with a new vision, releasing two out-of-the-ordinary singles, “No Peace” and “Radio of None.”

In touch with music since her youngest age thanks to having a father who was a fan of the 70’s most sought-after records by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and all the legends that enriched the music scene back then, Charmian Devi naturally composes, creates, and writes .

Growing-up with this atmosphere surrounding her daily life, Charmian quickly picked-up music as her calling, and played in several bands, formed bands, and worked with the most respected musicians and artists throughout her long and fruitful journey.

This year, she released those two magnificent songs, produced by Marc Urselli in New York City, and recorded along very special musicians such as Bob Dylan’s bass player, Tony Garnier.  

Artist Spotlight: Charmian Devi – “No Peace” – “Radio Of None”



American Greed Launches A Humanitarian Project With The Release Of Their Brand New Album

New Album

Multi-talented rock band, American Greed, recently released their brand new album called Together, to stand in unity and solidarity with those who were affected by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  

The musically gifted rock group has created a wonderful and unique album that has given fans the motivation and  strength to move forward. 

At the same time, American Greed released a single titled, ‘Together,’ and decided to donate all proceeds from the single to those organizations who are helping people affected by Covid-19. 

In addition to the music, the band released a music video to accompany the single. The visuals display a simple and thought provoking images of New York’s pandemic lockdown that have a silencing effect. 

The launch of Together has shown the continuous dedication, passion, and love American Greed has for the music industry as well as the humane and generous act of giving during the pandemic. Have a listen

American Greed Launches A Humanitarian Project



  New Release: Desperado Orchestra – “Just Dancin’” 

New Single

 Desperado Orchestra recently released a thoughtful production, a funky, predominantly afro-house single “Just Dancin.” The song unites a breadth of influences and vocals in a clubby musical world with synths that are echoing through the track, pounding percussion, and smooth scant vocals. “Just Dancin’” embodies all qualities of a track that can blow your party playlist by a composite of powerful chores and African vibes. The track incorporates influences of pop and R&B that make the production even more interesting! 




New Release: Desperado Orchestra – “Just Dancin’”

Giampaolo Pasquile “Risk It All” On New Single

Risk It All Single

Giampaolo Pasquile (@giampaolopasquile) has returned with a brand new single titled “Risk It All,” an impressively tuned track. 

The admirable vocals – a signature element of his artistry, kicks off right at the beginning of “Risk It All,” and only rises strongly as the song goes. The shining bass, pace shifts, and sense of hope only sweep you away to dreamland of Giampaolo Pasquile’s uplifting anthems.

Giampaolo Pasquile has an eye on current EDM trends of dropping motivational-feel tracks with a vibe that cheers you up and has you keep going. Another aspect that makes Pasquile’s new release interesting is an upbeat tempo so different from his previous releases. The banger incorporates house, dance and it’s based on a solid beat of euphoric optimism and power. 

Giampaolo Pasquile “Risk It All” On New Single




Dylan Joseph’s New Single “City Dime” Brings A Maximum Dose Of Fun Vibes 

Indie Music Review

Dylan Joseph, the American country music artist, is best known for the song he co-wrote for the show Malibu Surf, “Just Friends,” counting millions of views on YouTube. Today, he releases his most recent single, “City Dime,” blending rock-inspired soundscapes with country ones, and talking about a city girl who loves country boys. Despite having followed the way of life chosen for her by her family, she is attracted to country boys, and loves to spend good times with them. 

Dylan Joseph has crafted something truly unique and special for “City Dime,” blending rock and country music in a beautifully fun and highly energizing way. We recommend this song for anyone who loves great music, and especially to the aficionados of rock and country music. 

Following-up on “Closer To You” and “44,” both dropped earlier this year, “City Dime” is one more major drop by Dylan Joseph. Don’t miss it!



DJ Fenki Ignites A New Fiery Track and Visuals With Release, ‘Sparta’

Indie Music

Fenki, a young and energetic Portuguese artist and DJ has just released a brand new music video for his latest hit track called ‘Sparta.’ Following the success of his previous releases, ‘I’m Running’ and ‘Champion,’ the mega hit star has done it again by showing off his talent and letting his fans into his musical world. 

Earlier in 2020, Fenki launched one of his hottest songs that focuses on creating hooking melodies and perfectly blends together an energizing tempo and out of this world beats. 

The song is one that embraces positivity, optimism, and empowerment as it has allowed the young star to experiment and create something you can listen to while chilling with friends or even dancing the night away at the club! We are definitely fans! Check it out below! 




DJ Fenki Ignites A New Firey Track and Visuals With Release, ‘Sparta’

Mystical and Enchanting Em Releases A Brand New Gem: Self-Titled Debut Album, Called EM

Renee Farias Photographer produces Actor and Business Headshots in Los Angeles. 

Highly skillful singer-songwriter Em has just released her new self-titled album which has left her fans stunned and in awe. Born and raised in New Jersey, the talented star has created a wonderful collection that showcases her authentic and one of a kind personality. Each song has a special place in Em’s heart and was a very therapeutic way for her to release her thoughts and feelings into music. 

EM consists of a total of five tracks and expresses a heartwarming message to all listeners. The artist thoughtfully pours her emotions and feelings into each musical masterpiece as she vocalizes in the most flexible way. This track that is birthed into the album is personal to Em, describing her life experiences that have shaped her into the woman she is today.  

Check it out EM below! 



Audio: “The Maeve Song” by Machi

EDM Review

Machi, a Canadian producer, composer, singer-songwriter builds her reputation as one of the most exciting EDM artists to follow. Her latest release entitled ‘The Maeve Song,’ is an example of an electro gem that is well-produced, and polished. Machi plays with instrumental layers and adds some additional flavor of synths. Her music is inspired by gaming, Scandinavian culture, and classic techno, which blended together create electrifying tunes. On ‘The Maeve Song,’ Machi includes heavy rotation of pop influences, and channels a distinct synergy filled with the vibe, and uniqueness. Play ‘The Maeve Song,’ and make sure to have a listen of all Machi’s productions.


Audio: “The Maeve Song” by Machi

Chris Reardon Releases Beautifully Inspiring Alternative Rock Singles “How We Win” And “Elephant In The Room”

New Music

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer  Chris Reardon has been extremely active in the music scene this year, and recently released “Elephant In The Room,” a beautifully melodic alternative rock single, as well as “How We Win,” a moving tribute to all the medical bodies working day and night to saves lives and fight the coronavirus pandemic. 

Reardon was born in Coventry, England, before spending his formative years in Hong Kong, and returning to the UK where he is currently based. 

His limitless imagination, unmatchable musicianship, and incredibly sophisticated mastery of the alternative rock genre propels him as one of the rare alt rock masters of our times. 

The combination of meticulously crafted rhythms with minimalist yet extremely impactful lyrics and melodic constructions make these two releases so special, and although they are very different from one another, Chris Reardon’s spirit can be found and easily spotted on both tracks. 

Montreal-based Hip-Hop artist Gotti Banxx just premiered his much anticipated debut album Very Special a couple of days ago, co-executively produced by fellow Montreal producer Kizzy, who has been working with Gotti Banxx since 2013. However, Gotti also worked with a handful of other producers, which allowed him to diversify his sound on this major project..

This trendy collection of 7 songs sees the rising artist at his very best, delivering his smooth and soothing vibes made of auto-tuned vocals and hard-hitting 808.  

After “Santana”, “Famous,” “Sometimes,” “Premium Snapchat,” and “RNB Party,” Very Special is the latest contribution to Hip-Hop by the emerging Canadian artist, and will probably set fire to the Hip-Hop/R&B scene worldwide thanks to its incredible tracklist and production. 

Have a listen for yourself to Very Special, and make sure to support Gotti Banxx in his quest for the perfect sound and lyrics. 



Welcome to MusicTalks! Tell us a little bit about who Em is. 

I always have a little chuckle at this because this was my birth name but Em as an artist is obviously a separate thing than Em as a daughter, sister, friend or significant other. Em as an artist is similar to Em in everyday life. Not afraid to be herself.. She is who she is.. Spiritual, emotional, deep, thoughtful, caring, sincere, honest to a fault. Loves with her whole heart, curious and passionate.

What has been the biggest challenge in your musical career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?

The biggest challenge was facing my producer and ultimately, myself in Woodstock. I worked with my producer Chris Young and truthfully, I never had anyone push me as much as him, and I’m so beyond grateful for that. As difficult as it was at times, we never gave up, and always put the music first at the end of the day. I knew the only way to receive the blessings was to make sacrifices for your passion so that meant staying in Woodstock until we got it right. Also, having a tendency to take things very personally, I started to people please from doubting my own intuition. Once I calmed the noise and trusted myself, the magic happened. 

Based on what you’ve learned in the music business, what advice would you like to give to upcoming independent artists?

It is easy to use words, and until someone is there in their journey, then it will resonate. I used to hear all the time: practice your craft everyday; be around people that are better and will make you better and challenge you; never give up.. But those words do not mean what they used to at all since I lived it. Everyone’s journey is different but those three pieces of advice are so dead true and anyone who is in the thick of it, walked through the ring of fire and back, knows it. One last piece of advice my producer passed to me was huge. Being objective and listening to artists you like and figuring out why you like what they do. That helped me a ton.


Will you tell us about your new music video, “Say What You Mean?” The video is truly stunning, what made you produce such emotional visuals? 

Thank you, truly. This song was as vulnerable and raw as it gets when you’re still holding onto a relationship you know you have no choice but to walk away from it because it abandons all your morals that stand in a relationship. I cannot take full credit on this at all.. 

I worked with an amazing director I handpicked myself, Parris Mayhew from Wildfire NYC productions.. Hours and hours of research led me to him, and I knew he would be able to deliver such a vulnerable and beautiful depiction of the divine feminine in her hurt and glory. 

It was my idea to have this woman wandering around in a flowy dress in this glasshouse with rain just pouring down on the windows.. I saw the rain with this song. Being showered in rain, almost like a cleansing of the spirit. He took my rain concept and made my reflection in the droplets. 

Pure genius and we split my personality into two. The one in her peignoir set who is vulnerable and hurting waiting for her man to come home. And the one who rises above it. In her 50s glam look showing that she is strong and she will power through any confusion, someone will try to put her through.

Many signs of symbolism as well besides the rain, there’s the flame and the tarot card. I decided on one or two tarot cards for each of the songs on the album and this one, I chose the High Priestess and the Strength card.

In the video, you see me pick up the High Priestess when I’m starting to question the nature of myself and the relationship, and with that, the High Priestess serving as woman’s intuition, ‘when you know, you know.’ 

Renee Farias Photographer produces Actor and Business Headshots in Los Angeles. To include all types of commercial and branding photography for artist and companies.


The lyrics are very personal, do you channel your personal experience in it? 

Absolutely. I’d feel like a phony if I didn’t truthfully. It was a true experience.

Rumor has it that you are preparing your debut album? What can we expect from that LP? 

Yes. 5 other songs you haven’t heard from this collection entitled, EM. I think there is something there for everyone. Everyone I ever showed it to picks a different song. I wanted it to be classic, timeless but still modern in a way people could relate. They’re all so different yet unified. There is a heartbreak song, there is the upbeat pop dance tune like “Blue Light”, the fight song, a song for unification and so on. They all have their own flavor and message. A lot of heart, a lot of soul.

Are there any upcoming collaborations in the future? Who will your dream collab be with? 

At the moment no. I would love to do more soul/ spiritual music so wherever G-d leads me with that. A dream collab for sure would be Drake. I also connect with Lauv’s tenderness to his vocals… so many.. Anyone that can blend nicely with my voice and spirit and we just click.

Will your fans be able to see you perform anytime soon?

Oh yes. I’m out in NYC performing currently, and I have a show on March 13 at the West End, and March 23 at Pianos. Possibly a few others in April and May. I always have it on my Spotify as soon as I know!

Thank you so much for your time Em and good luck with your future releases! 

Thank you. It was an honor and a pleasure. 

INTERVIEW: EM On Her New Releases And Artistry


Music Review


Truth Ali once again has set the bars high and drops intimidating album “In Vivo.” Every release of this Cali-based artist sounds better than the previous one and establishes his already strong position in the rap game. His natural ability to deliver poetic, full of Easter Eggs lyrics is outstanding and we live for that. Much respect to Truth Ali for talking about his issues and building such metaphors, whether his vocals are natural or accidental, either way. Definitely, he has got the ambition to succeed and is on his way to score high. 

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PAX Japonica Groove Impresses With Heavy Sounds On “Breakthrough The Sky”

Electronic Music

With the release of “Wooby Tokyo” and breaking into the top house and dance charts, Pax Japonica Groove has been hard at work with new music. Now, the brand new single “Breakthrough The Sky” looks to impress the audience even more with a wide array of heavy bass sounds.


Pax Japonica Groove opens the new track with a deep house vibe and pulls no punches right off the bat. The band plays off the crisp drums and metallic wobbling noise, vibrantly illustrating their mood and unique musical approach. Pax Japonica Groove perfectly crafts a party track that pulls from every corner of the EDM palette.


Put your headphones on, press play, and let the refreshing and dizzying beats of “Breakthrough The Sky” dance your ears away.

PAX Japonica Groove Impresses With Heavy Sounds On “Breakthrough The Sky”

BriGuel Releases Inspiring New Song | The Difference

 BriGuel Releases Inspiring New Song | The Difference
Indie DuoBriGuel  recently dropped their latest effort, an inspiring song entitled “The Difference.” Despite its name, the song is about unity, love, self-love, awareness and mindfulness, and is aimed at bringing hope and strength to all the underprivileged children from around the world.

The project was born from the collaboration between the Holistic Life Foundation and BriGuel, and the HLF’s founder Andres Gonzales makes a remarkable guest appearance on the track. A sophisticated mix of rap, pop, and electronic music, “The Difference” is an extremely catchy song set to take the music scene by storm this month.







BriGuel Releases Inspiring New Song | The Difference

Indie DuoBriGuel keep surprising their fans over and over again, this time by unveiling glimpses of their soon-to-come Baltimore Project. Although most of it is still a well-kept secret, they recently posted on Instagram some photos of what seems to be the shooting of a new music video and documentary. 



As frontrow supporters of mindfulness, meditation, and consciousness, always seeking to find alternative ways to tap into our human potential in their numerous song’s lyrics, Briguel seem to have found the perfect structure by collaborating with the Holistic Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities, in order to fight issues such as suicide, anxiety, and drug overdose among children and teenagers. 




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🎬 Our latest project has several stages and phases. In addition to shooting a new music video, we’re also producing a short film that deals with many of the issues prevalent today including mindfulness 🔷 meditation 🔷 consciousness 🔷 We’re especially asking: how can we do our part to heal ourselves and the world at large? It’s a profound question, but perhaps answers are closer than we think… With such daunting current statistics, we feel it’s imperative to do something. Right? 🔻 #Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for children & adolescents 🔻 #Anxiety is the leading mental health issue among American youth 🔻 #DrugOverdose deaths continue to increase in 🇺🇸at a rapid rate 🔻 🇺🇸 #incarcerates 693 people for every 100,000 residents, more than any other country ❗ Let’s start thinking about our future and the future of generations to come❗ . . . #wearebriguel #brianna #miguel #new #project #newproject #BALTIMORE #start #betterfuture

A post shared by BriGuel (@wearebriguel) on

This past year, Briguel have released a beautiful collection of songs titled Life Is A Lesson, Without Darkness, and Who Do You Wanna Be, all of them pointing in the same direction; love, non-violence, awareness, and kindness, as essential answers to the chaotic times we are facing.  Follow Briguel on Instagram for all the latest updates on the Baltimore project and upcoming releases!